Thursday, October 13, 2016

Immerse Yourself in the Metaphysics of Love

immerse yourself in the metaphysics of love as you embrace your sacred journey and yours will be a life of selfless service and intimate connections with spirit where you are lifted joyously to higher angelic realms.

delightful blessings and opportunities for spiritual growth are what we gift ourselves with when we cultivate our sacred abilities.

when you understand who you are you release your true natural essence and you are guided by the divine to a profound levels of light and places of deep spiritual healing.

beautiful and gifted are those whose compassionate actions purify and heal the heart for they are angels on earth.

utilize the energy within to heal yourself and others as this is a simple act of love and kindness that inspires global spiritual change.

awaken your aliveness and yours will be a heart that is always full and a life that embraces your higher source.

we facilitate positive change when we embrace the sacred truth that ours is a path of spiritual relevance which touches the lives of people in deeply enriching ways.

be a source of motivation by having a love affair with spirit as this will make yours a story of inspiration and transformation that opens people to the beauty and miracle of life.

deep transformational experiences are the reward we bestow upon ourselves when we cultivate a caring attitude and embrace the world with a compassionate heart.

grow your natural abilities and you facilitate an uplifting and powerful soul transition that will make your sacred journey one in which you live a life of happiness and well being.

when we show kindness toward self we embody the divine for to love who you are is a profound and sacred act that inspires us to evolve to a higher paradigm.

walk a path of deep spiritual exploration with a passion to inspire change and your soul will guide you to a place of special beauty where you may live your life in love and unity.

compassionate communication and spiritual companionship are what your soul aspires to and by embracing that reality you unleash the life altering power within making each step a loving and faithful act of transformative exploration and transcendent joy.

expand your love through generosity of spirit and beautiful things will happen that make yours a life of soul centered practices and deep sacred enrichment.

embody your authenticity for you are a powerful positive being and when you live and love the truth of who you are life becomes a heart centered journey of ethereal experiences and breathtaking bliss.

a soul directed life is one of deep loving connections which lead to extraordinary places and experiences where we as brothers and sisters of love and light may draw wisdom from each other and live our lives as a miracle of sacred beauty.

embrace all levels of self and you inspire others to act in kind which creates positive social change.

personalize your sacred path with kindness and self love as this will guide your journey towards joy where you may blossom into awakening.

The Ancient One

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