Friday, November 01, 2013

Beautiful Souls Who Grow From The Earth

my guides and angels are those beautiful souls who grow from the earth as flowers of inspiration creating a garden of benevolent prayer and healing energy that makes life a song of spiritual freedom and divine love.

uplift everyone with kindness and compassion. inspire everyone with beauty and truth. transform everyone with love and light. uplift, inspire and transform.

we find fulfillment when we set our inner compass to love. a pure intent and an open heart will guide you to know your greatness and create an environment of self discovery that enhances serenity and calm. by building a foundation of spirit yours will be a house of joy and happiness. it is your life to shape. it is your life to live. it is your life to love. it is your life.

i love you for i know your greatness. i love you for i know your light. i love you for i know your beauty. i love you for i know your truth. i love you.

the spirit is full of adventure and those brave enough to leap into the unknown with courage and belief are the ones whose authentic soul energy will enlighten all humanity.

it is when we embrace eternity as a living prayer and celestial celebration that our consciousness evolves to a place of sacred earth wisdom that uplifts and transforms.

a contemplative mind, spiritual aspirations and intuitive wisdom are profoundly glorious gifts we are born with that if embraced strengthen our beliefs and inspire miracles of healing.

there is something extraordinary about you. there is something refreshing and revitalizing that moves the soul towards freedom. there is something transformational that inspires clear inner knowing. there is something miraculous that embraces the light of truth and radiates a love most profound. there is something extraordinary about you.

when we keep the heart warm we contribute to a better world for the heart is the dwelling place of all the is great and good. open your heart to the warmth and love of an ever evolving spiritual consciousness.

mine is a richer life journey soul fueled by the passion and desire to make a difference and create greater peace and joy.

healthier thoughts create happier lives and happier lives create healthier love and healthier love creates a happier world and a happier world creates healthier thoughts.

let us awaken together with a smile on our soul and stimulate flowering of the spirit. let us with gentle guidance inspire others to immerse themselves in the joy of helping and healing. let us live our lives in a most rewarding way that we may voice our truth as we embrace the heart of humanity. let us be loved. let us be love. let us awaken together with a smile.

you are a kind giving spirit born to contribute something positive and beautiful to the world. that happens when you realize that you are positive and beautiful.

your authentic divine self is an ever evolving spirit full of light and love. your unique sacred self is an ever evolving soul that is powerful and transformative. your true ethereal self is an ever evolving being of light radiant with clarity and compassion. this is who you truly are.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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