Friday, August 01, 2014

Embrace What Feels Right

embrace what feels right and you will awaken to a higher consciousness. live your light and you will emerge into a brighter tomorrow. do what makes you happy and yours will be a journey of beauty and bliss. begin this day with a smile on your soul for you can choose a path that inspires and walk it freely with love in your heart.

the better we understand ourself the more fully and deeply we will live for to know and love who you truly are is to live a cosmic existence that creates new possibilities and manifests miracles.

kindness and gentleness. share their beauty. kindness and gentleness. share their light. kindness and gentleness. share their magnificence. kindness and gentleness. share their energy. we are beings of love whose hearts and souls are a wellspring of kindness and gentleness. share who you are for who you are is kindness and gentleness.

illuminate hearts and minds with empowering beliefs and an uplifting philosophy that enriches, enlightens and inspires.

explore and discover other dimensions. glimpse into other realities. embrace different truths and immerse yourself in sacred realms of spirit. it is by living beyond our reach and imagination that we uncover life's greatest treasures.

look within the inner realms of the heart and you will find healing gifts and doorways to growth which nurture the spirit and lead to a more enlightened existence.

engage life fully as you embrace all your wonderful gifts for you are a unique soul who was born to bask in the bliss of love.

dwell in your passion and purpose for they are places of love and acceptance which open doorways into magickal dimensions where everything is possible and life becomes more wonderful each day.

to further global transformation we need simply to live in joy, understanding and compassion for change is a reward of kindness gifted to those who love both themselves and the world.

the more grateful we are to be alive the more we become a beacon of light for others. the more loving our intentions the more beautiful a world we create. come to me in love and gratitude for together we can manifest miracles.

the liberation of oneself creates a metaphysical state which inspires the soul in new and healing ways. open yourself to the glory of who you truly are and set your spirit free that you may live your higher purpose.

filled with greatness are those who embrace and accept that they are unique and beautiful. you are unique and beautiful.

look into your heart for it is there you will find your true self. a self of honesty, kindness, beauty, hope, joy, peace, freedom, happiness, wholeness, light and love.

awaken to the truth that yours is a life of great spiritual significance. awaken to the reality that yours is a journey of self healing and transformation. awaken to the truth and reality that yours is an enlightened existence. awaken!

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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