Friday, April 12, 2013

Love Is Our Purpose

Being of Service and having Compassion for Others creates a Loving Peace that is Exciting and Empowering. The more we Give of Ourself the more the next Life will Reward us. Love is our Purpose and by Following and Fulfilling that Purpose we Light the Lamp of Ancient Wisdom and Place an Understanding Smile on the Face of God.

Awaken to Awareness and Ride the Winds of a Gentler Kindness to a Worthy Purpose from which every Moment will be an Exhilarating Experience. To be Awake and Aware is to be Alive in a way that is Transformative and Transcendent.

I hear the Ancients calling and I answer by doing Simple things in ways that are Uniquely Significant. I dont have to Climb any Mountains to Change the World, I only have to Know they are there and Know that I Can.

Simply Being Alive is a Miracle of Sacred Purpose. To Embrace that Purpose is to Create New Pathways of Blissful Moments and Divine Grace.

Liberated and Luminous are those Courageous Souls who build Bridges of Spirit throughout the Universe that All may find their Way to God.

A Tremendous Feeling of Pure Cosmic Energy within my Soul creates Celestial Visions that Inspire me to be a true Vessel of Light.

A Tender Touch of Unwavering Faith is a Vibration of Love which Creates a Smile of Pure Joy.

Life is an Immortal and Infinite Cosmic Journey of Love. To Live in Joy is to Live in Love.

The Spirit is Alive within. It is Flowering in the Garden of your Soul. The Spirit is Awakened within. It is Dancing in the Fields of your Immortality. Connect to your Spirit and You too will be Alive and Awakened.

If it is the Truth you Seek know that the more Truthful you are with and about yourself the more Truth you will Discover in Others.

Poetic is the Heart that Dreams of Kindness and Prays for Compassion for it is Connected to the Sacred in ways that Caress the Soul of the World and Open the Gates of a Paradise Overflowing with Love.

Love is a Beautiful thing to Behold that brings us Closer to Heaven. Let it Flow through your Heart that its Purity may Nurture your Higher Self. Love is a Dance on the Wings of a Miracle. I Love You.

The Blissful Light of Beauty that is the Smile of a Child is a Joyful source of Inspiration which Creates a Flow of Spirit that Transforms. When we Bless the Child we show Gratitude to the Grace and Glory of God for whoever and whatever God is I know that its a Child.

To Worship the Feminine is to Know that God is the sum of parts and not a single Entity.

In the Heart of a Good Person and the Realm of the Higher Self are Motivating Forces which let the Light through that it may Impact others like a Fountain of Love and Happiness. Be Good and Reach Higher.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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