Friday, November 15, 2013

Choose To Be Changed

Choose to be Changed. Choose to Uplift the Human Spirit. Choose to Light the Way to a Whole New World. Choose to live Relevantly and Meaningfully. Life is about Choices. Choose Wisely. Choose Spiritually. Choose to be Changed.

Thankful and Grateful are they who Explore the Higher Self and Seek the Divine Source of Love for they are the Soul Adventurers who by example live a life of Positive Purpose and Intention and Reap the Rewards of their Sacred Journey.

once you accept that you are a beautiful soul of all embracing love you will feel the greatest joy and life with transform into something sacred and wonderful.

Reach into the Core of your Being to that place of Spiritual Sustenance and Complete Awareness for it is there you will find the Strength and Courage to Manifest your Dreams and Live your Passionate Visions.

know and believe that you are special, that you make life brighter, that you are worthy, that your presence makes the world a better place, that you are deserving, that you have a positive impact on others and that you are an inspiration. life is so much better when we know and believe.

goodness in our actions serves as divine inspiration and guidance for others as it lights up the world.

The World is a Wonderfully Magickal Space for those who Remember what it is like to be a Child and live that Truth with a Smile on their Heart.

Create with me a Loving Spiritual Community. With Meaning and Purpose let us forge Pathways of Profound Change. With the Highest of Aspirations let us Build a Foundation of Beauty and Light. Create with me a Loving Spiritual World.

inner peace and joy comes to those who live their authenticity by nurturing and supporting healing from the heart and soul. they are the seers and sages who have blossomed into the realization that we are the masters of our own destiny.

You are a Source of Light. You are a Mystical Being of Sacred Beauty. You are a Miracle to be Shared. You are a Gift and a Blessing. You are a Source of Love. Be Who You Are.

we experience significant growth when we express our thoughts and feelings in ways that inspire the spirit. love and miracles are thoughts and feelings waiting to be shared. smile with the intent of changing lives and blossom into the flower of life that is your true self.

take charge of your life and make your purpose deeper levels of happiness. make yours a path of spiritual living that leads to a lifetime of joy. love yourself and others in ways that are positive. you are the architect of your own existence and you can build something beautiful if you take charge of your life.

we attain true wellness when we accept that ours is a karmic and heavenly destiny of caring, compassion, healing and wholeness. be the loving soul that is your birthright.

souls are nourished when we greet each day with passion and joy. spirits are nurtured when we live each moment with sweetness and compassion. hearts are made whole when shape our thoughts and emotions with love. a luminous path to a life of bliss is the path you create with your very next step.

explore the possibilities of transforming realities by bringing more peace and joy into the lives of others while evolving your consciousness into something mystical and marvelous.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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