Friday, January 25, 2013

Bathed in the Light of Karmic Healing

Nature has a Consciousness that is Serene, Peaceful, Playful and Enlightening. To be One with Nature is to be One with your God.

A Greater Appreciation of the Higher Self and a Desire to lead a Life of Grace is that which Inspires us to be Sages and Masters.

In Gentleness may your Journey be Profound. In Glory may your Purpose be Inspired. In Light may your Wisdom be Celebrated and in Love may your Life be Cherished.

Angelic in their Beauty are the Children for they are the Heaven that makes Life worth Living.

I see the Beauty of the Universe within the Smile of a Child and the Love of a Woman.

teachers, mystics, messengers, seers, sages, soothsayers, guides and gurus let us walk hand in hand to a place of higher spiritual truths where we may liberate the sacred in our soul that it may fan the holy flames of happiness and help us create a world where miracles happen and dreams come true for everyone.

Bathed in the Light of Karmic Healing are they who Seek to Touch the Soul of Others in Ways which enable them to Experience Divine Love.

The Smile on the Face of your Inner Child grows when you Live Joyously and Authentically.

Live Courageously and Shine your Truth on those things which Create Joy in your Heart.

Revolutionize your Life by giving to the World something Invaluable, the Love in your Heart.

I have a Feeling of Immense Gratitude for those Souls who Motivate and Liberate for they are the Inspiration that moves me to Think and Act Positively.

Believe in and Appreciate the Transformative Truth of your own Greatness and the Wings of your Soul will Inspire you to Fly to a Place of Spiritual Liberation.

We each have a Unique Spiritual Path and those of us who use it to Create Amazing Experiences will have an Awakened Life of Joyous Revelry.

We are Born of Nature and our Birthright is to Love, Nourish and Nurture Nature that She may continue to Gift the World with Beauty.

to be yourself is to be extraordinary. to believe in yourself is to believe in miracles. to love yourself is the greatest contribution you can make to the world. to be, believe and love is the path to heaven.

Loving You is a Mystical Experience. I am Touched by the Glory of the Universe whenever we Embrace. You are the Breath of Life and I am Blessed to be in the Presence of such Beauty. You are Wife, Mother, Lover and the Light that Guides my Life. I Love You.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Waiting For Our Turn To Fly

Life is a Shamanic Dance of Magick and Miracles where Faeries and Unicorns frolic in Enchanted Forests with Elves and Aliens in a Cosmic Celebration of God, Goddess, Grace and Glory.

Earth is our Sacred Mother and We are but Birds in a Nest of Love waiting for our turn to Fly.

Arise those who are Aware and Awakened. A new Reality is upon us and We are the Mystics and Masters who are meant to Share the Message of Love and Elevate Humanity to its Rightful Place in the Heavens.

Pure Thought and Good Intentions are the Blessings of Life which Free the Spirit and Light the Universe with Love and Kindness. Think of a much Better World and let your Intention be to Shape the World in ways which make every Moment a Joy to be Alive.

Children are the Glory of all Humanity for through them One can see the Playground of Bliss that is Heaven.

The Glory of Positive Intention is that it leads to a Godly Life of Sacredness and Spiritual Evolution.

My Body is a Canvas where the Heavens Paint the Masterpiece that is my True Self.

Come Home to your Celestial Mother that she may Empower your Spirit and take your Life to a place Beyond Imagination where Love lights the Whole Sky.

Wonderful Messages of Spiritual Inspiration are within the Heart and Soul of those who Follow their Dreams and Visions through the Darkness and into the Light.

Blessings of Peace and Love await those whose Thoughts and Actions give the Soul Nourishment and Contribute to a more Divine World.

Their is a Message of Happiness waiting to Bloom in your Heart the Moment you Realize that You are the Universe.

May your Love have Wings to Soar into Rainbows of Spirit where it can Liberate Reality and Create a Life of Great Joy and Good Intentions.

You are a Beautiful Pearl in the Ocean of Life and all are Blessed who Discover your Magnificence.

Kissed by the Beauty of Goodness are they who Wear their Heart on their Sleeve and give People the Shirt off of their Back.

Children are Small Miracles that Teach us how to Love and Show us how to Enjoy Life.

There is a Place inside the eyes of Nature where Love and Peace reside. Let us Gather there in our Dreams and Celebrate the Miracle that is Mother Earth.

Live a Life that Uplifts in ways Poetic. Touched by the Winds of Love and Caressed by the Whispers of Ancient Spirits.

Making others Happy is a Way of Worship. Embracing the Light of others is a Form of Prayer. When we Listen to the call of Greater Service and Dedicate our Life to Helping others we Experience the Beauty and Magick of Enlightenment and Oneness.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, January 11, 2013

Listen to the Voice of Silence

Listen to the Voice of Silence and You will Hear the Sweet Melody of Heaven.

I sense the Miraculous in You. I feel the Beauty of your Essence and I am Transformed. You are a Living Gift and all are Blessed who have You in their Life. I Believe in You. Know that the Moment you FEEL this way about yourself is the Moment that everything Changes for the Better.

Your Soul is Richly Robed in Love for it Knows that Life is a Journey created out of Love and meant to be Shared.

When I have Reached my Heaven I will let the Light of my Love shine Brightly that you may find your way to your personal Paradise. We all have the Sacred within us for it is not a Place it is a Consciousness waiting for us to make our way Home.

Walk Joyously into the Divine Light of Spiritual Enlightenment for You are a Child of the Heavens meant to not only Experience the Sacred but to Live it with every Breath.

Awaken the Light within You and Dream a new Dream of Profound Love and Spiritual Inspiration.

It is when Spirit and Soul coexist in Balance and Beauty that we Rise to a Higher level of Being and see the Truth of our Existence.

The Inner Radiance of your Being is a Beautiful Flower which when Nourished will show you an Infinite Universe of Higher Perspectives and Transcendental Realms. Discover the Glory of your Greatness and Dive Deeply into the New Consciousness which is coming. Believe in your Sacred Self and yours will be a Journey of Empowerment and Transformation.

I found that it was when I Aspired to be Kind that mine became an Awakened Life of Mystical Visions and Spiritual Transformation.

I Love You with a Childlike Innocence and an Angelic Purity that Showers the Heavens with Hugs and the Universe with Kisses.

Breathe Love into your Existence and you open Portals to the Divine.

Blessings on your Path. May yours be a Brave and Poetic existence which Flows and Connects with Spirit as you Create the World you Desire and Deserve.

We all have an Intuitive Inner Eye which if acknowledged Connects us to the Higher Self in ways that Inspire Blissful Awareness and Profound Joy.

Experiencing and Expressing Love creates Moments of Epiphany which Elevate the Human Spirit.

You are the Brightest Light that will ever Shine in your Life. Bask in the Beauty and Glory of Who You Are for You are a Blessing.

Reach beyond the Self to the true Inspiration which is the Positive Essence of the Earth and Discover the Ancient and Ancestral Wisdom which resides in every River, every Tree, every Bird and every Flower...

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, January 04, 2013

See with Spiritual Eyes

Within each and every Face you will find a Healing Prayer and a Heavenly Message. See with Spiritual Eyes the Beauty of Humankind.

To Live a Happier Life we must first Love ourself and Embrace the Light of our Soul. The more we Love and Accept the Beauty of Who We are the more able we will be to Generously Give to others in ways that will Inspire the Highest Good Possible.

Let us Build a House of Miracles where we may Cultivate our Spiritual Gifts and Awaken to our Beauty. Let us make our Home a Temple of Light where ever Message is one of Love and every Prayer connects us with our Sacredness. Let us build a Community of Peace and Freedom...

I see Harmony and Beauty in the night Sky. The Heavens have a Face that Smiles down upon us and Uplifts the whole World.

Awaken with Gratitude for the Blessings in your Life. Awaken with Sacred Integrity and have a Grand Love Affair with your Life. Awaken to the Knowledge that your Soul is Alive. Awaken.

Our Hearts are made of Love for Love is the Essence of Who We Are. Love creates a Flow of Positive Energy which Manifests Miracles. Know that when you Reach the Mountaintop there will be no Great Surprise but there will be Love. Reach into your Heart and Embrace the Beauty that is Love.

Start your day with a Small Kindness for a simple Act of Kindness can Transform a Life and Change the World.

Whenever I encounter the Spirit it Inspires me to explore Beauty and Diversity with Clarity and Intention. Thusly my Life has become a Heavenly Balance and a Healing Celebration where Guides and Angels Dance along Avenues of Positive Thought and Peaceful Action.

alternative realities have become a profound influence which drives me to ride my sanity like a surfer rides a wave, not seeking the shore but challenging the self to reach for and expect more.

Live Spiritually and Actively Seek Positive Change and yours will be a World of Bliss where Dreams are Thoughts made Real.

The Path of Self Discovery leads to a Magickal World of Miracles when we Live our Wholeness and Communicate with Angels.

You are Divinely Created to be a Source of Great Happiness. Honour your Creator by Living your Destiny.

Change begins Within. Create a Sanctified Atmosphere where your Soul may roam Free and you will be a Magnet for Happiness.

Good Thoughts weave together Words that I Share in the Hope of Touching Souls in ways Profound and Changing Lives for the Better.

When we Love someone Life Smiles for it Knows that Bathing on the Shores of the Ocean of Infinity are those who Realized that the only Truth is Love.

In Pure Gratitude I Share my Prayer of an Earthly Existence of Great Happiness and Joyful Serenity. Thankful are We who count our Blessings not on our Fingers but on the Smiling Faces of those we Love.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )