Friday, April 19, 2013

Everyday Miracles

A Smile is an everyday Miracle. A Laugh is an everyday Miracle. An Outstretched Hand is an everyday Miracle. An Open Heart is an everyday Miracle. Every Day We are Blessed with an Abundance of Miracles. Look at Life with Spiritual Eyes and Truly See the Magnificence of your World. Every Day is a new Opportunity to Give and Receive a Miracle. Today is a New Day and You are a Miracle. Blessings to You Every Day.

The Forces of Creation and the Beauty of Existence engage in a Cosmic Dance while waiting for us to Realize our Worth and join the Celebration.

On the Shores of my Soul you will find Blessings from Spiritual Realms which Challenge mainstream Beliefs for I am one who instead of Exploring the Unknown Embraces it as a Long Lost Friend.

Beauty Blooms in the Souls of those who Live with Love in their Heart and Desire only to Share that Love for they are a Reflection of every God and every Goddess this World has ever Known.

Enter Realms of Light through your Dreams then Awaken to a new Reality that is Illuminated by Imagination and Inspired by Love.

you can do this. i know you can do this. you have fallen many times yet you are still here. you have cried many tears yet you are still here. you have fought many battles yet you are still here. you can do this. i know you can do this. the road has been treacherous at times but you have survived. the path has left you tired and broken but you have survived. the journey has had many obstacles but you have survived. you can do this. i know you can do this. you are a miracle for you are sacred. you are beautiful for you are a flower in the garden of life. you are worthy for you have earned the right to love and be loved. you can do this. i know you can do this.

Child of Light let your High Aspirations lift you that you may Create your own Sunshine for your Purity and Innocence is a Sacred Oracle meant to Illuminate the World with Love.

A Beauty Unaware is a Constant Source of Joy.

The Kindness you show will lead you on a Path of Discovery where the Lightness of Being enlivens the Soul that it may Live in Greater Harmony with the Spirit.

The Story of my Transformation begins with a Magickal Love Affair, Positive Living and a Belief in Beauty.

Every Encounter is Visionary for those Blessed Souls who Embrace the Truth that they are Archangels and Lightmasters placed on Earth to Uplift and Empower.

Spirituality and Reality are one in the same for those who Understand that Heaven is something we Create and God is Who We Are.

We spend far too much time Overthinking and Underliving. Stop Thinking and Start Living. Stop Analyzing and Start Manifesting. Stop Criticizing and Start Praising. Stop Belittling and Start Believing. Live a Life your are Proud and Grateful to Share.

Love Who You Are. Journey Internally and Weave your Life from the Sacred Threads of Joy within your Soul. A Life Rooted in Reverence is Brighter and more Radiant than those Rooted in Selfishness. Love Who You Are.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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