Friday, August 29, 2014

Appreciate And Value Yourself

appreciate and value yourself for doing so generates feelings of love that embrace every soul blessed to experience your beauty. love is a light flowing into self and by living in the light we enhance the spiritual as we dance towards a place of healing and wholeness. honour and respect yourself...

the energy of the higher self is a precious gift and those who use that energy in service to humanity are the true heroes in our world.

in a field of positive vibration i stand alone waiting for those truly ready to embrace the dance of life.

life is a poetic tale of love. it is a great story of survival. we are the authors and we can write anything we choose. today i will write a chapter on a wonderful day spent with my wife and child. what will you write today.

meet with me where spirits merge and souls dance in the light of a better tomorrow for there we will be completely immersed in deep self love and divine knowingness. meet me where angels sing and ancients rejoice in the beauty a new and greater reality. for there we will connect strongly with our sacred self as we evolve and expand our true magnificence. meet me there. i am waiting.

move forward on your path and dance towards love as you seek higher consciousness, self realization and enlightenment as doing so will create positive and inspiring results.

every time we bring more love into our lives we we expand and enlighten our journey with insightful and inspiring discoveries. love is our greatest challenge and with great challenge comes great change. bring more love into your life.

there are illuminations of grace and glory along the path for those who see with eyes of sacred truth. open yourself mind, body and soul so that gentle guidance from the divine can change your energy, exercise your spirit and create positive waves of life that you may sail into profound understanding and breathtaking beauty.

lovingly explore your natural healing abilities as you express the divine. let go and awaken as you open your heart and soul that they may serve the common good. live the beauty of your true self.

live your prayers so that the whispers of love within your heart and soul elevate your consciousness to a joyful environment where you may experience more happiness and manifest greater peace and harmony.

you are a gift to humankind whose flow of vibrant energy inspires the stars to dance. you are a blessing to the universe standing in your own light that all may bask in your truth and beauty. you are loved.

be gentle with yourself and know that yours is a beautiful song worth singing. to love yourself is a profoundly significant act which immerses us in the experience of healing and makes miracles happens.

turn problems into blessings by exploring the soul in ways that are sacred and loving. dreams do come true once we realize that we are in the presence of greatness and that greatness is our true self. to explore the possibilities within our own magnificence is an act of kindness that enriches us and empowers others. we are gods and goddesses of light and when humanity awakens to this truth the world will be a better place.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, August 22, 2014

Dive Into Your Dreams

dive into your dreams and live your life in spiritually meaningful ways that will benefit yourself and others for eternity. refresh your soul and use every moment as an opportunity to explore your innate beauty and authentic sacred self. inspire your spirit and immerse yourself in a higher state of consciousness that you may feel invigorated and renewed. how you live your life is a choice. choose something amazing.

let us create a spiritual community where all have an empowered sense of choice and our mantra for transformation is love.

be your own inspiration. be your own teacher. be your own mentor. be your own angel. release your inner beauty and let the abundant flow of positive energy ignite your purpose. be your own inspiration.

live a soulful life by allowing the higher energies of spirit to embrace your entire being that you may experience more fully the beauty of your true self and share your heart in a way that is a source of inspiration for all.

life is a great teacher and source of guidance when we open ourselves to other dimensions and realities where we may dance with spirits and communicate with angels.

in celebration and praise of the miracle that is life i cultivate well being as i explore my deepest self and transform on every level that i may bring more joy into the world.

what does it mean to be fully alive. it means having a deep love for each other. it means appreciating and enjoying life. it means living more compassionately. it means embracing your extraordinary transformative powers. it means having a sense of purpose. what does it mean to be fully alive. it means being who you were born to be. smile! you're alive!

sail into clarity on the wings of a positive spiritual outlook and yours will be a full and vibrant journey where the natural flow of life guides you to speak and live from the heart that you may embrace deep nurturing experiences and create miraculous results.

a deeper sense of appreciation for the beauty of the soul fosters a spirit of play that we may navigate unchartered territories of light and experience more joy.

wonderful and beautiful things happen when we fill our heart with good intentions and walk a path where mind, body and spirit unite.

breathe in inspiration and you create real change. believe in your dreams and you create a heart centered life where magick happens. believe in yourself and you create a profound spiritual awakening where a host of heavenly angels dance in the light of your divine beauty.

listen to the song of your soul for it will guide you to a far greater reality of positive dimensions where we continually evolve into beautiful beings of light immersed in the tenderness of love.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Doctor the Soul with Love

doctor the soul with love as you walk in beauty for yours is a light that enriches and a life to be respected. with every breath seek to create a joy filled environment where all benefit from moments of insight and inspiration that bathe them in divine healing power and profound positive energy.

you have the ability to live from the cosmic heart and create miraculous results which accelerate transformation and positively shape your life.

yours is a life alive with stories. share your stories that others may come to the profound realization that you are a majestic miracle whose loving essence heals and inspires.

i know you. i want you. i respect you. i need you. i cherish you. i adore you. i believe in you. i honour you. i love you. look in the mirror and repeat until it becomes embedded in your soul. let this be your mantra.

when the heart of spirit and the energy of love are in balance and harmony our life becomes a beautiful tapestry of sacred landscapes, transformational vibrations and soul changing experiences.

awaken and embody the reality that you are a beautiful wondrous being of worthiness and authenticity placed on earth to share your light, love and inner wisdom.

know that the divine lives and breathes in each moment. know that by aligning with your true self you connect with all that is sacred. know that being grateful in service is spiritual self expression. know that living a life of love changes the world in subtle and profound ways. life is a lesson to be learned and the more you know the more beautiful your experiences will be.

dance your beautiful dance. sing your beautiful song. celebrate your beautiful life. love your beautiful self.

the more we respect ourself and others the more deeply rewarding our life will be. it is when we truly love ourself that we awaken the power within. we are a conduit for divine energy and by living a life of kindness and compassion we honor ourself in a way that enriches and enlightens. i respect who i am. i respect who you are. i love who you are. i love who i am. bless us all.

immerse yourself in the sacred. dive deeply into the waters of joy and natural harmony. free yourself to dance in the light of love that you may blossom beautifully into a butterfly of spirit. you are an exquisite gift. you are a treasure. you are a miracle. you are loved.

it is when we value ourselves that a world of opportunities reveals itself and we begin to grow and develop into the sacred being of light that is our destiny. the deeper the relationship with ourself the better able we are to create a life rich with beauty and divine experiences.

gentle and transformative are those souls who explore deep within and discover that sacred place of devotional loving where the true self rests comfortably in the warm embrace of the divine.

embrace your true self. listen to and connect with your authentic beauty. share the positive energy flowing freely within your heart. in loving connectedness stand before the altar of truth and in silence and reflection immerse yourself in the sacred. you are a miracle. believe in and love who you truly are.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Saturday, August 09, 2014

Positive Thought and Action

through positive thought and action intentionally create a life of helping and healing that traverses pathways of spirit and higher realms of light. we are fortunate to be alive and when we live in full awareness and seek to make life beautiful we change ourself and the world.

you are a beautiful gem and if you reach beyond your boundaries you will discover fields of opportunities where remarkable souls gather in the presence of angels to share their love and light that they may create a better world.

the heart flowers when we act in kindness. the soul smiles when we seek to serve. the spirit blossoms when we show compassion. the heavens rejoice when we love ourself.

when we are of service to humanity we fulfill our divine purpose. when we act with great kindness we open the door to change. when we look compassionately at ourself we manifest beauty and spirit. life is energy and energy is the light of love. smile and dance in the light.

invite joy into your life and live in complete truth. allow the beautiful energy of your spiritual essence to bathe you in love and light. know that you are an angel and heaven is yours to create. invite the sacred into your life.

this is a miraculous time. a time of revelations and insights. a time of journeys to heavenly realms and other dimensions. a time of beauty and brilliance where the sacred self sails along rivers of light. a time of wondrous discoveries and waves of transformation. a time of love so great it immerses itself in the deepest reaches of the spirit. this is a miraculous time. a time created by you. a time created within you. open your mind, body and soul and celebrate for this is your time.

gentle whispers from the soul are a source of empowerment for those who listen with their heart.

open to divine inspiration are they who live their deepest truth and share their highest self for they are travelers on a pathway of peace whose every step is an outstanding angelic experience.

you are a gifted teacher. there is a sacred space within you where living wisdom resides. share your knowledge with the universe. you are a gifted student. there is a divine temple within you where curiosity resides. share your passion and purpose with the universe. life is simply a series of lessons we teach and learn. smile for class is in and you are amazing.

life is a mystical journey of discovery and extraordinary spiritual transformation for those who seek to make healing sacred connections and serve the betterment of humankind.

a greater sense of aliveness allows us to experience greater freedom and oneness with all life. live from a place of joy and gratitude and make it your highest purpose to become and feel more fully alive.

listen to and immerse yourself in healing insights from the soul for it is that simple act which will bring you freedom of being and guide you to an awakened life where miracles happen.

let the story of your life be one of inexhaustible love that celebrates the positive and yours will be a transformative journey of magick and myth where fairy tales come true.

appreciate yourself and others. believe in yourself and others. embrace yourself and others. respect yourself and others. honour yourself and others. cherish yourself and others. love yourself and others.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, August 01, 2014

Embrace What Feels Right

embrace what feels right and you will awaken to a higher consciousness. live your light and you will emerge into a brighter tomorrow. do what makes you happy and yours will be a journey of beauty and bliss. begin this day with a smile on your soul for you can choose a path that inspires and walk it freely with love in your heart.

the better we understand ourself the more fully and deeply we will live for to know and love who you truly are is to live a cosmic existence that creates new possibilities and manifests miracles.

kindness and gentleness. share their beauty. kindness and gentleness. share their light. kindness and gentleness. share their magnificence. kindness and gentleness. share their energy. we are beings of love whose hearts and souls are a wellspring of kindness and gentleness. share who you are for who you are is kindness and gentleness.

illuminate hearts and minds with empowering beliefs and an uplifting philosophy that enriches, enlightens and inspires.

explore and discover other dimensions. glimpse into other realities. embrace different truths and immerse yourself in sacred realms of spirit. it is by living beyond our reach and imagination that we uncover life's greatest treasures.

look within the inner realms of the heart and you will find healing gifts and doorways to growth which nurture the spirit and lead to a more enlightened existence.

engage life fully as you embrace all your wonderful gifts for you are a unique soul who was born to bask in the bliss of love.

dwell in your passion and purpose for they are places of love and acceptance which open doorways into magickal dimensions where everything is possible and life becomes more wonderful each day.

to further global transformation we need simply to live in joy, understanding and compassion for change is a reward of kindness gifted to those who love both themselves and the world.

the more grateful we are to be alive the more we become a beacon of light for others. the more loving our intentions the more beautiful a world we create. come to me in love and gratitude for together we can manifest miracles.

the liberation of oneself creates a metaphysical state which inspires the soul in new and healing ways. open yourself to the glory of who you truly are and set your spirit free that you may live your higher purpose.

filled with greatness are those who embrace and accept that they are unique and beautiful. you are unique and beautiful.

look into your heart for it is there you will find your true self. a self of honesty, kindness, beauty, hope, joy, peace, freedom, happiness, wholeness, light and love.

awaken to the truth that yours is a life of great spiritual significance. awaken to the reality that yours is a journey of self healing and transformation. awaken to the truth and reality that yours is an enlightened existence. awaken!

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )