Thursday, October 27, 2016

Contribute Something Positive to the Fabric of Life

a deeply satisfying life of infinite possibilities and ethereal connections is yours when you actively seek to contribute something positive to the fabric of life.

to spiritually communicate with your own true nature is to walk a path of divine enlightenment.

align with spirit for this is a profound and powerful act of self love that will move you to help others grow as you enhance their well being and change your world for the better.

life changing transformation comes to us when we embrace our truths, ignite our inner wisdom and share our gifts and guidance with the world.

something amazing happens when we experience the divine. we become more inspired and the happiness within overflows taking us joyously into realms of higher vibrations.

we begin to build a joyful life and become who we truly are when we open ourselves to the blessings of angels and accept that we are created with love from above.

you are a compassionate and nurturing conduit for spirit and by sharing the sacred knowledge and wisdom within you open gateways into realms of divine manifestation and transformation.

to live this moment in a positive way is a sacred healing experience that nurtures the divine within by illuminating a path to the love that is your true essence.

to love yourself is a blessed and beautiful gift that creates a happier healthier you and a more fulfilling joyful life.

within you is a powerful sacred space of immense benefits that facilitate healing and cultivate love when you awaken your spirit by joyously sharing the beauty of who you are.

live more authentically with a powerful purpose and the divine life energy within will send you loving messages that w ill inspire you to align with the soul and make you feel good about yourself.

you are blessed beyond belief and the instance you believe and embrace this reality you discover what inspires you and journey into love.

self love and acceptance awakens us to the truth that we are a gift to the world.

the voice of the heart when listened to gives us divine clarity which makes us more sensitive to the sacred energies that surround us and leads us to a purposeful life of enhanced wellness.

you are the author and your life is an inspirational story of spiritual guidance where you live your souls calling as you become a higher being of light.

we shine brightly in the universe when we act with kindness for love is a sacred beacon which illuminates our path to all the heavens in the divine cosmos.

there are around us endless possibilities and universal life forces which evolve the soul when we accept our sacredness and allow ourselves to fully experience life.

each day is a blessing where we awaken to the divine when we walk a path of peace and love.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

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