Thursday, September 01, 2016

Make A Meaningful Impact On Others

the sacred soul energy within us when released connects each person to the divine which in turn inspires them to make a meaningful impact on others through powerful and positive self expression.

angelic signs are all around us and by looking at life through eyes of spirit we see their raw goodness which illuminates life with love making ours an enlightening existence.

let your natural beauty be the light that guides you to experiences of inspiration that facilitate greater well being and eternal love.

life is a spiritual adventure for those who open their eyes to the divine opportunities that abound for they are the courageous souls who embrace every truth and absorb every experience with joy as their purpose and love as their intent.

when you smile you share with others your unique vibrational signature which uplifts the soul and creates a path of pure positive and profound meaning.

remember to love yourself. awake in each moment with the knowledge that you are something truly beautiful. remember to live your dreams. arise each day with the understanding that you are an inspirational gift and a sacred blessing. remember to make memories that are miracles.

live beautifully by building a place your soul can call home as this will create blissful moments that enhance and empower your existence making yours a life of light and love.

within each of us is a heart full of love and a touch of the divine. this is our essential truth and pure sacred identity. be who you truly are and share your inspiring identity for you are an angel on earth.

spiritual awareness is a sacred blessing that helps us lead a more joyful life where we open our heart to receive miracles as we discover our bliss.

be true to your self and live your sacred calling as this will make your life an illuminated journey through realms of meaning that are profoundly transformative.

powerful and inspiring are those who open their hearts to spirit for they are they chosen ones touched by awareness who follow a path of love that creates miraculous change.

you can love this life. you can immerse yourself in its sacred beauty and bountiful blessings. you embrace being fully alive. you can dance within the divine light of its glory. you can bathe in its deep healing energies. you can love this life.

spiritual reverence cultivates mindfulness and lights a fire within which illuminates for us the true beauty of our life and the world around us.

seek to awaken the energy within as this will facilitate spiritual renewal and make yours a life changing pilgrimage of deep well being.

a truly spiritual life is one that embraces the heart of humanity with truth, beauty, love and light.

the power of love, generosity and kindness when shared creates divne connections that nurture and enhance a sacred awareness within us that lead to realms of spirit hitherto unknown.

live each moment purposefully with actions and intentions that fill your heart, soul and spirit with love.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

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