Thursday, September 08, 2016

The Sunlight of our Sacredness

we are spiritually minded people on a contemplative path and when we make choices that serve as powerful and positive affirmations of our existence the soul flourishes and the sunlight of our sacredness illuminates a universe of love divine.

by allowing the radiance of our being to guide us to infinite spiritual dimensions we awaken into awareness and our journey becomes one of greater comfort, kindness and compassion.

with pure integrity open your heart and soul to the positive forces within and let their heavenly knowledge guide you to places of love and light where beauty becomes sacred and you become divine.

may yours be a message of hope fully focused on spirit that creates positive outcomes and embraces your happiest self.

healing, wholeness and divine empowerment are the result of respect and reverence for who we truly are.

do not limit yourself to the sky. forge your own unique path in a way that reaches into the heavens and changes your life for the better. do not limit yourself to the heavens. elevate your vibrations in a manner that lets you experience a reality in which you go beyond your imagination to a place of celestial beauty and bliss. do not limit yourself.

be a positive presence in your life and the life of every soul you encounter as this will create a powerful healing energy which will make yours a path and purpose you truly love.

something extraordinary happens when we actively pursue a higher state of being. we transform and evolve into beings of spiritual authority who guide and inspire each other to live our sacred beauty and love our divine life.

within the heart are profound insights which reveal themselves and revitalize our lives whenever we share our love and radiant essence with others.

take pleasure in the beauty of who you are with the knowledge that you are a great blessing of sacred intent born to serve a higher purpose.

embrace every moment with light by planting seeds of inspiration from which an abundance of love will grow.

align with your true self and you will experience life more deeply for it is when we are in harmony with who we are that we are truly awake, aware and alive.

infuse your life with inspirational knowledge and your journey will unfold into something beautiful where angels and spirits are your sacred companions.

may you use your natural abilities and gentle loving guidance to serve the greater good and may yours be a passion and purpose that reaches into the heavens.

to live your life with vision, courage and spiritual insight is to share with the universe a message of hope and healing that uplifts, inspires and enlightens.

we are special, unique vibrational beings who upon discovering our true path and purpose will voyage through magickal dimensions filled with extraordinary extrasensory and eclectic experiences.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

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