Thursday, October 06, 2016

Satisfying and Blissful is our Path of Ascension

satisfying and blissful is our path of ascension when we have respect for the sacredness of who we are as this creates transformational growth which brings more love and light into our life.

by being true to ourself an d others we journey to a place of wholeness and sacred spiritual energy where we discover just how beautiful and powerful we are.

something tremendous happens when we discover the ancient wisdom within. ours becomes a path of immeasurable value and higher consciousness where we achieve greater peace.

you have a profound impact on people when you share your radiant loving energy as this is an act of kindness and oompassion which opens the heart and soul of humanity.

this is a sacred planet and by living your divinity with deep heartfelt love you manifest enlightenment.

live your life with great love and compassion as this will allow you to see your magnificence by illuminating your blessings which will lead you to your soul and life purpose.

open yourself fully to the magick of the universe and yours will be a powerful and transformative path that leads you to deeper levels of wisdom and a connection to spirit which guides you to a truly fulfilled life.

life is a miraculous gift which when approached with love and kindness releases soul based energies that guide us to greater personal power.

you are a miraculous gift who is loved. i am a sacred being who is beautiful. we are magnificent manifestations of light who are inspirational. life becomes magickal when we are aware of just how precious and special we all are.

when we are heart centered and compassionate we illuminate and empower our existence which infuses us with the power of the sacred that we may ascend to higher dimensional frequencies where we are embraced by the miracle of who we truly are.

let your unique inner light shine for this will attract the energy of the universe and bring you a greater sense of joy that you may know you are loved beyond measure.

intuitive clarity is a blessing we receive when we awaken to our sacredness for it is our true divine nature that will transform our life and guide us to the ethereal.

it is by making your visions realities that you enlighten and empower yourself and others.

live a balanced life in which you are guided by internal forces and transcendental empowerments that make yours a grounded spiritual path in which you grow and flourish.

your true essence is a wonderful gift of holistic well being and universal life energy that if you wholeheartedly believe in will embrace the miraculous and make yours a happier existence.

may yours be a path of purpose and intention where you hear your higher self and the voice of spirit sharing messages of sacred beauty and unique inspiration.

be mindful and present as you radiate goodness and let your intention be love.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

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