Thursday, September 29, 2016

You are a Strong and Vibrant Being of Light

you are a strong and vibrant being of light and by living in sync with your soul you bring more magick into your life as you discover the divine within.

loving self expression will make yours a voyage of the heart that embraces universal hope and happiness while manifesting spiritual wisdom, knowledge and a profound state of joy.

listen to the voice of mother earth and you will hear that the answer to all our ills is greater loving.

commit to transformation by discovering the good within yourself as this will unleash your natural spiritual gifts and make yours a miraculous story of beauty and bliss.

heart based living helps us reach our spiritual goals as it creates an atmosphere where we may positively connect with being alive.

be that which you cherish. be the light that leads the way. be the love that embraces the heart of humanity. be the messenger of truth. you are capable of great things. you can change lives. you are a miracle of truth and beauty. be that which you cherish.

your inner beauty and infinite intelligence are sacred gifts which when set free awaken consciousness and create healing experiences that illuminate a path to the heavens.

we lead others to greatness when we realize and accept our own greatness for self love is a powerful and inspiration blessing that transforms lives.

passionately pursue your good intentions and yours will be a journey of celestial events that embrace the essence of love.

speak to your heart as it has a message of truth and beauty that will activate and enhance the love within making yours a sweet and gentle path where dreams and desires become sacred realities.

empowered and empowering are we who live beyond imagination for we are sacred beings who travel through fields of possibility sharing our inspirational messages and gifts of the divine.

be spiritually self aware as this creates a positive energy field which will immerse your mind and soul in messages of hope that will change your life for the better.

by having a sacred relationship with yourself you help illuminate a path of personal treasures that lift you to a higher reality and a happier more fulfilling life.

journey deep within and you will discover a place of self reverence where the pure loving energy of who you truly are will guide you to your greatness.

you are divinely gifted with an infinity of choices and your spiritual mission is sim ply to make choices that are positive which awaken heart and soul to the truly miraculous.

may ours be a journey of deep inner beauty and rich outer exploration where we create a bright new world and may we live each moment in a sacred manner that nurtures and balances mind, body and soul.

deep within each of us are messages of profound insight which when discovered and shared create at enlightening atmosphere that uplifts and inspires.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Breathe in the Beauty of your Divine Essence

breathe in the beauty of your divine essence as you cultivate inner peace and yours will be a life guided by the wisdom of ancients and ancestors where love is the light that illuminates your path and purpose.

immerse yourself in your own magnificence as this will inspire you to approach your existence in new ways which embrace spirit and bring balance to your life.

every moment of every day you make an important contribution to the fabric of life for you are a beautiful being of light whose kindness and compassion changes lives for the better.

explore the depth of your soul and you will gain a greater awareness of who you are which will open you to alternate realities where miracles happen and moments are infused with the energy of joy.

an enriched inner and outer life of higher vibrational awareness is ours when we embrace of sacred gifts and use our divine beauty to benefit others.

when we reveal our true self we discover that we are all visionaries and that are most sacred purpose is to create a better world.

connect and communicate with you natural wisdom and divine imagination as this will make you a beacon of light and love whose essence shines brighter that all the world may see and experience your true beauty.

faith in yourself opens you to your essential energies which embrace you with the power of love and lead you to spiritual freedom.

when you love who you are you are at home with your sacred self and life is a vibrant blessing of balance and harmony.

come with me deep inside the miracle and together we will manifest a life rich with opportunities where we fulfill our souls purpose as we live our dreams and desires.

a heart wide open is a blessing that leads us to places where inspiration comes from where we may experience the extraordinary as we practice loving kindness.

the world opens up before you when you are devoted to inspiring yourself and others with practices that empower and actions that honor your passion and purpose.

a fully awakened life is a life in which you love yourself for the more kindness and compassion you show yourself the more joy and happiness you attract.

immerse yourself in waves of light as this will create a transformational cleansing of spirit which will lead you to sacred healing places where your life will be blessed by profound intuitive encounters that are ethereal and enlightening.

transformative breakthroughs are blessings which result from thoughts and perspectives which empower us to fully love ourselves as we embrace the beauty of the world.

a spiritual approach to living is profoundly healing as it positively influences the flow of energy making ours a world of greater joy and satisfaction.

you awaken your spirituality when you use your creative sacred energy to plant seeds of love and light from which a bountiful garden of beauty and bliss blossoms.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, September 15, 2016

A Deeper Mystical And Spiritual Life

listen to your inner self and yours will be a deeper mystical and spiritual life of profound healing where every place your journey takes you is a peaceful harmonious environment of divine beauty and ethereal joy.

a heart gentle with guidance is a divine treasure that exhilarates and energizes our existence with the clear light of love.

positive wishes and intentions which we share with others create a heart centered way of being which enriches the spirit as it illuminates the miracle of who we are.

you are one of the greatest gifts the universe has to offer and by sharing that gift your every step along the way becomes a loving message of joy and happiness which awakens people to the truth as it guides the m to ethereal realms.

a desire to empower others is a blessing we share with the world which opens new pathways where we may live our souls purpose as we blossom into beauty.

when we move forward spiritually we are doing something special that is beautiful and transformative which will take us on a journey of powerful insights and deeper levels of understanding.

how you experience the world is how the world experiences you. by making yours a path of positive intent and action where love is your purpose the world will act in kind by embracing you with kindness, compassion and the light of the divine.

positively enrich your life by loving yourself completely for you are a sacred gift and a divine blessing born of celestial beauty whose ethereal existence is a miracle to be shared with the universe.

the more caring and compassionate we are toward ourselves the more heart centered our spiritual evolution is and the more love we bring into the world.

these are times of transition and we are all teachers and guides whose mission is simply to make ours a life of soul rooted actions and beautiful intentions.

make better decisions and the beautiful healing light within will encompass your existence in a way that renews the spirit and honors the sacred.

recognize your true nature and simply be yourself as this will make yours an awakened journey of spirit where dreams come true and miracles happen.

spiritual aspiration that manifests as sacred action creates a life of empowered living and greater contentment where every place we go is a place of happiness.

may we float together on waves of bliss as we nurture and foster a sacred love that illuminates the heart, inspires the soul and opens the gates of every heaven in the universe.

a better you is something you create walking an experiential path of growth and transformation.

exploration of the simple pleasures in life makes us fully awake in each moment which inspires us to grow in spirit as we immerse ourselves in joyful creation.

deep love for yourself is truly a gift that illuminates your natural beauty in awe inspiring ways and fills your life with peaceful powerful positive energy.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, September 08, 2016

The Sunlight of our Sacredness

we are spiritually minded people on a contemplative path and when we make choices that serve as powerful and positive affirmations of our existence the soul flourishes and the sunlight of our sacredness illuminates a universe of love divine.

by allowing the radiance of our being to guide us to infinite spiritual dimensions we awaken into awareness and our journey becomes one of greater comfort, kindness and compassion.

with pure integrity open your heart and soul to the positive forces within and let their heavenly knowledge guide you to places of love and light where beauty becomes sacred and you become divine.

may yours be a message of hope fully focused on spirit that creates positive outcomes and embraces your happiest self.

healing, wholeness and divine empowerment are the result of respect and reverence for who we truly are.

do not limit yourself to the sky. forge your own unique path in a way that reaches into the heavens and changes your life for the better. do not limit yourself to the heavens. elevate your vibrations in a manner that lets you experience a reality in which you go beyond your imagination to a place of celestial beauty and bliss. do not limit yourself.

be a positive presence in your life and the life of every soul you encounter as this will create a powerful healing energy which will make yours a path and purpose you truly love.

something extraordinary happens when we actively pursue a higher state of being. we transform and evolve into beings of spiritual authority who guide and inspire each other to live our sacred beauty and love our divine life.

within the heart are profound insights which reveal themselves and revitalize our lives whenever we share our love and radiant essence with others.

take pleasure in the beauty of who you are with the knowledge that you are a great blessing of sacred intent born to serve a higher purpose.

embrace every moment with light by planting seeds of inspiration from which an abundance of love will grow.

align with your true self and you will experience life more deeply for it is when we are in harmony with who we are that we are truly awake, aware and alive.

infuse your life with inspirational knowledge and your journey will unfold into something beautiful where angels and spirits are your sacred companions.

may you use your natural abilities and gentle loving guidance to serve the greater good and may yours be a passion and purpose that reaches into the heavens.

to live your life with vision, courage and spiritual insight is to share with the universe a message of hope and healing that uplifts, inspires and enlightens.

we are special, unique vibrational beings who upon discovering our true path and purpose will voyage through magickal dimensions filled with extraordinary extrasensory and eclectic experiences.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, September 01, 2016

Make A Meaningful Impact On Others

the sacred soul energy within us when released connects each person to the divine which in turn inspires them to make a meaningful impact on others through powerful and positive self expression.

angelic signs are all around us and by looking at life through eyes of spirit we see their raw goodness which illuminates life with love making ours an enlightening existence.

let your natural beauty be the light that guides you to experiences of inspiration that facilitate greater well being and eternal love.

life is a spiritual adventure for those who open their eyes to the divine opportunities that abound for they are the courageous souls who embrace every truth and absorb every experience with joy as their purpose and love as their intent.

when you smile you share with others your unique vibrational signature which uplifts the soul and creates a path of pure positive and profound meaning.

remember to love yourself. awake in each moment with the knowledge that you are something truly beautiful. remember to live your dreams. arise each day with the understanding that you are an inspirational gift and a sacred blessing. remember to make memories that are miracles.

live beautifully by building a place your soul can call home as this will create blissful moments that enhance and empower your existence making yours a life of light and love.

within each of us is a heart full of love and a touch of the divine. this is our essential truth and pure sacred identity. be who you truly are and share your inspiring identity for you are an angel on earth.

spiritual awareness is a sacred blessing that helps us lead a more joyful life where we open our heart to receive miracles as we discover our bliss.

be true to your self and live your sacred calling as this will make your life an illuminated journey through realms of meaning that are profoundly transformative.

powerful and inspiring are those who open their hearts to spirit for they are they chosen ones touched by awareness who follow a path of love that creates miraculous change.

you can love this life. you can immerse yourself in its sacred beauty and bountiful blessings. you embrace being fully alive. you can dance within the divine light of its glory. you can bathe in its deep healing energies. you can love this life.

spiritual reverence cultivates mindfulness and lights a fire within which illuminates for us the true beauty of our life and the world around us.

seek to awaken the energy within as this will facilitate spiritual renewal and make yours a life changing pilgrimage of deep well being.

a truly spiritual life is one that embraces the heart of humanity with truth, beauty, love and light.

the power of love, generosity and kindness when shared creates divne connections that nurture and enhance a sacred awareness within us that lead to realms of spirit hitherto unknown.

live each moment purposefully with actions and intentions that fill your heart, soul and spirit with love.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One