Friday, January 25, 2013

Bathed in the Light of Karmic Healing

Nature has a Consciousness that is Serene, Peaceful, Playful and Enlightening. To be One with Nature is to be One with your God.

A Greater Appreciation of the Higher Self and a Desire to lead a Life of Grace is that which Inspires us to be Sages and Masters.

In Gentleness may your Journey be Profound. In Glory may your Purpose be Inspired. In Light may your Wisdom be Celebrated and in Love may your Life be Cherished.

Angelic in their Beauty are the Children for they are the Heaven that makes Life worth Living.

I see the Beauty of the Universe within the Smile of a Child and the Love of a Woman.

teachers, mystics, messengers, seers, sages, soothsayers, guides and gurus let us walk hand in hand to a place of higher spiritual truths where we may liberate the sacred in our soul that it may fan the holy flames of happiness and help us create a world where miracles happen and dreams come true for everyone.

Bathed in the Light of Karmic Healing are they who Seek to Touch the Soul of Others in Ways which enable them to Experience Divine Love.

The Smile on the Face of your Inner Child grows when you Live Joyously and Authentically.

Live Courageously and Shine your Truth on those things which Create Joy in your Heart.

Revolutionize your Life by giving to the World something Invaluable, the Love in your Heart.

I have a Feeling of Immense Gratitude for those Souls who Motivate and Liberate for they are the Inspiration that moves me to Think and Act Positively.

Believe in and Appreciate the Transformative Truth of your own Greatness and the Wings of your Soul will Inspire you to Fly to a Place of Spiritual Liberation.

We each have a Unique Spiritual Path and those of us who use it to Create Amazing Experiences will have an Awakened Life of Joyous Revelry.

We are Born of Nature and our Birthright is to Love, Nourish and Nurture Nature that She may continue to Gift the World with Beauty.

to be yourself is to be extraordinary. to believe in yourself is to believe in miracles. to love yourself is the greatest contribution you can make to the world. to be, believe and love is the path to heaven.

Loving You is a Mystical Experience. I am Touched by the Glory of the Universe whenever we Embrace. You are the Breath of Life and I am Blessed to be in the Presence of such Beauty. You are Wife, Mother, Lover and the Light that Guides my Life. I Love You.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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