Friday, January 11, 2013

Listen to the Voice of Silence

Listen to the Voice of Silence and You will Hear the Sweet Melody of Heaven.

I sense the Miraculous in You. I feel the Beauty of your Essence and I am Transformed. You are a Living Gift and all are Blessed who have You in their Life. I Believe in You. Know that the Moment you FEEL this way about yourself is the Moment that everything Changes for the Better.

Your Soul is Richly Robed in Love for it Knows that Life is a Journey created out of Love and meant to be Shared.

When I have Reached my Heaven I will let the Light of my Love shine Brightly that you may find your way to your personal Paradise. We all have the Sacred within us for it is not a Place it is a Consciousness waiting for us to make our way Home.

Walk Joyously into the Divine Light of Spiritual Enlightenment for You are a Child of the Heavens meant to not only Experience the Sacred but to Live it with every Breath.

Awaken the Light within You and Dream a new Dream of Profound Love and Spiritual Inspiration.

It is when Spirit and Soul coexist in Balance and Beauty that we Rise to a Higher level of Being and see the Truth of our Existence.

The Inner Radiance of your Being is a Beautiful Flower which when Nourished will show you an Infinite Universe of Higher Perspectives and Transcendental Realms. Discover the Glory of your Greatness and Dive Deeply into the New Consciousness which is coming. Believe in your Sacred Self and yours will be a Journey of Empowerment and Transformation.

I found that it was when I Aspired to be Kind that mine became an Awakened Life of Mystical Visions and Spiritual Transformation.

I Love You with a Childlike Innocence and an Angelic Purity that Showers the Heavens with Hugs and the Universe with Kisses.

Breathe Love into your Existence and you open Portals to the Divine.

Blessings on your Path. May yours be a Brave and Poetic existence which Flows and Connects with Spirit as you Create the World you Desire and Deserve.

We all have an Intuitive Inner Eye which if acknowledged Connects us to the Higher Self in ways that Inspire Blissful Awareness and Profound Joy.

Experiencing and Expressing Love creates Moments of Epiphany which Elevate the Human Spirit.

You are the Brightest Light that will ever Shine in your Life. Bask in the Beauty and Glory of Who You Are for You are a Blessing.

Reach beyond the Self to the true Inspiration which is the Positive Essence of the Earth and Discover the Ancient and Ancestral Wisdom which resides in every River, every Tree, every Bird and every Flower...

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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