Friday, April 26, 2013

Freedom Is Your Reward

Come with me to a World of Women and Wolves where Nature is your Lover and Freedom is your Reward.

A more Positive Life is yours to Create. We must Live our Dreams and Manifest our Desires. Greatness comes not to those who wait for it but to those who Build it. Open the Doorway to a new Tomorrow by Building a House of Happiness.

Something Greater, Something Better, Something Kinder. Somewhere beyond Infinity there is Something Greater, Something Better, Something Kinder. In Dreams, In other Realms and In other Dimensions I will meet you and we will Rejoice in the Reality that beyond the wars of this World, beyond the hatred, beyond the prejudice and beyond the anger there is Something Greater, Something Better, Something Kinder.

Your Heart has Beautiful Wings that Reach out and Embrace the Heavens each time you Show your Love. It is when We are at our Kindest that We give Birth to the greatest Beauty, Truth and Love.

Breathe Life into the Profound Truth that makes Heaven become Visible when you Smile. A Simple Gesture of Kindness when combined with Awareness of Self and an Awakened Consciousness is an Angelic Offering that Enriches and Inspires.

A Guiding Angel of Positive Change speaks to me in Dreams and leads me along a Path of Self Love and Transformation that I may make every day Sacred. Listen to your Angel.

Live Positive and Seek to be a Being of Great Love whose Heart Dances as it Rises to the Heavens.

Be Thankful and Appreciative for the Earth and Sky for they the Parents that give us the Freedom to be Who We Truly Are. They are the Father and Mother that Teach us that Miracles occur Every Day. The Art of Living and Loving are Enhanced by Gratitude.

Ride with me on the Horse of Happiness into a Sunset of Freedom where Souls Rejoice and Spirits Soar for Together we can Live our Love in a way that is Wonderful and Benefits all Life in all Dimensions.

To Cherish Simplicity is a Sacred Blessing that brings Joy to every Soul as it Lights a Flame of Love in the Heart of Sacred Mother Earth. The Greatest Accomplishments in History are not Splitting the Atom or Finding a Cure for a Disease. The Greatest Accomplishments are Smiles, Kisses and Hugs for they are Simplicity at its most Beautiful and Profound.

We are Beings of Love Composed of Ethereal Blessings. We are a Stream of Energy sent from the Heavens to Share Positive Messages and Inspire Transformation.

The Human Spirit has within it the Gift to Uplift. Let us Collectively Embrace Our Spirit as we Unite in Goodness and Journey Towards Greater Love.

Breathtakingly Beautiful are those whose Soul reverberates with the Echoes of Creation for they are the Sacred Messengers which Celebrate the Divine in every Smile and Inspire us to Manifest a more Sacred World.

Connect with your Essence. Connect with the Souls of everyone you meet. Connect with the Angels, Spirits and Guides. Life is about making Connections. Connect to the Divine.

I will make my own Reality. I will Explore Infinite Possibilities. I will Venture further into my Innermost Thoughts. I will Be a Light of Loving Service. I will Breathe in Peace and Awaken Spirituality. I will Embrace Mystic Blessings of a Higher Vibration. I will Build a Bridge to all Corners of the Universe. I will make my own Reality. This is What I Shall Do!

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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