Friday, August 29, 2014

Appreciate And Value Yourself

appreciate and value yourself for doing so generates feelings of love that embrace every soul blessed to experience your beauty. love is a light flowing into self and by living in the light we enhance the spiritual as we dance towards a place of healing and wholeness. honour and respect yourself...

the energy of the higher self is a precious gift and those who use that energy in service to humanity are the true heroes in our world.

in a field of positive vibration i stand alone waiting for those truly ready to embrace the dance of life.

life is a poetic tale of love. it is a great story of survival. we are the authors and we can write anything we choose. today i will write a chapter on a wonderful day spent with my wife and child. what will you write today.

meet with me where spirits merge and souls dance in the light of a better tomorrow for there we will be completely immersed in deep self love and divine knowingness. meet me where angels sing and ancients rejoice in the beauty a new and greater reality. for there we will connect strongly with our sacred self as we evolve and expand our true magnificence. meet me there. i am waiting.

move forward on your path and dance towards love as you seek higher consciousness, self realization and enlightenment as doing so will create positive and inspiring results.

every time we bring more love into our lives we we expand and enlighten our journey with insightful and inspiring discoveries. love is our greatest challenge and with great challenge comes great change. bring more love into your life.

there are illuminations of grace and glory along the path for those who see with eyes of sacred truth. open yourself mind, body and soul so that gentle guidance from the divine can change your energy, exercise your spirit and create positive waves of life that you may sail into profound understanding and breathtaking beauty.

lovingly explore your natural healing abilities as you express the divine. let go and awaken as you open your heart and soul that they may serve the common good. live the beauty of your true self.

live your prayers so that the whispers of love within your heart and soul elevate your consciousness to a joyful environment where you may experience more happiness and manifest greater peace and harmony.

you are a gift to humankind whose flow of vibrant energy inspires the stars to dance. you are a blessing to the universe standing in your own light that all may bask in your truth and beauty. you are loved.

be gentle with yourself and know that yours is a beautiful song worth singing. to love yourself is a profoundly significant act which immerses us in the experience of healing and makes miracles happens.

turn problems into blessings by exploring the soul in ways that are sacred and loving. dreams do come true once we realize that we are in the presence of greatness and that greatness is our true self. to explore the possibilities within our own magnificence is an act of kindness that enriches us and empowers others. we are gods and goddesses of light and when humanity awakens to this truth the world will be a better place.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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