Friday, November 22, 2013

Believe In Who You Are

you are a unique spark of light. the pulse of all creation beats within your heart. you are an awakening soul on a voyage of balance and harmony. you are a blessing born to share your gifts and change the world. this is who you are. believe in who you are.

be passionate about helping others. help them awaken. help them evolve spiritually. help them gain new insights. help them explore the subtle realms of the soul. help them find their purpose. help them see the beautiful light within. help them transcend and transform. be passionate about helping others.

You are a Flower Unfolding. You are a Blessing of Light born to Shine Brightly. You are a Gift of Love meant to Warm Hearts and Embrace Souls. You are Beautiful and I Love You.

trust your intuition. trust the voice within. trust the inspiration and guidance of your sacred self. trust the path of evolving consciousness. trust the light within your soul. trust the love within your heart. trust begets belief and when you trust and believe in yourself you become whole and happy.

explore and embrace your truest and highest self as doing so will open doorways to happiness and wholeness. it is when we live who we really are that we find the greatest joy in life.

make empowering choices and you begin to see miracles. we have the choice with each breath to evolve into a greater reality. make inspiring choices and you enhance your life experience. the choice is yours.

the more meaningful a relationship you have with yourself the more miracles you will experience and the more bliss you will bring into the world.

inspired by angels step joyfully into the pure light of your soul that it may activate healing and inner transformation as you experience the beauty of your sacred reality and the divine presence within.

It was when I saw my first Faery that I found the Courage to ride my Unicorn over the Rainbow to where the Angels lived who would help me build my Castle in the Sky.

Share your Joys. Share your Beauty. Share your Insights. Share your Light. Share your Dreams and Visions. Share your Heart. Share your Multidimensional Self. Share your Love. It is when we Share that we receive the Greatest Blessings and Rewards.

there is a nourishing white light within each soul that is filled with beauty and inspiration for us to share as we forge a path to inner peace and outer joy. awaken your sacred self and embrace the light of your destiny.

With greater purpose and heartfelt passion approach this and every day as a blessing to be cherished for doing so honors your glorious self and inspires a future that is filled with empowering positive experiences and energy.

Purity of Thought and Integrity of Intention will create Miracles in your Life. Angelic Guidance and Spiritual Consciousness will make every experience Transformative. Be a Channel of Joy and Fulfillment by making and living Choices that Enhance and Enrich your Life and the Lives of Others.

be who you truly are and yours will be a path of healing and self awareness where you feel the spirit of love in every thought, breath and action.

let us breathe kindness. let us inhale the beauty of life. let us venture into realms of happiness and dimensions of joy. let us breathe love.

a higher sense of self cultivates compassion as it inspires a life dedicated to actions that benefit the good of all. embracing the higher self is time positively spent as it supports and fosters beliefs that illuminate a path of divine potential. align with your higher self, awaken your authentic self and live a life of health and wellness where every individual is a gift and a blessing.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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