Friday, August 15, 2014

Doctor the Soul with Love

doctor the soul with love as you walk in beauty for yours is a light that enriches and a life to be respected. with every breath seek to create a joy filled environment where all benefit from moments of insight and inspiration that bathe them in divine healing power and profound positive energy.

you have the ability to live from the cosmic heart and create miraculous results which accelerate transformation and positively shape your life.

yours is a life alive with stories. share your stories that others may come to the profound realization that you are a majestic miracle whose loving essence heals and inspires.

i know you. i want you. i respect you. i need you. i cherish you. i adore you. i believe in you. i honour you. i love you. look in the mirror and repeat until it becomes embedded in your soul. let this be your mantra.

when the heart of spirit and the energy of love are in balance and harmony our life becomes a beautiful tapestry of sacred landscapes, transformational vibrations and soul changing experiences.

awaken and embody the reality that you are a beautiful wondrous being of worthiness and authenticity placed on earth to share your light, love and inner wisdom.

know that the divine lives and breathes in each moment. know that by aligning with your true self you connect with all that is sacred. know that being grateful in service is spiritual self expression. know that living a life of love changes the world in subtle and profound ways. life is a lesson to be learned and the more you know the more beautiful your experiences will be.

dance your beautiful dance. sing your beautiful song. celebrate your beautiful life. love your beautiful self.

the more we respect ourself and others the more deeply rewarding our life will be. it is when we truly love ourself that we awaken the power within. we are a conduit for divine energy and by living a life of kindness and compassion we honor ourself in a way that enriches and enlightens. i respect who i am. i respect who you are. i love who you are. i love who i am. bless us all.

immerse yourself in the sacred. dive deeply into the waters of joy and natural harmony. free yourself to dance in the light of love that you may blossom beautifully into a butterfly of spirit. you are an exquisite gift. you are a treasure. you are a miracle. you are loved.

it is when we value ourselves that a world of opportunities reveals itself and we begin to grow and develop into the sacred being of light that is our destiny. the deeper the relationship with ourself the better able we are to create a life rich with beauty and divine experiences.

gentle and transformative are those souls who explore deep within and discover that sacred place of devotional loving where the true self rests comfortably in the warm embrace of the divine.

embrace your true self. listen to and connect with your authentic beauty. share the positive energy flowing freely within your heart. in loving connectedness stand before the altar of truth and in silence and reflection immerse yourself in the sacred. you are a miracle. believe in and love who you truly are.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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