Thursday, June 11, 2015

Breathe New Life Into Your Existence

greater spiritual awareness inspires love and light to blossom within you and breathe new life into your existence.

each moment in life is an opportunity to make better choices and create new and wondrous realities that enrich our lives and the lives of others.

treasure forever those moments which make you smile for they are the glimpses of heaven that touch the heart and inspire change.

the sacred truth is that you are a being of light capable of creating miracles and it is belief in your magnificence that will ignite the spark within that you may make positive changes and facilitate greater happiness.

look within and you will discover a place of self fulfillment where enlightening experiences will inspire your free and loving spirit to embrace a life of joyous living with love as your intention.

open your heart to spirit and pray at the temple of the soul that you may transmit divine energy as you contribute to the awakening of others and yours becomes a unique and sacred path of light filled with endless possibilities and miraculous moments.

blessed by the light are they who foster self love for they are beings of deeper awareness on a path of well being whose engaging essence and authentic truth create more joy and change lives in ways that are enriching and beneficial.

pour love into everything. let it wash over your life and cleanse your mind, body and soul. allow it to totally transform your world. to love is to embrace the extraordinary. pour love into everything.

you have the power to heal. the power to heal both yourself and others. you have within you abilities far beyond your imagination. believe in the glory and greatness of your true self and know that you have the tools to transform lives. you are a being of light.

look upwards for inspiration and manifest positive energy as you embrace a higher vibration and embark on a path of life changing experiences.

open yourself to the unknown that yours may be a spiritual odyssey that explores other dimensions, different realities, alternate truths and magickal realms for within the darkness there is light.

i believe in love. i believe to love is to create a better life. i believe love is a magickal healing experience. i believe to love is to open us up to a new world of possibilities. i believe love is the most unique and beautiful life expression. i believe that you are love. i believe that i am love. i believe in love. empower your life with love.

a passion for helping others makes a positive difference in their lives and yours while changing both futures for the better.

your life is an empowering story filled with divine teachings guided by loving spirits. believe in the miracle of who you are that you may accept and appreciate the beautiful blessed journey you are on.

a holistic and spiritual approach to life opens doors to other dimensions and allows us to see more clearly our magnificence.

journey inward to the sacred and you will discover that you are an enlightened being capable of great things whose beauty and truth can inspire others to spiritually progress and evolve.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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