Thursday, June 04, 2015

Immerse Yourself In The Light Of Spirit

to immerse yourself in the light of spirit is to awaken the love within and create extraordinary experiences that take us to higher dimensions and otherworldly joy.

look closely and you will discover that yours is a life filled with miracles. it is when we see with clarity the beauty and truth of our existence that we embark on a path of positive transformation.

believe there is something greater within your grasp. believe that beyond your imagination there is infinite beauty. believe that you are the greatest gift of life. believe in the lightness of your being. miracles are manifestations of belief. believe that you are amazing.

when we actively seek to create a good life we awaken something beautiful within and ours becomes a journey of truth where we discover how miraculous we are as we grow in kindness and blossom in love.

let the light of your spirit guide you to true self acceptance that you may open your heart and show the world your glory, greatness, beauty and magnificence.

a richer and more fulfilling spiritual life is the reward for those who follow a path of self love and selfless service for when we truly love ourself we are better able to love others in ways that have a positive inspiring impact.

we improve the quality of our lives when we listen to the voice of hope and allow ourselves to be inspired by angels for it is acceptance of our divinity that inspires evolutionary transformation and creates a path of spiritual emergence and positive results.

within you is a transformative power and cosmic vibration infused with love and by opening yourself to this reality and sharing its beauty you shine the light of heaven in your heart in a way that all the world may see your true and sacred essence.

may you live and grow spiritually as you explore your inner beauty and may you dream yourself awake as you embrace a deeper understanding and live a life of mystical experiences.

profound and powerful are we who explore the universe within and set free its light and love that we may uplift and empower others as we embark on a glorious journey of wellness and joy.

you can change lives for you are gifted in many ways. you can transform lives for you are a miracle of truth and beauty. you are a sacred soul with the ability to move mountains. live your magnificence.

to celebrate the sacred is to be spiritually inspired in a way that awakens the soul and makes you feel more alive.

experience yourself fully and yours will be a growing awareness that satisfies the soul and fills your days with life affirming messages that inspire greatness.

heaven has no gates for it is a place within and when we realize the truth and beauty of our sacredness something phenomenal emerges and we become beings of divine essence spreading love and light to all.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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