Thursday, September 29, 2016

You are a Strong and Vibrant Being of Light

you are a strong and vibrant being of light and by living in sync with your soul you bring more magick into your life as you discover the divine within.

loving self expression will make yours a voyage of the heart that embraces universal hope and happiness while manifesting spiritual wisdom, knowledge and a profound state of joy.

listen to the voice of mother earth and you will hear that the answer to all our ills is greater loving.

commit to transformation by discovering the good within yourself as this will unleash your natural spiritual gifts and make yours a miraculous story of beauty and bliss.

heart based living helps us reach our spiritual goals as it creates an atmosphere where we may positively connect with being alive.

be that which you cherish. be the light that leads the way. be the love that embraces the heart of humanity. be the messenger of truth. you are capable of great things. you can change lives. you are a miracle of truth and beauty. be that which you cherish.

your inner beauty and infinite intelligence are sacred gifts which when set free awaken consciousness and create healing experiences that illuminate a path to the heavens.

we lead others to greatness when we realize and accept our own greatness for self love is a powerful and inspiration blessing that transforms lives.

passionately pursue your good intentions and yours will be a journey of celestial events that embrace the essence of love.

speak to your heart as it has a message of truth and beauty that will activate and enhance the love within making yours a sweet and gentle path where dreams and desires become sacred realities.

empowered and empowering are we who live beyond imagination for we are sacred beings who travel through fields of possibility sharing our inspirational messages and gifts of the divine.

be spiritually self aware as this creates a positive energy field which will immerse your mind and soul in messages of hope that will change your life for the better.

by having a sacred relationship with yourself you help illuminate a path of personal treasures that lift you to a higher reality and a happier more fulfilling life.

journey deep within and you will discover a place of self reverence where the pure loving energy of who you truly are will guide you to your greatness.

you are divinely gifted with an infinity of choices and your spiritual mission is sim ply to make choices that are positive which awaken heart and soul to the truly miraculous.

may ours be a journey of deep inner beauty and rich outer exploration where we create a bright new world and may we live each moment in a sacred manner that nurtures and balances mind, body and soul.

deep within each of us are messages of profound insight which when discovered and shared create at enlightening atmosphere that uplifts and inspires.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

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