Thursday, October 20, 2016

Connect more Deeply with your Ethereal Essence

open your arms to the sacred embrace of life and you will connect more deeply with your ethereal essence as you awaken the divine within.

may you use your intuitive healing abilities to open energetic spiritual gateways which activate inner experiences of sacred balance and joyful harmony.

we are beautiful souls of cosmic energy whose celestial truth is written in the stars and by living the love that is our essence we transform as we ascend.

focus on the spiritual beauty of your true natural self and you create a much more meaningful path in which you fully enjoy a life of great accomplishments and rewards.

you have positive gifts and by nurturing your natural abilities you shine a light on those blessings making yours a deeper spiritual life of ethereal encounters and sacred experiences.

have reverence for the world around you by drawing inspiration from its sacred beauty and illuminating your path with the light of its divine magnificence.

there is more to life than you realize. there is a divine light source waiting to illuminate your path. there is deep spiritual healing waiting for you to discover your abilities. there are remarkable experiences waiting for you to reach beyond your boundaries. there is a love most sacred waiting for you to come home. there is more to you than you realize...

the more spiritually oriented we are the more likely we are to facilitate self healing by communing with the spirits and immersing our mind, body and soul in oceans of divine awareness.

explore the mystical and you will discover miraculous truths that are good for the soul which will inspire you to pursue your divine purpose and sacred calling.

may ours be a magickal sacred land of higher vibrations where gifted people of spirit live in harmony, gratitude, appreciation, light and love.

when we find within us the courage to change we experience the healing power of the love that is our essence as we align with our highest good.

create with intention a true sacred path where you awaken spiritually as you traverse dimensions of love and light.

open yourself completely to the loving energy within and you will be spiritually cleansed which will bring you perfect peace and harmony that you may delight in the beauty of your angels, ancestors, guides and sacred self.

sacred loving relationships raise us higher into spiritual and angelic realms as they guide us to environments of compassion and gentleness that inspire and transform.

we are constantly evolving as holistic and metaphysical messengers of light and by living each moment in peaceful positive ways we inspire growth on all levels as we connect our heart and soul to the true miracle of our existence.

an infinite sea of sacred inspiration is ours to enjoy and experience by loving who we are for it is through self love that we dive deep into the ethereal waters of our divine essence.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

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