Friday, November 08, 2013

Fully Alive In The Moment

Draw from the Strength of your Spirit for its is a Creative Wellspring of Divine Knowledge and Spiritual Riches. It is by Embracing the Gifts of Spirit that we become more fully Alive in the Moment and Feel more Connected to a Higher State of Consciousness.

profoundly spiritual are your natural gifts and when you use them they heal and enrich the lives of others. the more connected you feel with those divine treasures and inspired insights the more beauty and joy you will have in your life.

within each soul is a sacred symphony that guides us to a place of peace where we may dance our dreams.

an inviting smile is the foundation of an enlightened society for it is when we can share our love freely and see the beauty in others that earth becomes heaven.

Live your Faith in a way that Cultivates Self Awareness and Inspires Pure Goodness. Live your Faith in a way that Creates Beauty and Wonder as it Transforms your Life and the Lives of Others. Live your Faith in a way that Manifests Bliss and Lights the Lamp of Happiness. Live your Faith.

treat yourself with kindness and you become a beacon of inspiration. treat yourself with compassion and you connect with your sacredness. treat yourself with love and your spiritual aspirations become realities that are life altering and transcendent. how we treat ourselves determines our path. treat yourself with respect. treat yourself with honor, treat yourself with dignity. you are a blessing. you are a gift. you are a miracle. treat yourself with truth as your guide.

on a rainbow bridge of peace and happiness i dance in the light of my own sacredness for i have come to the realization that it is when we accept our divinity and embrace our greatness that we increase our capacity for compassion and are beneficially guided to inner and outer worlds of love and light.

i am collecting kindness. who will donate. i am collecting strength and inspiration. who will donate. i am collecting meaning and direction. who will donate. i am collecting caring and compassion. who will donate. i am collecting truth and beauty. who will donate. i am collecting common sense and wisdom. who will donate. i am collecting joy and happiness. who will donate. i am collecting love. who will donate. who will donate. who will donate. who will donate. who will donate. who will donate...

deep and meaningful are the lives of we who serve the spirt for we have a shared awareness and loving supportive energy that creates healing and wholeness.

the dreamcatcher for me is less about catching dreams and more about capturing their essence and immortalizing them in my soul that i may always see and experience their beauty.

Open all Doors and you Gift yourself with Infinite Possibilities and endless Opportunities. Fear not what is behind each door. Know that your Thoughts and Beliefs will Create the Realities you need to Manifest a Life of Love and Light. Open the Door to your Mind and Think Positive Thoughts. Open the Door to your Body and Believe you are Beautiful. Open the Door to your Heart and Know you are Loved. Open the Door to your Spirit and see the Miracle of your Existence. Open the Door to your Soul and say Welcome Home I Love You. Open All Doors.

nurture your true calling by sharing your beauty and essence in a way that moves others to unify mind, body and spirit for you are a profound gift and a sacred blessing.

be a bringer of changes. be a special joy that inspires people to traverse uplifting plateaus of light. be an active participant in your spiritual evolution. be a lover of live who sees the sacred in all people. be the beautiful soul that is your destiny. be!

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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