Thursday, September 22, 2016

Breathe in the Beauty of your Divine Essence

breathe in the beauty of your divine essence as you cultivate inner peace and yours will be a life guided by the wisdom of ancients and ancestors where love is the light that illuminates your path and purpose.

immerse yourself in your own magnificence as this will inspire you to approach your existence in new ways which embrace spirit and bring balance to your life.

every moment of every day you make an important contribution to the fabric of life for you are a beautiful being of light whose kindness and compassion changes lives for the better.

explore the depth of your soul and you will gain a greater awareness of who you are which will open you to alternate realities where miracles happen and moments are infused with the energy of joy.

an enriched inner and outer life of higher vibrational awareness is ours when we embrace of sacred gifts and use our divine beauty to benefit others.

when we reveal our true self we discover that we are all visionaries and that are most sacred purpose is to create a better world.

connect and communicate with you natural wisdom and divine imagination as this will make you a beacon of light and love whose essence shines brighter that all the world may see and experience your true beauty.

faith in yourself opens you to your essential energies which embrace you with the power of love and lead you to spiritual freedom.

when you love who you are you are at home with your sacred self and life is a vibrant blessing of balance and harmony.

come with me deep inside the miracle and together we will manifest a life rich with opportunities where we fulfill our souls purpose as we live our dreams and desires.

a heart wide open is a blessing that leads us to places where inspiration comes from where we may experience the extraordinary as we practice loving kindness.

the world opens up before you when you are devoted to inspiring yourself and others with practices that empower and actions that honor your passion and purpose.

a fully awakened life is a life in which you love yourself for the more kindness and compassion you show yourself the more joy and happiness you attract.

immerse yourself in waves of light as this will create a transformational cleansing of spirit which will lead you to sacred healing places where your life will be blessed by profound intuitive encounters that are ethereal and enlightening.

transformative breakthroughs are blessings which result from thoughts and perspectives which empower us to fully love ourselves as we embrace the beauty of the world.

a spiritual approach to living is profoundly healing as it positively influences the flow of energy making ours a world of greater joy and satisfaction.

you awaken your spirituality when you use your creative sacred energy to plant seeds of love and light from which a bountiful garden of beauty and bliss blossoms.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

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