Friday, April 26, 2013

Freedom Is Your Reward

Come with me to a World of Women and Wolves where Nature is your Lover and Freedom is your Reward.

A more Positive Life is yours to Create. We must Live our Dreams and Manifest our Desires. Greatness comes not to those who wait for it but to those who Build it. Open the Doorway to a new Tomorrow by Building a House of Happiness.

Something Greater, Something Better, Something Kinder. Somewhere beyond Infinity there is Something Greater, Something Better, Something Kinder. In Dreams, In other Realms and In other Dimensions I will meet you and we will Rejoice in the Reality that beyond the wars of this World, beyond the hatred, beyond the prejudice and beyond the anger there is Something Greater, Something Better, Something Kinder.

Your Heart has Beautiful Wings that Reach out and Embrace the Heavens each time you Show your Love. It is when We are at our Kindest that We give Birth to the greatest Beauty, Truth and Love.

Breathe Life into the Profound Truth that makes Heaven become Visible when you Smile. A Simple Gesture of Kindness when combined with Awareness of Self and an Awakened Consciousness is an Angelic Offering that Enriches and Inspires.

A Guiding Angel of Positive Change speaks to me in Dreams and leads me along a Path of Self Love and Transformation that I may make every day Sacred. Listen to your Angel.

Live Positive and Seek to be a Being of Great Love whose Heart Dances as it Rises to the Heavens.

Be Thankful and Appreciative for the Earth and Sky for they the Parents that give us the Freedom to be Who We Truly Are. They are the Father and Mother that Teach us that Miracles occur Every Day. The Art of Living and Loving are Enhanced by Gratitude.

Ride with me on the Horse of Happiness into a Sunset of Freedom where Souls Rejoice and Spirits Soar for Together we can Live our Love in a way that is Wonderful and Benefits all Life in all Dimensions.

To Cherish Simplicity is a Sacred Blessing that brings Joy to every Soul as it Lights a Flame of Love in the Heart of Sacred Mother Earth. The Greatest Accomplishments in History are not Splitting the Atom or Finding a Cure for a Disease. The Greatest Accomplishments are Smiles, Kisses and Hugs for they are Simplicity at its most Beautiful and Profound.

We are Beings of Love Composed of Ethereal Blessings. We are a Stream of Energy sent from the Heavens to Share Positive Messages and Inspire Transformation.

The Human Spirit has within it the Gift to Uplift. Let us Collectively Embrace Our Spirit as we Unite in Goodness and Journey Towards Greater Love.

Breathtakingly Beautiful are those whose Soul reverberates with the Echoes of Creation for they are the Sacred Messengers which Celebrate the Divine in every Smile and Inspire us to Manifest a more Sacred World.

Connect with your Essence. Connect with the Souls of everyone you meet. Connect with the Angels, Spirits and Guides. Life is about making Connections. Connect to the Divine.

I will make my own Reality. I will Explore Infinite Possibilities. I will Venture further into my Innermost Thoughts. I will Be a Light of Loving Service. I will Breathe in Peace and Awaken Spirituality. I will Embrace Mystic Blessings of a Higher Vibration. I will Build a Bridge to all Corners of the Universe. I will make my own Reality. This is What I Shall Do!

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, April 19, 2013

Everyday Miracles

A Smile is an everyday Miracle. A Laugh is an everyday Miracle. An Outstretched Hand is an everyday Miracle. An Open Heart is an everyday Miracle. Every Day We are Blessed with an Abundance of Miracles. Look at Life with Spiritual Eyes and Truly See the Magnificence of your World. Every Day is a new Opportunity to Give and Receive a Miracle. Today is a New Day and You are a Miracle. Blessings to You Every Day.

The Forces of Creation and the Beauty of Existence engage in a Cosmic Dance while waiting for us to Realize our Worth and join the Celebration.

On the Shores of my Soul you will find Blessings from Spiritual Realms which Challenge mainstream Beliefs for I am one who instead of Exploring the Unknown Embraces it as a Long Lost Friend.

Beauty Blooms in the Souls of those who Live with Love in their Heart and Desire only to Share that Love for they are a Reflection of every God and every Goddess this World has ever Known.

Enter Realms of Light through your Dreams then Awaken to a new Reality that is Illuminated by Imagination and Inspired by Love.

you can do this. i know you can do this. you have fallen many times yet you are still here. you have cried many tears yet you are still here. you have fought many battles yet you are still here. you can do this. i know you can do this. the road has been treacherous at times but you have survived. the path has left you tired and broken but you have survived. the journey has had many obstacles but you have survived. you can do this. i know you can do this. you are a miracle for you are sacred. you are beautiful for you are a flower in the garden of life. you are worthy for you have earned the right to love and be loved. you can do this. i know you can do this.

Child of Light let your High Aspirations lift you that you may Create your own Sunshine for your Purity and Innocence is a Sacred Oracle meant to Illuminate the World with Love.

A Beauty Unaware is a Constant Source of Joy.

The Kindness you show will lead you on a Path of Discovery where the Lightness of Being enlivens the Soul that it may Live in Greater Harmony with the Spirit.

The Story of my Transformation begins with a Magickal Love Affair, Positive Living and a Belief in Beauty.

Every Encounter is Visionary for those Blessed Souls who Embrace the Truth that they are Archangels and Lightmasters placed on Earth to Uplift and Empower.

Spirituality and Reality are one in the same for those who Understand that Heaven is something we Create and God is Who We Are.

We spend far too much time Overthinking and Underliving. Stop Thinking and Start Living. Stop Analyzing and Start Manifesting. Stop Criticizing and Start Praising. Stop Belittling and Start Believing. Live a Life your are Proud and Grateful to Share.

Love Who You Are. Journey Internally and Weave your Life from the Sacred Threads of Joy within your Soul. A Life Rooted in Reverence is Brighter and more Radiant than those Rooted in Selfishness. Love Who You Are.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, April 12, 2013

Love Is Our Purpose

Being of Service and having Compassion for Others creates a Loving Peace that is Exciting and Empowering. The more we Give of Ourself the more the next Life will Reward us. Love is our Purpose and by Following and Fulfilling that Purpose we Light the Lamp of Ancient Wisdom and Place an Understanding Smile on the Face of God.

Awaken to Awareness and Ride the Winds of a Gentler Kindness to a Worthy Purpose from which every Moment will be an Exhilarating Experience. To be Awake and Aware is to be Alive in a way that is Transformative and Transcendent.

I hear the Ancients calling and I answer by doing Simple things in ways that are Uniquely Significant. I dont have to Climb any Mountains to Change the World, I only have to Know they are there and Know that I Can.

Simply Being Alive is a Miracle of Sacred Purpose. To Embrace that Purpose is to Create New Pathways of Blissful Moments and Divine Grace.

Liberated and Luminous are those Courageous Souls who build Bridges of Spirit throughout the Universe that All may find their Way to God.

A Tremendous Feeling of Pure Cosmic Energy within my Soul creates Celestial Visions that Inspire me to be a true Vessel of Light.

A Tender Touch of Unwavering Faith is a Vibration of Love which Creates a Smile of Pure Joy.

Life is an Immortal and Infinite Cosmic Journey of Love. To Live in Joy is to Live in Love.

The Spirit is Alive within. It is Flowering in the Garden of your Soul. The Spirit is Awakened within. It is Dancing in the Fields of your Immortality. Connect to your Spirit and You too will be Alive and Awakened.

If it is the Truth you Seek know that the more Truthful you are with and about yourself the more Truth you will Discover in Others.

Poetic is the Heart that Dreams of Kindness and Prays for Compassion for it is Connected to the Sacred in ways that Caress the Soul of the World and Open the Gates of a Paradise Overflowing with Love.

Love is a Beautiful thing to Behold that brings us Closer to Heaven. Let it Flow through your Heart that its Purity may Nurture your Higher Self. Love is a Dance on the Wings of a Miracle. I Love You.

The Blissful Light of Beauty that is the Smile of a Child is a Joyful source of Inspiration which Creates a Flow of Spirit that Transforms. When we Bless the Child we show Gratitude to the Grace and Glory of God for whoever and whatever God is I know that its a Child.

To Worship the Feminine is to Know that God is the sum of parts and not a single Entity.

In the Heart of a Good Person and the Realm of the Higher Self are Motivating Forces which let the Light through that it may Impact others like a Fountain of Love and Happiness. Be Good and Reach Higher.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, April 05, 2013

Dimensions of Existence

When I was a Child I Played amongst the Stars, I Danced upon the Clouds and I Flew on Eagles Wings to Far Away Lands. I long for my Youth. Come Out. Come Out, Wherever You Are!

There are Dimensions in Existence and in each Dimension we find our Light when we make a Heart and Soul connection.

Dance with me in the Light of your True Magnificence and Together we will Rejoice as our Souls Bloom and our Spirits Flower for Life is a Garden and our Destiny is to Plant Seeds and Dance.

I Awoke this morning with the warm Breath of God on my Soul and immediately felt Free to be the Man I am Destined to Be.

Beautiful is the Heart that Changes and Grows like a Butterfly into a Winged Angel of Heaven and Earth.

Positive Energy is a Healing Force which Empowers us and Connects us with the Divine. When we use the Reservoir of Energy within with Good Intentions something Magickal happens.

In Dimensions Unseen are Answers to all of Life's Questions and Questions for all of Life's Answers. Search less and Live more for anything you need to Know will be Provided if your Heart is Pure and your Soul is Free.

With Childlike Playfulness and an Intention to Inspire leap into the Light of Love with the Knowledge that Angels have Wings and You were Born to Fly.

Listen to the Heartbeat of the Universe and Let the Light of Heaven fill up your Life. We are Healers and Nurturers and it is when we Listen to the Whispers of Truth that we begin to Live the Beauty which is our Divine Birthright.

May Joy Rain down upon your Soul as you come to the Realization that Life Loves You.

Be Grateful for every Day. Be Thankful for every Opportunity to Share a Smile. Be Appreciative of every Step which leads to Love. Be Proud of every Act of Kindness you have ever done. Be Grateful for every Day.

Alive in the Womb of Love is a Radiant Energy Simple and Profound which Creates Inner Transformation and Connects to the Sacred. Awake into Love and your Life will abound with Experiences that Enrich.

Cultivate Self Love and you will begin a Gratifying Journey of Compassion and Understanding where something New and Beautiful happens every Day.

My Life is a Work of heART and I am a heARTist painting the World with Words of Love.

Nature has a Beauty that is only matched by the Beauty of Women for they are One with the Earth.

There is a Glow all around You. There is a Harmonious Flow of Positive Energy that is within your Reach. There are Illuminated Pathways of Revelation and Transformation as Far as the Eye can See. Our Purpose in Life is to Look at Life through our Soul not our Eyes that we may See the true Beauty that Awaits.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )