Friday, October 25, 2013

Beyond This Life

there is a life beyond this life where healing energies flow and the divine spark of our sacred self is free to evolve thoughtfully and insightfully. let us transcend dimensions and gather there as a loving community of light.

love, teach and guide. share the beauty of your sacred wisdom. give freely of your heart and soul. expand and explore consciousness. love, teach and guide. share your inner self. give freely of your mind and spirit. inspire and empower others. love, teach and guide. share the beauty of who you are. give freely of your greatness. embrace the universe with a smile. love, teach and guide.

we are lovingly crafted beings of light who shine like the stars. we have a natural psychic ability which is sacred that if allowed the freedom to blossom will take us to the highest realms of existence where we may live a life which is extraordinary and inspired. we are not a reflection of the divine but the divine itself. we are gods and goddesses of grace and glory and the day we embrace our greatness is the day the heavens open and the universe smiles.

blooming around us every day are dimensions of the self which if explored will inspire us to journey along a path of positive direction to a place of knowledge and light that we may live a more loving life where we speak with angels and commune with spirits.

when we make choices that are beneficial not only to ourself but also to others we experience wholeness and connect to the divine. choose a path of miracles and wonders.

prayers and good thoughts serve humanity by creating a flow of positive energy that creates a loving environment that is healing and transformational.

energy flows smoothly when we embrace change. we awaken the sacred when we accept that we are divinely unique. we see the world of spirit in all planes of existence when we live in perfect harmony with our true self. life is about finding the treasures we already have and rejoicing in our greatness.

soar upward on your path to new heights of love and live your true purpose for you are a vibrant light and the world is yours to illuminate.

it is when i see my breath in the cold night air that the realization of life embraces me and i approach the world in a nourishing way with the knowledge that i am alive and i am blessed.

We are each in our own way a Channel of Light. We are Empowered Individuals whose Mission is to Explore the Frontiers of Spirit and Share what we Learn with all of Humanity. It is by Embracing our True Self that we begin a Life of Joyful Guidance and Loving Tenderness. We are Miracles.

you create a happier you by embracing spiritual optimism and uniting with your higher self, for the flow of positive life energy emerges when we explore, empower and encourage the abundant blessings within our reach.

a simple shift of perception will open a sacred gateway and create significant change in your life. peaceful and joyful are they who see from the soul, hear from the heart and live from a place of light and love.

we live our greatest joy when we find our own truth. gratitude and a positive attitude are good for the soul as they inspire and transform. find your true passion and purpose for it is when we embrace who we really are that we become one with the light.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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