Friday, August 22, 2014

Dive Into Your Dreams

dive into your dreams and live your life in spiritually meaningful ways that will benefit yourself and others for eternity. refresh your soul and use every moment as an opportunity to explore your innate beauty and authentic sacred self. inspire your spirit and immerse yourself in a higher state of consciousness that you may feel invigorated and renewed. how you live your life is a choice. choose something amazing.

let us create a spiritual community where all have an empowered sense of choice and our mantra for transformation is love.

be your own inspiration. be your own teacher. be your own mentor. be your own angel. release your inner beauty and let the abundant flow of positive energy ignite your purpose. be your own inspiration.

live a soulful life by allowing the higher energies of spirit to embrace your entire being that you may experience more fully the beauty of your true self and share your heart in a way that is a source of inspiration for all.

life is a great teacher and source of guidance when we open ourselves to other dimensions and realities where we may dance with spirits and communicate with angels.

in celebration and praise of the miracle that is life i cultivate well being as i explore my deepest self and transform on every level that i may bring more joy into the world.

what does it mean to be fully alive. it means having a deep love for each other. it means appreciating and enjoying life. it means living more compassionately. it means embracing your extraordinary transformative powers. it means having a sense of purpose. what does it mean to be fully alive. it means being who you were born to be. smile! you're alive!

sail into clarity on the wings of a positive spiritual outlook and yours will be a full and vibrant journey where the natural flow of life guides you to speak and live from the heart that you may embrace deep nurturing experiences and create miraculous results.

a deeper sense of appreciation for the beauty of the soul fosters a spirit of play that we may navigate unchartered territories of light and experience more joy.

wonderful and beautiful things happen when we fill our heart with good intentions and walk a path where mind, body and spirit unite.

breathe in inspiration and you create real change. believe in your dreams and you create a heart centered life where magick happens. believe in yourself and you create a profound spiritual awakening where a host of heavenly angels dance in the light of your divine beauty.

listen to the song of your soul for it will guide you to a far greater reality of positive dimensions where we continually evolve into beautiful beings of light immersed in the tenderness of love.

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