Friday, October 25, 2013

Beyond This Life

there is a life beyond this life where healing energies flow and the divine spark of our sacred self is free to evolve thoughtfully and insightfully. let us transcend dimensions and gather there as a loving community of light.

love, teach and guide. share the beauty of your sacred wisdom. give freely of your heart and soul. expand and explore consciousness. love, teach and guide. share your inner self. give freely of your mind and spirit. inspire and empower others. love, teach and guide. share the beauty of who you are. give freely of your greatness. embrace the universe with a smile. love, teach and guide.

we are lovingly crafted beings of light who shine like the stars. we have a natural psychic ability which is sacred that if allowed the freedom to blossom will take us to the highest realms of existence where we may live a life which is extraordinary and inspired. we are not a reflection of the divine but the divine itself. we are gods and goddesses of grace and glory and the day we embrace our greatness is the day the heavens open and the universe smiles.

blooming around us every day are dimensions of the self which if explored will inspire us to journey along a path of positive direction to a place of knowledge and light that we may live a more loving life where we speak with angels and commune with spirits.

when we make choices that are beneficial not only to ourself but also to others we experience wholeness and connect to the divine. choose a path of miracles and wonders.

prayers and good thoughts serve humanity by creating a flow of positive energy that creates a loving environment that is healing and transformational.

energy flows smoothly when we embrace change. we awaken the sacred when we accept that we are divinely unique. we see the world of spirit in all planes of existence when we live in perfect harmony with our true self. life is about finding the treasures we already have and rejoicing in our greatness.

soar upward on your path to new heights of love and live your true purpose for you are a vibrant light and the world is yours to illuminate.

it is when i see my breath in the cold night air that the realization of life embraces me and i approach the world in a nourishing way with the knowledge that i am alive and i am blessed.

We are each in our own way a Channel of Light. We are Empowered Individuals whose Mission is to Explore the Frontiers of Spirit and Share what we Learn with all of Humanity. It is by Embracing our True Self that we begin a Life of Joyful Guidance and Loving Tenderness. We are Miracles.

you create a happier you by embracing spiritual optimism and uniting with your higher self, for the flow of positive life energy emerges when we explore, empower and encourage the abundant blessings within our reach.

a simple shift of perception will open a sacred gateway and create significant change in your life. peaceful and joyful are they who see from the soul, hear from the heart and live from a place of light and love.

we live our greatest joy when we find our own truth. gratitude and a positive attitude are good for the soul as they inspire and transform. find your true passion and purpose for it is when we embrace who we really are that we become one with the light.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, October 18, 2013

You are a Wonderful Gift

create a sacred environment that celebrates other realms and yours will be a rewarding path of greater self understanding. with clear intention build a solid foundation of love and yours will be a refreshingly positive journey of devotion that raises your hands in joy. share the beauty of that which makes you unique and yours will be a ceremony of spiritual illumination that blesses and energizes one and all. you are a wonderful gift and life is yours to shape in any way you choose.

mine is a prayer for planetary well being. a prayer in harmony with the heavens. a prayer of guidance and perspective. mine is a prayer for better people to create a better world that our children and their children may have a better life. mine is a prayer.

walk with me along avenues of exploration and together we will light a fire of hope and create positive change.

When we Build our Lives on a Foundation of Spirit we Inspire ourself and others to Light the Lamp of Love and pursue their Hopes and Dreams with a Passion and Purpose that Transcends and Transforms.

inspire yourself by sharing with others a gentle embrace and a kind word for it is when we show our love and compassion that our light shines brightest.

connect more deeply with the wisdom of sacred mother earth and yours will be a magickal journey of radiant vibrant energy and a reverence for all life.

a passionate joy for life liberates the soul and cultivates authenticity. celebrate life and the beauty of your humanity and divinity will flow seamlessly into the souls of every path you cross creating a temple of light which illuminates all that is good.

positive passionate people are the ones who take inspired action to change the world. they are the ones who illuminate and inspire others with the purity of their soul and the greatness of their heart. be positive. be passionate. be the miracle.

hear your angels and make your life a prayer of compassion that purifies the soul and inspires others to express their love and gratitude in a joyful way.

give love freely and life becomes a place of wholeness where wonderful opportunities create a flow of love which connects hearts and inspires souls.

It is when we Open ourselves to the Divine and Nourish our Spirit that we Realize we are Living in a Miracle.

i am grateful to be alive. i listen to the voice of my heart. i live more fully and facilitate spiritual transformation. i am grateful to be alive. i nourish my faith. i am grounded in wisdom. i am grateful to be alive. i explore new possibilities. i heal the soul with sacred knowledge. i am grateful to be alive. i embrace the world with enlightened empathy. i live to love and love my life. i am grateful to be alive.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, October 11, 2013

Your True Purpose

your true purpose is to follow your passions and dreams. to fill your life with empowering and blissful experiences. to share the greatness within you. to explore sacred realms. to embrace innate spiritual connections. to listen to the guidance of ancients and ancestors. to know a deep sense of joy. to laugh. to learn. to live. to love. this is your true purpose.

Bless the Good for they serve Humanity by Lighting the Way for Others that they may Blossom into their Greatness.

celebrate your uniqueness. rejoice in the magnificence of your soul. dance in the sunlight of your spirit and awaken to the miracle of your life. you are worthy and you are wonderful. celebrate.

Within your Higher Self is a Cosmic Gateway which when Opened will Transform your Life with Healing Vibrations and Empowering Alternatives that Light the Way to Love.

reward yourself by finding the hidden treasures within for this is a time of transformation and you are ready to soar.

in sacred groves where angels dance i walk in balance and serenity with the knowledge that life is a bountiful harvest for those who live with a joyful exuberance and a love that waves bright.

I Believe in the Opportunity to Grow. I Believe in a Love that Heals. I Believe in Shamanic Ideals. I Believe in the Enrichments of Life. I Believe in the Power of Positive Thoughts and Intentions. I Believe in You. I Believe in Me. I Believe.

Life becomes a Journey of Ancient Wisdom and Ancestral Healing the Moment we look within and see with Clarity the Compassion of the Heart and Beauty of the Soul.

giving, nurturing, sharing and nourishing are spiritual gifts and it is when we use those gifts to serve others that we create a life that is profound and meaningful.

Living in the Light creates a Greater Spirituality which leads to a more Caring and Generous way of Life where Compassion Flowers and there is always a Song in your Heart.

it is through purification and liberation that we expand our horizons. it is through esoteric exploration and loving awareness that we soar beyond our boundaries. life is ours to create. life is ours to live. life is ours to love. welcome to a new life.

the beautiful healing energy of positive thought brings awareness to the heart and radically changes your world that you may live a happier life.

align with the universe and a personal transformation of divine energy and consciousness will begin where life's gifts unfold as you become inspired and healed.

Love your Life more. Love the Joyous Embodiment of Light that is your Birthright. Love the Exquisite Path of Spiritual Evolution before You. Love every Intimate and Personal Experience that leads you to a Higher State of Consciousness. Love the Beauty of Who You Are. The more we Love our Life the Better our Life will Be. Love your Life more.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, October 04, 2013

Who Are You On This Day

Who are you on this Day - Are you a Precious Gift on a Path of Joy. Are you a Boundless Beauty of Radical Aliveness. Are you a Nurturing Dream of a Brighter Future. Are you a Shamanic Soul of Deepening Perception who Serves the Highest Good. Are you your True Self - Who are you on this Day

all paths are healing paths where if you feel compassion for yourself you experience sacredness in a beautiful way.

walk the extra mile towards a brighter and more beautiful tomorrow. take the extra step into the light of a new dawn. reach through your limitations into other realms and dimensions. opportunity and possibility are the treasures we discover when we are brave enough to venture beyond our boundaries.

the divine shines when we are alive with wisdom and knowledge for we are moving in the right direction and soon will be surrounded by love and immersed in good.

Talk with Angels and a Joyful Feeling will embrace you in a way that Inspires you to Elevate Peoples Awareness and Raise Peoples Consciousness.

the uplifting truth is that you are a wonderful soul and the moment you open yourself fully to receiving, your life becomes a sacred experience of spiritual revelations where angels sing and sunbeams dance.

a divine blessedness dwells in the realms of spirit and by journeying there we enter a peaceful and dreamlike state that will inspire us to enjoy the beauty of who we are and to embrace with joy and delight the splendors of heart and soul.

Relax into your Body and allow the Expanding Spirit the Opportunity to Massage your Soul that you may be immersed in Bliss and enveloped by Love.

clear and good intentions give birth to the experience of joy and transform life in ways simple yet profound.

divine is the love that dances across the cosmos and extends its soul to the heavens for it is a love of promise and hope that affirms the sacred.

uplifted and transformed are those with a special purpose to learn from within and be nourished by the fruits of their sacred harvest for theirs is a beautiful life force that ascends to the sunlight.

We are all Teachers and Healers who Inhabit a Holy Space that is Unlimited and Eternal. By embracing the Sacredness of all things we Contribute to the Universe in a way that Creates a Kind of Love that Transcends. Teach Me and I will Teach You. Heal Me and I will Heal You. Love Me and I will Love You.

this is what i wish for: an abundant life, passion and purpose, peace and freedom, kindred souls guided by spirit, honesty and sincerity, kind words and gentle hearts, global compassion and universal light, happiness and a joyful expression of love that benefits all beings.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )