Thursday, November 16, 2017

Illuminate Your Journey with Love

illuminate your journey with love as this will connect you to the sacred which will make yours a unique life path of profound awareness and positive awakening.

a profound awakening occurs when we serve humanity for it is through acts of kindness that we experience true happiness and see with clarity the beauty of our existence.

you are a divinely mystical being of light whose path and purpose are a blessing that benefits the world in profoundly positive ways.

give change a hug. open yourself to the joys of transformation. reach beyond this reality to realms and dimensions that cultivate joy and inspire happiness. live the miracle of who you truly are.

within in you is a love centred place of divine revelations which are released into the universe whenever you treat yourself with kindness and compassion.

healing and wholeness come to us when we love ourselves deeply as we live a life that is true to our spirit and soul.

live your highest calling and greatest truth for by doing so you expand your state of being as you open gateways to worlds of wonder and joy.

the nature of my existence is such that when my actions and intentions are pure and positive the rewards greatly shape my world in ways that help me evolve and grow my immortal spirit.

you are love is an essential truth that brings joy to your world when shared with others.

open yourself fully to the beauty and miracle of who you are and you will receive gifts and blessings from the universe that will guide you to a more joyful spiritual life of bliss.

the more purposefully we live the more we are touched by the awareness that we are messengers of spirit on a miraculous pilgrimage to our sacred home in the heavens.

a heart filled with love creates within us a sacred identity which reveals itself to the world through smiles, hugs and kisses.

your passion and purpose when shared inspires others to open their hearts to new realities that connect and communicate with the heavens.

miracles happen when you have faith in yourself and use that faith in ways that embrace the energies of spirit while cultivating love and kindness.

a joyful life of deeply empowering experiences is not something you aspire to it is something you create when you align with your spirit and connect with your soul.

yours is a sacred truth which if nourished and nurtured becomes a blessing that enhances, enriches and greatly benefits your life and the lives of others.

love lights a fire in the heart that fills us with compassion and kindness which brilliantly illuminates a path of peace and happiness.

express what is inside you that others may experience the profound and uplifting truth of the sacred celestial being you truly are.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Love is the Fuel that Changes our Life

love is the fuel that changes our life and gives us the energy to accelerate along a path of greater well being to heavenly realms and sacred dimensions.

accept who you are by expressing your true self and letting the world see the sacred beauty and divine inspiration that blesses every cell of your being.

open yourself to the life force energy within and it will improve your journey in tremendously transformative ways that embrace each moment with blessings of love and light.

you are blessed with a unique natural beauty that is when shared a gift to humanity which inspires spiritual growth.

angelic pathways of breathtaking beauty that nourish the soul unfold in front of us when we serve humanity in ways that heal and empower.

live your light on your own terms as you celebrate being different as this will accelerate your spiritual evolution while raising your vibration and filling your life with joy.

love yourself fully and you release your natural healing abilities which help you help yourself and others craft a life of divine love.

yours is a shining light that blesses people in ways that illuminate their path and positively impact their lives.

greater well being is not something you seek, it is something you create when you ignite the soul with positive energy and compassion.

through spiritual discovery we deepen our relationships as we reach into angelic realms of light where our true essence may embrace the world with its healing message of love.

with self compassion and contentment accept who you are for it is with acceptance that we fuel changes in our life that heal, nourish and nurture our true sacred path.

with clarity of thought and purpose do those things that you really love and watch as yours becomes a more centered, connected and purposeful journey in which positive lifestyle choices help you create miracles.

with self compassion and contentment accept who you are for it is with acceptance that we fuel changes in our life that heal, nourish and nurture our true sacred path.

a richer and happier life where the heart is filled with love is ours when we empower our intentions and awaken our spirit with choices that serve the highest good.

heartfelt actions that are gentle and loving nurture growth while raising our vibration and guiding us to a place beyond our expectations where we may live in harmony with all life.

beautiful soulful being of light you are loved for the joy and happiness you bring to the world.

we open hearts when we share our miracles and blessings in ways that are beneficial to all humanity.

a sacred reawakening occurs when with intention and purpose we openly engage the heart and soul as embrace the power of spirit.

with a generous loving spirit accept who you truly are and yours will be a life filled with vibrations of joy which bring you to the light.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, November 02, 2017

The Divine Love of the Universe

gentle heartfelt actions that help others heal are food for the soul which open us fully to the divine love of the universe.

direct your life path toward ethereal experiences that lead you to a higher source of wisdom as this will infuse your mind, body and soul with the energy and awareness necessary to embrace your sacred truth.

something amazing happens when we open our heart and let others in, we become the beautiful sacred beings of ethereal wonder that we were born to be.

openly and lovingly engage the soul and yours will be a sacred awakening of empowering experiences that illuminate a path of joyful wonder.

do those things that benefit your well being as they are acts of self love which uplift, inspire and illuminate your life with miracles and blessings.

the divine speaks to me through healing vibrations which unfold into my life in the form of inspiring messages that lead me to the light.

positive interactions create within us a sacred sense of aliveness that propels us forward toward a joyful and peaceful path of glory.

it is by working with our energies that we are able to reach beyond this earthly realm to a place of happiness where we are able to heal and transform our life.

i embrace my imperfections for i have learned that my shortcomings are a source of knowledge and that by recognizing this as truth and letting them teach me i am in reality embracing my strengths.

share what you learn today and let that kindness be a blessing that holds the light for others to see and experience the rewards bestowed upon those who serve humanity with love and wisdom as their guides.

a spiritually inspired world of compassion in which we help each other heal and grow is possible.

you are blessed with extraordinary spiritual gifts and by sharing them with others you create a life of rewarding experiences and greater satisfaction.

serve your spiritual needs by cultivating self healing.

it is by embodying our true nature that we create a nurturing atmosphere of majestic splendor where we are bathed in the angelic light of hope and happiness.

give yourself the gift of courage and yours will be a divinely inspired journey of authentic spirituality that leads your true infinite self to the highest possible destiny.

beautifully courageous are those sentient souls who seek to create an illuminated community of spirit where kindness, compassion and unconditional love are the building blocks of a better tomorrow.

we find peace within when we open ourselves fully to the energies of the universe for it is then that the life force flows freely and we are able to experience our beautifully sacred true self.

align with your purpose and bless us with you gifts for you are a being of love that lives from the heart and soul whose intentions empower.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

May yours be a Beautiful Voyage of Divine Remembering

may yours be a beautiful voyage of divine remembering in which you are blessed by deep spiritual connections that make your sacred mission one of compassion, kind ness and true inner peace.

our lives are wrapped in messages, blessings and profound changes. our mission is to see them with spiritual clarity so that we may use them to live mindfully and miraculously.

people are blessed by your sacred presence and etheric spiritual energy for you are a be ing of higher consciousness and unfolding beauty whose very essence is a message of love.

sail with me on waves of bliss to a place of true miracles where kindness blossoms and together we will weave a sacred circle of light and love.

the spiritual healing energy within us is released into our lives when we make a conscious effort to serve and inspire people in happy harmonious ways.

light the sacred fire of self esteem and every moment in your life will be a special moment in time where you create contentment as you open doorways to enlightenment.

let us build a heart centered community of light whose prayers and intentions are blessings of love that make ours an enlightened world dedicated to helping one and all.

sacred self realization helps us escape, unwind, heal and empower while motivating us to live our true spiritual nature.

embrace the beauty of being and yours will be a path of pure grace where the natural flow of energy inspires you to live and love at a deeper level.

within us is a sacred welcoming place which when visited opens us to powerful nurturing experiences that accelerate our awakening.

to be spiritually diverse is to open yourself to realms of pure energy and divine illumination where your essential self feels greater joy and happiness.

speak to your heart and the wisdom shared will guide you to a place of deeper self love which will make yours a life of richly harmonious and joyous experiences.

when our focus and intention is positive and fulfilling we are immersed in the healing waters and sacred vibrations of peace and spiritual enlightenment.

know that all things are metaphysical for it is this knowledge that will lead you along a road of extraordinary healing experiences to a place of sacred self compassion where you can confidently step into your greatness.

smiles, hugs and kisses are treats for the heart and soul which spiritually awaken us to the true beauty and miracle of life.

blissful spirit embrace me with insights from beyond that i may be my true authentic self as i open my heart to the universal flow of life and the sacred light of love.

truly alive and happy are those nurturing and compassionate souls who use their divine energies to help others walk a path of hope, healing, harmony and light.

awaken to your true purpose and as you venture out into the dawn of a new day remember to love yourself.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Embrace The Metaphysical Aspects Of Life

explore your inner truth and you will discover that you have natural healing abilities which when set free enrich the spirit while channeling divine energies that embrace the metaphysical aspects of life.

you are a highly evolved and compassionate teacher of love whose profound and divine life is filled with incredibly amazing experiences that make the world a better place. you are a friend. you are a wife. you are a mother. you are a woman. you are a being of light and every day you bless the world with who you are.

a life centered on spirit is one of empowering intentions which embraces the world with beautiful messages delivered from the heart and soul.

enrich your soul and enlighten your mind by bathing in the healing and cleansing waters of true divine love.

a wholistic journey of self growth and evolvement is ours when we live a spiritually oriented life in which we share our healing energy and radiant sacred beauty with the world.

blessed beyond belief are we who open the door to spirit with the desire to connect to something greater as we become something miraculous.

self love and worth are beautiful gifts and powerful tools that we give ourselves which embrace the nature of our soul while guiding us to a place of spirit where the flow of the universe helps us create a loving nurturing environment of heart felt happiness.

find your way into the light by making yours a shamanic journey of sacred truth and a metaphysical celebration that nurtures the soul and opens doorways to spirituality.

positive support and encouragement is a gift of kindness that brings balance and harmony to life.

integrate awareness into your life that you may discover how truly wonderful you are.

it is when our sincere intention is love that we become vessels of spirit whose journey is a blessing of light that empowers and awakens.

joyfully express your sacred spiritual self and your path will be one of exploration, experimentation and enlightenment in which you manifest your dreams and desires.

spirit experienced through love creates personal sacred growth which heals the heart and blesses the soul.

powerful and transformative are those inspired by spirit who with confidence and clarity use their innate sacred abilities to walk a path of wholeness.

in peaceful positive ways i walk through mystical realms hand in hand with the universal flow of energy and beautifully guided by spirit.

when we are spiritually connected with our world we are better able to create a healing environment and fulfilling future that benefit our sacred well being.

you are an extraordinary soul. you are a gift to be cherished. the sacred light of the ancients shines upon you. live, love and share freely the glory of your greatness.

open the gateway to your true spiritual self and show the world the beauty that exists in the greater depths of your being.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The Greatness and Glory of your Life

listen to your higher self and sacred treasures will be revealed which connect to the universe giving you a better view of the greatness and glory of your life.

greater possibilities unfold and limitless opportunities come our way when we celebrate our capacity to love.

with reverence for all life whisper your prayer to the universe and yours will be a transformation in which the spirit blossoms as the heart sings a mesmerizing song of love.

with loving intent shine the sacred light of your soul on your ethereal essence as this will awaken you to your divine destiny and guide you on a journey of beautiful visionary experiences.

you are a true miracle of innate goodness and by sharing your blessings you embark on a spiritually exciting adventure of beauty and truth.

a pure heart generates a flow of positive energy that nourishes the spiritual self thereby helping us to create a better life.

if we want a healthier world we have to take our medicine. love is our medicine. take your medicine.

with clear compassionate intention illuminate your path and purpose with the sacred beauty of your true self as doing so will open you to life changing magickal experiences.

listen to your dreams and they will enlighten you to the loving truth that you are a wonderfully beautiful and resonant creation of divine light from the spirit realm whose true purpose is to contribute something special a nd sacred to the world.

conscious awareness of our innate healing abilities opens the heart of who we are allowing our true self to emerge empowered and guide us to a place of sacred purpose where we may transform into love.

alive and happy are we whose positive personal beliefs make us beautifully thoughtful and fully blossoming beings of light.

when you authentically express yourself and you begin to build a destiny of sacred beauty and greater spiritual depth.

heartbeats are sacred thoughts which when listened to weave beauty into our lives making them a loving celebration of spirit.

embrace self acceptance and the divinity within will unfold into your life making yours a fulfilling path of beauty that is powerfully purified by truthful intent.

open your mind to the realization that yours is an inspiring story of mystical truths whose natural flow of divine energy helps those blessed to experience your greatness to grow spiritually.

a deeper experience of self creates around us a field of positive energy which leads to passageways of light that are healing and transformative.

awaken to the truth within and yours will be a life deeply influenced by spirit in which you experience infinite blessings.

open up to your aliveness and let its pure magickal energy take you on a transformative journey of light to beautiful new horizons of love.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Create Enriching Moments Of Light

walk beyond the threshold of your existence and reality for it is there that you will discover that you have always had the ability to create enriching moments of light.

a blossoming path of sacred synergy is ours when we engage in spiritual activities that illuminate our great natural beauty.

you have extraordinary spiritual strengths and at any time you can use them to craft a path of transcendent caring that manifests positive realities of harmony and happiness.

the miracle of self forgiveness is that it unveils the glory within which inspires us to create and manifest a beautiful life of joy.

dreams, visions and compassionate ideals composed of light make our path one that is abundantly overflowing with acts of love.

be more open to love and yours will be a delightfully fantastic journey of soul awakening experiences.

listen to the ancients and they will help you create a divine template of sacred aspirations that heal and cleanse the mind, body, heart, soul and spirit.

make loving choices and yours will be a truly beautiful life of spirit where every moment is embraced by the purifying energy of heavens sacred waters.

we are wonderfully divine and love minded seekers of light on a path of spiritual evolution.

you are the architect of your own history with the ability to build a more positive reality of mystical experiences that lead to harmony and happiness.

sacred self confidence manifests powerful profound change which reveals to us mystical landscapes where we may live magickally the miracle of our ethereal existence.

consciously create within your mind a beautiful sea of positive energy and let its peaceful and inspiring waters cleanse your heart, soul and spirit.

when we reach out to help others we embrace our unique essence in a way that opens portals of awareness which lead us to the heart of greatness.

loving self acceptance is a magickal gift which fills our lives with heart centered experiences that improve every aspect of our existence.

touch the higher self with positive loving energy and you create a miraculous reality of ethereal beauty that is divinely captivating.

a more beautiful world is ours when we use our miraculous powers to create a healing environment in which we radiate light and love.

connect with your guides and they will show you the way to a light filled place of spirit and truthful goodness which will transform your world into a place of beautiful aliveness and divine happiness.

there is a smile on the face of the soul and when we return that smile we liberate the higher self which opens doors to new world where we may manifest greater love.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

We Heal On All Levels When We Engage The Soul

we heal on all levels when we engage the soul for the soul is a sacred teacher who will guide us on a path of personal balance to a place of enlightened bliss.

a wondrous future filled with wisdom that nourishes and empowers awaits those who live their lives for the good of humanity.

listen to the sacred whispers of the soul and you will hear a message of love that inspires you to be a more positive powerful being of light.

you are a precious resource of infinite love and light whose smile can open gateways to transformation.

let us be spiritual companions who experience the light within while living purposeful meaningful lives in which we journey into love.

ours is a loving universe and its time that we as inspired beings of light love it back.

we receive extraordinary benefits when we share our natural gifts and loving spirit with the world.

you are gifted with abilities that radiate positive energy when with infinite compassion you use them to create a greater reality of wholeness and healing.

open yourself to the higher vibrational energies of the angels of spirit and they will awaken you to the happiness within.

inside each soul is a living temple filled with positive inspiring messages and sacred expressions of love waiting for our arrival that they may shine their light for the benefit of all.

we bring clarity to our journey when we have a loving conversation with the pure conscious of our divine self.

it is time to share your gifts so make the choice to work with the higher self to spread light and love to the world.

may yours be a self loving state of pure positive intentions where you speak mindfully as you live your highest good.

kindness towards self manifests precious moments of joy that create a purified atmosphere of holistic bliss.

clarity of thought is a catalyst for spiritual cleansing which inspires us to connect with the universe as we honor the light and celebrate life.

you are a gift to the universe. you are a beautiful soul. you are a sacred being of light. live and love who you are for you are a divine blessing.

an exhilarating awakening of spirit occurs when we seek to create positive change by releasing the constant flow of love within our heart.

you are an expression of the divine whose life is an uplifting adventure of ethereal glory.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, September 14, 2017

A Metaphysical Holistic Life of Mystical Experiences

a metaphysical holistic life of mystical experiences that help us grow spiritually is gifted to us by the universe when we immerse ourselves in the healing light of love.

at the core of your being lies a spiritual power source which releases blessings into your world when you when you walk a sacred path of meaning and authenticity.

plant with me a sacred garden where flowers of light nourish the spirit and ours will be an enchanted paradise where every day is a feast of faith overflowing with joy.

when we seek to be of service to humanity we are blessed with extraordinary possibilities that guide us to a magickal world of life changing experiences.

empower your journey by making a deeper connection with your true sacred self as this will create within you balance, wellness and a higher vibration of love.

let us embark upon a sacred journey of beautiful change through purifying waters where our compassionate actions radiate light and love.

you are on a spiritual path and by giving yourself greater freedom to explore deeper truths you let your light shine on your true sacred beauty and yours becomes a journey of joyful self discovery.

spiritual growth happens when we help others heal.

we are infinite vessels of sacred beauty who by compassionately sharing our light support spiritual growth and divine alignment with the heavens and earth.

you have a mystical heritage which if explored will reveal positive passageways to landscapes of light where your blossoming heart is free to soar to new heights of love.

it is by truly loving who you are that you activate sacred abilities which fill your life with intuitive revelations and gifts from heaven.

kindness, compassion and love are the tools necessary to make ours an awakened life and infinite path of being that takes us to higher dimensions of our divine existence.

the earth, the stars, the sun and the moon are all celestial guides which when listened to and followed lead us home to the heaven that is our destiny.

within us are spheres of awareness that increase spiritual happiness and awaken our aliveness when we share the gift of our greatness with the world.

a monumental shift occurs that sets the soul on fire when you partake in heart centered practices that connect you to your higher self.

we make miracles possible when we honor the light as this attracts angelic forces which make ours a spiritual adventure to heightened levels of love.

walk with me through sacred lands where all beings commune in joyful purpose as they help each other transform.

it is by bringing awareness into our lives that we awaken and enhance the deeply spiritual aspects of our true nature.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, September 07, 2017

I Bless the Universe with the Love Overflowing from my Heart

mine is a spiritually centered life of awareness and growth in which i bless the universe with the love overflowing from my heart.

in fields of ancient wisdom i walk surrounded by angels whose inspiring messages make mine a purpose driven path of beauty and truth in which i share my love and light with the world.

evolution of the soul takes place and we attract spiritual abundance when ours is a positive mindset of boundless compassion that encourages and empowers us to live and share the joy and beauty of our highest self.

we experience the magickal when we partake in powerful spiritual practices that are positive and inspiring.

when you love being yourself you bring more light into your life and waves of change embrace you with greater joy and happiness.

you blossom into a beautiful joyful being of spirit when you use your powerful healing energies to spiritually enlighten yourself and others.

there is a space within where dreams and intentions align and by showing ourselves more love and respect we set those blessings free which impacts our world in positive uplifting ways.

angels and ethereal spirits of higher energy surround us with love and we as sacred celestial beings blossom when we open our hearts fully to those wondrous and beautiful blessings.

it is compassion for others and the courage to love that provide us with greater joy and inspiration.

connect deeply with the essence of your spirit and yours will be a path of higher vibrations and powerful sacred moments.

a change is coming in which your life will be a spiritually enriching mystical adventure of insight and inspiration where beauty and goodness embrace you with love.

the glow of the soul is a lamp of powerful sacredness that lights the way to a mystical world of wonder for those who truly believe and are ready to see clearly the signs and messages dancing in the heavens.

make choices you can be proud of which accelerate your spiritual journey and embrace you with feelings of bliss.

motivate your actions with love and you open portals to the divine where kindness is in the air and your true inner beauty shines radiantly for all the heavens to see.

positive healing energy that is life enhancing lives within us all and we as celestial beings release that energy into the atmosphere when we make genuine caring choices that benefit ourselves and the world.

listen to the whispers of your angelic guides for their words and wisdom are signs from heaven letting you know that you are stronger than you realize and that you have the power to rise above any obstacle life puts in your way.

celebrate mother earth by joyfully greeting each day with a smile on your heart and a mission to let the love and light from within flow harmoniously into the world.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Embrace the Essence of the Earth

embrace the essence of the earth with radiant expressions of divinity and yours will be a path of deep mystical experiences that shower you with love.

a grateful heart revives and rejuvenates higher forms of love which gift us with inner peace and harmony.

with conscious intention lift yourself up so that you can see the soul awaken and reveal the treasures of spirit within.

it is when you feel the flow of cosmic energy dancing in harmony with your true spiritual self that your life is changed forever.

make the choice to journey into wellness and positive transmissions of natural healing energy will bless your life with sacred gifts of genuine truth that make you free and happy.

you are a miraculous masterpiece of spirit. that you exist is a gift.

you are a spiritually attuned and joyful creation with miraculous powers who by loving yourself each and every day create a flow of blessings that positively impact the world.

the deeper the understanding of who we are the more we attract what it is that we desire in life for we are beings of light whose destiny is one of glory and greatness.

in fields of energy and authentic inspiration i gather joyful miracles of profound healing that i release into the atmosphere with the knowledge that they will make their way to those who need them most.

yours is a life truly worth living and by treating yourself lovingly you gain greater insight into what a deeply mystical and wondrous universe this is and how sacred and celestial a being you are.

a happy and peaceful path of pure living comes our way when we embrace new ways of being and choose to live a life of spirit.

give to the world all your beauty that they may discover your magnificence and embrace the divine reality of your true sacred self.

celebrate being alive and the spirit flowing through you will take you on a journey of pure light and love where each day is a blessing of bliss.

your soul has a tale to tell. it is a beautiful natural story of holistic harmony and heavenly blessings where the world embraces the miracle of who you are.

spiritual diversity creates for us a greater reality of magickal possibilities and rejuvenating experiences that make life more meaningful.

a place of wholeness reveals itself to us when we express our divine nature in empathetic caring ways that shine a light on our positive life purpose.

abundant gardens of greater understanding and infinite wisdom reside within the soul and by greeting each day with gratitude and generosity those blessings unfold into our world.

sing a song of spirit as you dance in splendor to the rhythm of your vibrant loving heartbeat for you are a sacred being touched by love.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, August 24, 2017

The True Beauty and Miracle of your Sacred Self

it is by closing your eyes to the madness of the world and opening them to the true beauty and miracle of your sacred self that you see inspiring spiritual visions of all the amazing opportunities an d exceptional experiences waiting for you.

we manifest a fulfilling life where blessings come alive when we journey down a spiritual pathway of immortal light on which our essential nature unfolds joyously into the world.

present moment awareness of your unique spiritual gifts will reveal to the world your profound beauty and true divine nature.

positive values and a love for humanity bring us deep spiritual encounters which inspire us to create an enlightened community of balance, beauty and harmony.

may ours be a soul expanding journey of mystical experiences through uplifting landscapes to sacred destinations where love lives happily.

you cultivate inner peace by having greater compassion for yourself.

journey to the heart of who you are and you will discover a reservoir of intuitive guidance that will take you on a journey of adventures and experiences where you rise in love.

step into your true power by living a highly vibrational life of spiritual expansion that nourishes the whole soul.

true reverence for life opens the heart and soul to a divinely gratifying world of happiness, healing and sacred self discovery.

we create an empowered lifestyle when our thoughts, actions and intentions are to make a positive difference by spreading joy, light and love.

we are born strong of heart with tremendous gifts of spirit and by letting love be the truth we speak those blessings are released into the universe in a way that helps us and others blossom into bliss.

when you love and support yourself the sacred light within shines brightly creating an illuminating path of glorious opportunities and significant spiritual breakthroughs.

vessel of love sail with me to a higher truth where we may live in unity as torchbearers for peace and freedom.

sympathetic and empathetic actions are blessings of sacred motivation and divine inspiration that create loving lasting change.

embrace and express your extraordinary beauty in a manner that touches people at a soul level and yours will be a glorious journey of light in which you live in love.

positive sacred experiences that are highly beneficial come our way when we embrace the world we live in with the pure loving spirit of our divine self.

call upon your angels and open your heart to their loving guidance and they will shower you with opportunities and blessings that have a profoundly positive impact on your sacred journey.

we are all beautiful beings of divine loving wisdom who are given sacred gifts which when bestowed upon others bring us profound contentment while raising us to higher levels of spirit.


MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, August 17, 2017

The Energy Within Us Is Filled With Wisdom

the energy within us is filled with wisdom grounded in love which when allowed to flow easily into our lives creates a beauty that surrounds us with spiritual goodness.

join me out beyond the ordinary in a sacred glen of holistic living where kindness grows and souls blossom.

angelic worlds reveal themselves to us when we cultivate an open heart by sharing our love and affection with every soul we encounter along the way.

follow your souls purpose by embracing the ethereal and loving your life more for it is through positive thought and action that we rise to higher levels of divine love.

luminous light seeker yours is an evolving journey of happiness and harmony which spreads love and light when you bless the world with the pure natural joy of your heart and soul.

be gentle with yourself for you are a sacred flower in a garden of light whose beauty blossoms when nurtured with love.

you are the embodiment of divinity and by sharing your sacred beauty with the world you invite spirituality into your life which creates a beautiful path of love and happiness.

all things are beautiful and once you accept this truth into your life you begin to love yourself fully with a clarity that illuminates the true glory of who you are.

make profound changes in your life for it is when transformation is our intention that positive energy rises from within and leads us to breathtaking vistas of sacred beauty where we can live in the light of greater joy and happiness.

every time i plant seeds of love in the garden of the soul i am blessed positive evocative experiences of spiritual aliveness that are truly remarkable.

fortify your energy field with the deep timeless beauty of your authentic self by being true to your dreams and living your destiny in a manner that makes the heart and soul smile.

completely embrace who you are and yours will be an open path to healing and sacred wellness immersed in spirit that touches the soul of the universe.

immerse yourself in a rich natural environment of spiritual intelligence that is overflowing with happiness by empowering every thought and action with love.

we awaken and activate the higher self by cultivating loving relationships that embrace the joy of being.

may yours be a powerful personal journey of empowering alternatives whose healing forces soothe the heart and enrich the soul.

seek a better way and remarkable new horizons will appear that shine a light on beautiful glens where freedom flowers and love blooms.

there is within us a sacred energizing space where our true self waits to be discovered so it can show the world just how amazing and beautiful we are.

embrace each day with passionate purpose and new possibilities will emerge lead to a happier more balanced life.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, August 03, 2017

Walk a Path of Pure Integrity as you Liberate your Sacred Voice

walk a path of pure integrity as you liberate your sacred voice and yours will be a spiritually inspired life of elevated consciousness and rewarding relationships that satisfy mind, body and soul.

energized and euphoric are we who enrich our days with the power of love.

it is the intent to strive for wellness and create for ourselves a unique path of wholeness that touches the spirit of who we are with grace and fills our lives with greater degrees of joy.

positive healing thoughts that engage the spirit are blessings that enhance self esteem while creating deep soul experiences of beauty and wonder.

every choice we make is an opportunity to evolve for we are the masters of our fate and once we accept this truth we open gateways of possibility that lead to destiny changing worlds of wonder.

believe in yourself and your life will be filled with spiritual revelations which help you give birth to a more glorious future.

touch the earth in spiritually minded ways and yours will be a highly transformational path of extraordinary events and experiences that are joyously fulfilling.

conscious loving and deeper spiritual practices are destiny changing choices we can make which will guide and inspire us in enormously generous ways.

every moment is a moment of inspiration waiting to be noticed and embraced.

etched within the soul are words of wisdom which reveal themselves to us when we live more authentically.

let your intent be to connect with the divine as this simple act is a blessing that will raise your vibration to a place of heartful awareness where you see clearly the brilliant radiance of the infinite possibilities alive in the universe.

walk the way of kindness with open hearted awareness and yours will be a remarkable adventure of love where with every step you find yourself growing spiritually.

we are immortal souls and beautiful beings of light whose sacred purpose is to help each other evolve spiritually.

it is by nourishing our relationships with light and love that we experience divine moments of deep compassion which lead us to higher levels of being.

positive core beliefs stimulate the spiritual which reveals to us a sacred mission of inspired adventures and enthralling authentic connections that nourish love and acceptance.

today i have chosen to awaken my spirit by making this day a celebration of love whose karmic impact creates momentous events that change lives for the better.

a richly harmonized path of life changing impact is one in which we walk through fields of sacred vision as we plant seeds of love that blossom into gardens of bliss.

read between the lines in the book of your soul and you will discover truths about your divine existence that will give you a deep reverence and love for who you truly are.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, July 20, 2017

The Light of the Soul opens the Hearts of All

the light of the soul opens the hearts of all. turn on the light and yours will be a magickal life ignited by inspiration.

the hearts fire has healing energies that flow into our lives whenever we say i love you.

in the periphery of our existence there are pockets of goodness waiting to be embraced and set free. it is that glorious truth that moves me. knowing this i look at the news and see through the madness in the world. i have made the choice to see the world through eyes of spirit which allows me to look beyond the ignorance and evil. let us each in our way inspire others to see the truths that are blocked from their view for by doing so we can create a better more beautiful universe of love and light.

our world becomes filled with miraculous moments of love and kindness when we accept what is and move forward in a way that allows us to feel the truth that it is truly great to be alive.

life is a cosmic dance and when we decide to stop standing on the sidelines and make our way to the dance floor we are immersed in a world of metaphysical, holistic and spiritual insights that elevate every aspect of our being.

journey into spirit and you will uncover treasures and inspiring messages that will enhance your life and connect you more deeply with all that is sacred.

you are a guiding light whose magickal tools and transformative gifts embrace the world with messages and blessings of great joy and satisfaction. believe this is true and it becomes your new reality.

when we explore and experience the true nature of our being we grow spiritually as we step into infinity.

accept divine love into your life and you awaken the power and healing energy within which will fill your path with amazing new discoveries and profound spiritual insights that make every day a blessing of great joy and happiness.

a world of wellness in which we heal our spirit is ours to create once we accept that we are exceptionally gifted beings of light and profound sacred wisdom with the ability to transform every aspect of our existence.

a vibrant life of enhanced well being and spiritual evolution is ours when we make it our divine purpose to change the world for the better.

breathe fresh life into your world by embracing your true nature for love is your truth and divine beauty is your nature.

seek to be spiritually aware as this will give you faith in miracles which will open you to the divinity within and make yours a pleasure filled life of joy.

make a divine plan that infuses your life with love and light as you open the doorway to the eternal and ethereal where you may turn your thoughts into actions and your actions into all embracing truths that transform every aspect of your existence.

to experience true happiness we must remove those obstacles that we burden ourselves with such as anger, stress and anxiety. for it is when we get out of our own way that the divine energies of bliss and ecstasy within begin to unfold into our lives.

embrace the truth of who you are as you journey toward self acceptance for when our love of self is profound we enter a sacred world of greater freedom and enchantment.

the soul feels good when we share our positive energy with others in deeply nurturing ways that empower us all spiritually.

we awaken the power within and create a magickal lif e when we live and love from the heart.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Friday, July 14, 2017

Something Extraordinary happens to us when we Experience Bliss Together

something extraordinary happens to us when we experience bliss together. we create a haven for all that is sacred.

sacred acts of kindness revitalize the soul creating a transformative inner journey that inspires profound spiritual growth.

may yours be a purposeful mission of holistic healing that lifts you up to dimensional realities where you can truly see that your very existence is a sacred work of art.

you inspire a spiritual awakening when you embrace fully the essence of your being.

awareness is a beautiful thing for it allows us to feel each transformational breath as we see clearly the sunshine through the tree of life.

beautify and energise your life by embarking on a pilgrimage of love that celebrates your uniqueness.

life becomes an upwardly ascending journey of divine love when we use our personal power source to communicate beyond words the happiness and enlightenment within our heart and soul.

an ethereal place that soothes and calms is at the core of our being and every time we touch the world with an expression of love it raises our spirit to higher vibrational levels of light.

the intention to do those things that benefit the good of our whole being is a spiritual idea that blesses us with holistic wellness and a life of radiant joy.

the choice to love creates amazing encounters filled with life force energy that inspire us to live our ultimate destiny.

speak the truth and the waters of consciousness will guide you on an upward evolutionary path to sacred landscapes of spiritual freedom.

with courage and love harness the spiritual energy within and watch as the world around you evolves before your eyes.

a deeper relationship with spirit opens us to the tools of transformation within which give us divine spiritual insights that help us create a path to freedom.

a higher perspective that is metaphysical and spiritual enhances our life with a powerful healing energy that inspires and encourages love from the divine.

greatness and wholeness are the precious spiritual benefits we receive when we focus our energy on living a life of love.

live more vibrantly and yours will be a beautifully overwhelming path of profound lasting change that introduces you to a whole new world.

love and encouragement infuses the whole of our being with magnificent energy that fills our journey of spirit with experiences of divine ecstasy.

you awaken the soul when you move forward spiritually and make the choice to evolve in your own special way.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Wednesday, July 05, 2017

If You Listen Closely You Will Hear The Call Of Spirit

if you listen closely you will hear the call of spirit guide you to use your loving sacred energy to help others heal and grow which will raise you to a higher level where you are embraced by the extraordinary as you are immersed in the light.

mindfulness and compassion facilitate spiritual advancement which leads us down a road of beautiful experiences and life changing revelations.

infuse your life with sacred purpose and let that purpose be love.

it is by living a spiritual life that we experience the mystical for life at its core is a profound blessing of sacred beauty to be cultivated, cherished, nourished and nurtured.

may yours be a life well lived where you illuminate your journey with the essence of the joy within as you reach higher levels of profound love.

spiritual cleansing liberates the sacred within and fills our life with angelic messages whose benefits are miraculous.

know that we are divine beings of greater wholeness who experience more peace, tranquility and fulfillment when we share the love within.

the miraculous energy of the angels and spirits are at our disposal and it is by being of good heart that we are able to access these energies and live the love that is our birthright.

our lives are overflowing with a wealth of information and spiritual guidance and it is by truly loving and believing in who we are that opens our eyes to the beauty and liberating power of the path we are on.

seek to access your innate energies for they will help you realize your destiny and make yours a vibrant sacred life.

positive openhearted acts of true compassion and kindness are powerful tools that blanket our lives with a healing embrace of deeper awareness and divine love.

every day of our lives we as divine beings embark on a spiritual quest that illuminates our souls purpose

travel with me through planes of passionate understanding and existence where every experience is a platform for growth and every choice is a spirit guided blessing of beauty whose intention is love.

conscious mindfulness and loving attention are sacred blessings we can give ourselves that inspire us to walk our path in highly beneficial ways that celebrate life.

we have within the core of our being an inherent goodness which when nourished and nurtured cleanses and purifies our heart, soul and spirit.

above the clouds there is a sacred temple where whispering angels wait for us to come and pray.

share your light for by doing so you make yours an exhilarating journey of joyful awareness and divine truth in which you explore spiritual dimensions of bliss and beauty.

spiritual awareness is a beautiful thing because it is a blessing of illumination and revelation that allows us to see our natural beauty and the love within ourselves.


MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, June 29, 2017

A Magickal Place of Divine Beauty

there is a magickal place of divine beauty where rivers of inspiration flow into oceans of light which reveals itself to us when we embrace a spirit based reality that leads us to a greater sense of happiness.

you are imbued with kindness and by sharing that blessing with others through soulful acts that touch the heart you awaken, uplift and nurture the world around you.

a powerful meaningful and blissful paradise awaits those of us who seek to make ours a sacred journey in which we become a better human being.

you are a wonderful gift and a significant sacred force whose compassionate wisdom is a blessing of light that purifies the heart and soul in tremendously positive ways.

sacred rivers of fundamental goodness are flowing through our veins and if we care joyfully for ourselves and others they are released into our lives through acts of kindness, compassion and love.

a deeper sense of self, like sunlight through the tree of life, shines a light of sacred love that leads us to a world of inspired living and wholeness of being.

you celebrate, elevate and revitalize your spirit when you discover the simple truth that to give and receive love is what it truly means to be alive.

a joyful life is ours when we share our natural abilities and higher intuitive self in a loving and compassionate manner.

know and believe that you are a guiding light of relevance and resonance for it is by accepting and living this truth that you will find inner peace and harmony.

a purposeful life in which we engage with others by sharing our true being is one of all encompassing love in which blessings rain down.

celebrate your sacred self and you begin to heal your history as it is by embracing divinity that we impact life in meaningful ways that make ours an inspiring spiritual journey.

it is by increasing the flow of love in our life that we awaken the spirit.

mindful spiritual practices in which we share our compassionate powers are blessings we as beings of light bestow upon the world that inspire people to embrace life fully as they live their divine authentic truth.

a life deeply devoted to spreading light and love to the earth and the cosmos is one of infinite beauty that heals and transforms.

written on the heart and soul of humanity are inspirational messages that are revealed whenever we say the words i love you.

within you are feelings of harmony that heal and by shining your light like a ray of sunshine on every soul you meet your journey becomes a mystical, magickal and divine blessing that is empowered by dignity and self worth.

you are a beautiful flower and by opening your petals fully to spirit yours becomes a life of graceful exploration to angelic realms and energy pathways where every experience is uplifting.

look at your life with kindness for every day is a blessing and when you see it as such you gain boundless freedom as you reach higher levels of happiness.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Beauty and Miracle of Life

great love and respect for yourself and others shines a glorious light on the beauty and miracle of life which improves its quality while embracing its heart and soul.

you re a beautiful natural and truly magnificent angel on earth walking a path of sacred self growth, empowerment and spiritual alchemy.

every moment is an opportunity to love. seize the moment by giving and receiving love. first to and from yourself and then to and from the world.

with the souls guidance we can make our way to a life of great blessings, energetic healing and spiritual maturation that embraces the divine.

follow your own wisdom and you will discover within you a shining essence of life changing light and infinite energy that will help you evolve and grow.

share your gifts freely that others may reap the benefits of your divine wisdom and sacred beauty.

every breath is a breath of spirit that aligns you with your destiny and once you accept and celebrate this sacred truth you give birth to changes that improve the quality of your life.

your heart is your sacred power. its beautiful, uplifting and loving energies are priceless gifts which when bestowed upon others will take you to a higher level of being where you may bathe in the waters of pure love.

open your mind, open your heart, open your spirit and open your soul to the miracles of life and yours will be a loving, caring, nurturing world of profoundly beautiful and sacred experiences.

a passionate commitment in which you devote your life to helping others is a magickal and magnificent blessing that leads to where love begins.

celebrate your existence by connecting fully with your heart for within its sacred glory is a beautiful light that embraces and enhances the path you are on when you truly love yourself.

be true to yourself for by doing so you evolve as a spiritual being and life becomes a wonderfully beautiful journey to the sacred healing light of the greatness within.

look at your life in a clearer light and you will see that you have spiritual insights and transformative abilities which awaken intentions of love that bring forth happiness.

there is within us all a radiant sacred space and it is when we find our way there that we begin to experience a positive personal freedom which leads to a happier healthier life.

compassion and kindness fuel the vital life force within which creates around us a welcoming atmosphere that honors and celebrates the sacred beauty of all people.

we inch closer to infinite bliss when we embrace self acceptance for it is by fully believing in ourselves that we become the source of love that is our destiny.

extraordinarily enlightening is a life well lived for when we immerse ourselves completely in the miracle of our existence we we serve our sacred needs and every step we take creates a path to a greater purpose.

live purely with sacred intent and the universe will shine down upon you a healing spiritual light which will show you the way to wholeness and transformation.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Live Your True Authentic Nature

live your true authentic nature with infinite gratitude for your blessings and yours will be a world of universal spirituality and love everlasting.

bask with me in the sunlight of ethereal reverie where magick is born and the healing vibrations of the universe embrace our mind, body, spirit and soul.

we are warriors and healers whose beautiful gifts evoke wonder and inspire sacred bonding. we are divine beings born to serve humanity. we are the light of the universe. we are angels on earth.

a world of opportunity and possibility is within our reach and we need only spread our wings and fly through its gates to experience the benefits of its beauty.

embrace the power of spiritual living and it will take you to deeper dimensions where you grow in awareness as you journey along a path of bliss, peace, purity and purpose.

the more we strive to love the more freely and purely life flows for love is the greatest miracle in the universe.

immerse yourself in the powers deep within your soul and gather their light as this will inspire the heart with precious wisdom that fosters self love and manifests miracles in your life.

the light of consciousness is a karmic force that elevates the soul to a place of beauty and goodness.

we mature spiritually and the sacred is revealed when we endeavor to communicate kindness and bring peace into our lives.

rebirth, renewal and remarkable connections are the reward bestowed upon those who find their way to where the spirit soars.

open your heart fully and the divine source within will unfold into your life creating a path of light that leads to unique opportunities, blessings and gifts.

you are energy. the lightness of your being is a gift to the universe. you are love.

you have the ability to experience joy and the more progress you make spiritually the greater and more abundant the joy will be along the infinite path to the divine glory of your authentic self.

work in harmony with the spirit of the earth to manifest a life of love in which every moment is a blessing of light to be cherished and celebrated.

you are blessed with natural goodness which you can use at any time to create positive change.

dwelling is awareness is beneficial to mankind because it opens our eyes to the realization that life is a poetic prayer that leads home to the true self.

believe in yourself as doing so harnesses the energies within which helps us make our journey a joyful one filled with powerfully beautiful spiritual experiences.

the energy of love and compassion purifies the soul while guiding us through the sacred waters of growth and well being.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, June 08, 2017

A Sacred Path of Absolute Truth

creatively manifest an empowering celebration of your spiritual existence and the universe will illuminate for you a sacred path of absolute truth that opens every aspect of your journey to the light.

it is by evolving our vision of who we are that we leap forward in life to a world of infinite power, loving awareness and spiritual bliss.

aspirations and endeavors in which we share our loving gifts connect us more deeply with the extraordinary aspects of our divinely beautiful sacred self.

there are spiritual forces all around us that speak to the soul of who we are and by removing blockages such as stress and anxiety from our daily routine we begin to hear their whispers of love which improves the quality of our life.

explore the mystery and magick of your existence for within you are treasures of love and spirit which are waiting to guide you towards greater awareness and unbridled joy.

recognize your sacredness and it will fill your life with truths and inspiration that will bring you greater peace and harmony.

a life of spiritual bliss and greater self fulfillment where we experience the miraculous is waiting for us to listen to the inspirational messages of the soul and use that wisdom to shape our world into a rich and diverse path of peace passion, purpose and power.

a brighter path of awakening and awareness that lifts the spirit is your reward for truly loving and believing in yourself.

open your life completely to the profound wisdom and nurturing voice of the divine and your journey will be one of joyful beauty and extraordinary happenings in which the spirit unfolds into landscapes of the soul where love blossoms.

express your divinity freely for you are an ethereal work of art whose life is a masterpiece and by releasing your gifts and treasures into the universe you open your heart and soul to higher planes of existence.

we enlighten the mind and empower the sacred self when we accept that we are profoundly important servants of light and use that reality to plant gardens of joy and happiness where love grows.

you create your universe so honor your existence by making yours one of truth, beauty and blessings of love.

heart minded thoughts empowered by spirit create within us an awareness in which blessings arise that make our life a rainbow dance of meaningful sacred experiences.

vibrant is the heart that taught by spirit speaks of the essence of love in a manner which evokes feelings and experiences of joyful bliss.

you bring your life alive when you seek to live with more joy and passion.

life becomes an empowering pilgrimage to our higher self when we open our eyes to spirit and begin to see the miraculous in the ordinary.

create a positive peaceful atmosphere of compassionate kindness and you will reach a state of grace where your spirit unfolds into highers levels of being.

we are wonderful beautiful beings. we are inspiring creations of love. there is sacred light flowing through us. let us truly rejoice in the miracle that is our life.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, June 01, 2017

We are Beings of Sacred Truth and Wisdom

we are emissaries of light. we are beings of sacred truth and wisdom. by believing in the beautiful unity of our past, present and future self we dance our dreams alive and our spiritual evolution becomes one of transformational experiences which lead us home to love.

conscious loving of self fosters spiritual connections that open magickal doorways to the joyous embodiment of life and love.

live in the light of intuitive understanding and the energies of the universe will lift you to higher levels of being.

appreciate and acknowledge that you are a beautiful sacred soul and yours will be an exquisite path of awakening experiences that guide you to an extraordinary state of being.

we are sacred souls of wholeness and healing living in a time of transformation whose deep inner nature is love.

by shifting to a positive outlook you say thank you to life in a spiritually fulfilling way that opens gateways to the soul.

give yourself the freedom to be authentic and share with all humanity your holistic powers and the true beauty of the sacred dream that is your life.

ours is an unfolding story of extraordinary realities which when celebrated creates a state of peace and harmony that lights up the heart and soul.

warrior spirit let ours be a journey of discovery where we use the flow of energy within as medicine for the earth and all its inhabitants.

a greater awareness of the universe creates within us a radiant intelligence which allows us to embrace life and all its cycles as we create a beautiful environment of deep spiritual healing.

listen closely to the voice of the earth and it will guide you along ancient paths of healing energy to a temple in the stars where you may live a lovingly crafted life of joy and happiness.

fertile is the soul that knows its place in the cosmos and scatters its sacred blessings like seeds of love across the universe.

life is as an awe inspiring journey in a magickal universe that takes to angelic kingdoms of divine healing energy when we love who we are.

within the soul of humanity is a constant flow of energy which embraces the essence of divinity. immerse yourself in its beauty and it will guide you to realms of richness where you may live and love joyfully.

celebrate your unique essence as this will light the fire of awareness which will enhance your life by filling it with radiantly loving moments of bliss.

you are a great miracle of incredible power blessed with a love that heals whose fascinating life story is a beautiful creation.

loving relationships are spiritually enhancing blessings that awaken us to a higher state and bring our dreams to life.

my world is a magickal place in which i see the spirit of humanity in the sunlight as it embraces me with its beautiful energy.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, May 25, 2017

A Uniquely Valuable Fulfilling Life of Love

embrace every moment with integrity, compassion and mindfulness as doing so will immerse your journey in vibrations of positive energy that awaken the divine and create for you a uniquely valuable fulfilling life of love.

we truly thrive when we interact with spirit beings for life is eternal and everyday we are surrounded with ancients and ancestors waiting to share with us our history, heritage and destiny.

precious jewel you are loved. precious jewel you are the light that makes life beautiful. precious jewel you are a flower in lifes sacred garden. precious jewel you are loved.

our world is filled with sacred forces and mystical truths which embrace those who walk a path of love with the intent of creating a more harmonious world.

greatness arises and we are transformed into awareness when we carefully and lovingly surrender to spirit.

you are the master of your own happiness and when you light the lamp of the divine with pure spiritual values you activate your destiny and life becomes a path of hidden blessings and blissful states of sacred beauty.

we are vessels of light and by showing reverence for the earth, its inhabitants and ourselves we create profound changes that joyously uplift us all to the heavens of our destiny.

never let the light within your heart go out for it is sacred medicine whose significant healing powers empower your journey while guiding you to spiritual transcendence.

a life of selfless love and wholehearted living is one that benefits all of humanity with joyful moments of meaning and purpose that help us grow in spirit.

open yourself up to the miraculous tools within and you awaken the sacred which connects you to the universe while makings yours a life that radiates love and grace.

the love of being alive is a powerfully inspiring blessing we give ourselves that creates opportunities for enlightenment and cultivates joy.

you open yourself to the miraculous beauty of life when you walk a path with heart in which you speak your truth as you engage fully in acts of love and compass ion.

a greater quality of life is achieved when we walk hand in hand with our angels, guides and spirits to sacred worlds and divine realms.

if we set our intentions to finding greater purpose we infuse our life with light by manifesting a transformative spiritual awakening that connects us to all creation.

we are spirit beings and within our souls are wellsprings of sacred self wisdom which if listened to share with us valuable lessons that make ours a journey of healing where we achieve miracles.

we awaken to a new reality when we open ourselves fully to the shining beauty of the heavens for it is a blessed gift that illuminates a positive powerful path to a place of pure love.

we live in an ever evolving universe and by creating beliefs and practices that embrace our true identity our life becomes an amazing adventure in which we sail across oceans of light to landscapes of love.

i love myself and by doing so am inspired to walk the way of truth. i show myself care and compassion which opens portals and gateways to new realities where contentment and harmony flow from the sacred. i love myself.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Become the Way of Life you Desire

become the way of life you desire by walking a path of powerful self expression and sacred lovingkindness where every step is a positive affirmation in which you rise from the soul to the heart of who you truly are.

may ours be a spiritually oriented and love minded community of virtuous liberation in which we manifest goodness as we live our sacredness.

every moment is significant and worthwhile. every moment is an opportunity for positive action. seize not the moment but instead embrace it with love and yours will be a heart centered journey home to your sacred self.

ours becomes a free authentic life of new realities and meaningful endeavors when we see our own divinity for it is awareness of our sacredness that releases us from the burdens of life.

the energy of our words create meaning and change for they are blessings that we as angels on earth bestow upon our brothers and sisters.

align with your higher purpose by opening your heart to the glory of your existence and yours will be a fulfilling and meaningful path of purpose that leads you into the light.

visualize for yourself a new life that is more satisfying and then thoughtfully craft that image into a reality that is good and right where your spirit roams free across this beautiful universe.

fully embrace the angelic radiance of life and yours will be an adventure of spirit that leads to higher levels of happiness.

once you accept that there is something greater than yourself a path of loving kindness unfolds before you and shines a bright light on the beautiful mystical garden of love, peace, happiness and joy that is your destiny.

you gain spiritual awareness and grow in love when you embrace the heart of mother earth in meaningful and powerful ways that deepen your awareness and inspire change.

with the help of your angels, spirits and guides craft mindfully a life of significant impact and extraordinary kindness that loves you back.

awaken your soul to the light within and you will raise your vibration as you see clearly your divine spirit in all its glory.

you have within you esoteric gifts, deep soul wisdom and spiritual powers which are released into the world when you truly love who you are.

a compassionate heart of unity and love opens gateways of connection to the divine treasures of life and positive energy fields where we may experience the beauty of the celestial dance of life.

the soul sends us signs and by reading those signs and following their guidance we are rewarded with revelations that inspire.

kindness and generosity nourish the spirit which opens us to oceans of energy and experiences that awaken the love within.

explore new paths and dimensions for it is through exploration of life that we discover the extraordinary and see the light.

a spirit centered approach to life raises the quality of awareness and creates a flow of sacred energy that enables us to be our true authentic self.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, May 11, 2017

A Life in Joyful Service to the Greater Good

a life in joyful service to the greater good that embraces the pleasure of being alive is a divinely magickal blessing of purpose and intention that we give to ourselves and the world around us when we believe in and love who we are and the path we are on.

celebrate the mystical power within you by living well and being happy. live well and be happy by seeing with eyes of reverence the spiritual realities and boundless love that embrace your extraordinary life journey.

you determine your destiny. you are a catalyst for transformation. you are a shining light of love. live the beauty of who you are. live the glory of your greatness. live the sacredness of your soul. you are the master of your fate.

listen to the voice of divine for its words have healing powers that embrace our spiritual heart and help us create a better relationship with life.

spiritual passion releases from within us a radiant wisdom which helps us guide our life in the direction of greater love.

let your example be love. let yours be a path of aliveness , awakening and ascension where you walk joyfully with intention, integrity and grace. let your example be love.

expand your vision that you may see the soul nourishing and satisfying powerful energies that lay at your feet for it is by opening our eyes to the truth of our heavenly existence that life becomes a deeper spiritual path of happiness, joy and love.

life is an extraordinary exploration on a vast ocean of love and by removing those obstacles which block our way we bring our life into balance as we discover the sacred treasures that are with us every step of the way.

a profoundly significant pathway to the infinite unfolds for us when we live our purpose and love who we are as these are acts of compassionate sweetness and loving kindness that guide us to our destiny.

a sacred relationship with yourself and others creates a wonderful oasis and thriving community where the heart is opened to mystical experiences and loving spirituality.

immerse yourself in the heart of spirit and you will enrich your life as you encounter the divine and evolve into wholeness.

a happier personal path is ours when we ground our life in love as love is a profoundly alchemical blessing that changes darkness into light.

the voice of your soul if listened to will offer you guidance and support that will help you grow your gifts while leading you into the healing light of a better and more beautiful tomorrow.

we reach higher levels of awareness when we are passionate about helping others for it is when we share our light and love with the world that we discover our true divine nature and begin a journey of transformational healing experiences through sacred landscapes of luminescence.

a clear understanding of self is a blessing we embrace our path with when we live and love our life in nurturing and affirming ways that inspire the sacred.

residing deep within you are the tools necessary to create a soulful life of deep peace and happiness. dive deep within, open that toolbox and change your life forever.

honor mother earth by opening yourself fully to her sacred beauty and allowing yourself to experience her spiritual benefits.

with self love and compassion use your true gifts to facilitate well being as this will awaken and transform your life into one of great spiritual growth where you ascend to higher planes of existence.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, May 04, 2017

A Smile is an Expression of Enlightenment

a smile is an expression of enlightenment and by sharing its beauty with the world you open doorways to sacred freedom and yours becomes a unique spiritual journey of tremendous power where every moment is a miracle that you create.

ours is a divine destiny of genuine happiness, enchantment and peace. to live that destiny we must get out of our own way by removing those things which impede our spiritual growth. you and only you can free your soul and liberate your life. choose now to live your destiny.

live purposely as you plant seeds of joy and happiness in the nature of your reality and you will grow a life of spirit that is deeply satisfying where love blossoms.

the infinite and eternal spirit of the ancestors are a force of the universe who convey sacred messages which when listened to and followed invite joy and happiness into our lives.

we create for ourselves a new world of peaceful awareness. awakened consciousness, profound wisdom and boundless love when we free our essential authentic essence and live the true miracle of who we are.

as you journey to the self you unfold spiritually as the healing powers of love cleanse your mind, body and soul.

you are a loving creation in a cosmic universe and by directing the course of your life with respect and reverence for your blessings you make yours a sacredly blissful journey of deep insights, silent contentment and unbridled joy.

ours can be a truly heavenly world of wonders when we walk a path of spiritual significance that uplifts and elevates for we are divine beings of free flowing energy born of light and destined for greatness.

mine is a profound prayer of wholeness and awakening in which i bring glory to the lives of others by helping make theirs a healthy environment of heavenly wonders where miracles are commonplace.

when we love our true self we infuse our life with energetic vibrations of sweet blissful passion that create within us a symphony of light which makes ours an uplifting story of spiritual enrichment.

once you accept and embrace the truth that you are a beautifully original and glorious celestial being of light you will be swept away on waves of love to a fantastic future in harmony with the universe.

you have within you the ability to create the answers you seek for you are far more powerful than you realize. believe that you are a blessed being and open yourself fully to your sacredness as this will free your gifts that they may unfold into your life and transform your world.

a life divine is one in which mind and heart are open for it is when we are truly open to the miracle of life that our path becomes one of richly profound experiences and spiritual encounters that unfold into a garden paradise of ethereal bliss.

devotion to self weaves within us energies of deep love and wisdom which create a blissful state of wholeness.

we find our paradise when we seek to bestow treasures of spiritual significance upon each other as this creates a beautiful awareness and soul centered clarity which manifests positive change.

you are composed of and surrounded by sacred energy. by seeking to raise your fields of energy you transcend boundaries and with the fabric of life weave a wondrous existence.

life is a wondrously beautiful and sacred story of love and light with you as its author. so if this chapter isn t what you would like it to be then make the choice to write something that embraces your true essence and serves your highest good.

once you realize how beautiful you truly are life becomes a divine dance of astonishing discoveries and miraculous happenings.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, April 27, 2017

You are an Extraordinary and Important Individual of Light

you are an extraordinary and important individual of light whose truth, love and wisdom bless the world with sacred brilliance and radiant beauty.

opportunities and experiences that benefit us enormously come our way when we look within and access our divine truth and ethereal blessings.

live from the core of your essence. love from the center of your being. by living and loving from those sacred spaces within we become a gift to the world that helps heal humanity.

we are each in our own unique way agents of change who by living vibrantly with conscious awareness of our magickal blessings can create a loving community of gentle guidance and spiritual glory.

mine is a heart opening journey of unique purpose and spirit lifting insight in which i seek to use my powerful energies to create rewarding experiences that bring immense joy to every soul i meet along the way.

spirit resides within and by immersing ourselves in its sacred wisdom we are deeply blessed with waves of love that cleanse and transform our journey.

self love and worth are the keys to a life of happiness. so make the choice to fully embrace who you are and use those keys to open doorways to profound transformation and gateways to divine bliss.

powerful and meaningful is a path of pure passionate joy as it is one of holistic wellness which facilitates personal growth by inspiring us to live our best life.

a smile is a gift of transformational cleansing that we share with the world which opens the heart in a way that allows us to experience life more directly.

make an effort to connect with your angels as this will ignite growth while blessing you with the tools necessary to create a joyful life of spirit.

choosing a path of pure unconditional love where you allow yourself to be limitless is a deeply beautiful blessing that creates for us an empowering environment in which we make a positive impact on the world.

we ignite our purpose and grow in a positive direction when we love and believe in who we are.

full of inspiration and incomparable joy are we who elevate our self esteem by loving ourselves completely and unconditionally.

there is wisdom in your wounds. there is great knowledge in the broken parts of your being. life is filled with lessons and those who study hard and truly learn are the ones who triumph over adversity as they ascend into the light.

a positive uplifting approach to life helps us manifest loving relationships in which miracles happen as we align with our highest self.

true empowerment comes to those who live passionately as they seek a deeper purpose that is profound, significant and truly gratifying.

you are a unique and powerful force for good who by listening to the voice within is destined to live an empowered life of intentional actions which make a positive impact in the world.

connect to your purpose by living from a place of authenticity for it is by being true to yourself that you feel the power of who you are and continue to evolve in soul driven ways.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One