Friday, February 01, 2013

The Eternal Essence Of Life

Nature is where Free Thinking Beings discover not only the Beauty of Life but the Grace and Glory that is within the Hearts of all Living Creatures.

Naked is my Inner Child as he collects Water from the Well of Transformation to Nourish his Spirit and Bathe his Soul for he Knows well that Water is the Eternal Essence of Life and we are its Offspring.

If you follow my Spiritual Footprints you will see that they lead to a Place in the Heart where a Beautiful Light connects God and Goddess in an Uplifting and Loving way that Invites you Home to your own Special Gifts.

Possibilities are Illuminated when we Awaken the Imagination. We are Creators and Spiritual Alchemists who if we so Choose can Transform our World into something Beautiful that Touches every Soul with great Love and Kindness.

Love is the Language of Angels. A Language true to the Heart that Speaks to the Radiant Beauty within. Speak to me with Loving Words and I will respond with Joyous Conversation that Touches the Soul.

When we Heal ourself we make a Positive Contribution to the World for the more Balanced and Whole we are the Better able we are to Share our true Beauty, Wisdom, Love and Light.

It is when Heaven and Earth align in the Heart and Soul of all Sentient Beings that Dreams turn into Realities.

Wisdom is an Innate Creative Gift passed down from the Ancients with the Intent of Creating a Better World.

Those of us who are Graduate Students at the University of Life take Pleasure in Serving for in our studies we have Learned that Giving and Sharing are Profound Gifts to be Worshipped and Respected.

I am Unique and Empowered. My Life is a Neverwaking Dream of Passion and Compassion. I Stand Proudly before the Cauldron of Transformation for I know that whatever Change comes will be my Destiny. Mine is a MultiDimensional Reality where the Soul is Guided by a Divine Presence to Places of Pilgrimage where Love is the only Truth. I am The Ancient One.

All the Sacred Nourishment we need is provided by Mother Nature and the Divine Feminine.

Insightful Listening and a Desire to Share will Create Positive Possibilities that will Enhance and Enrich your Life.

Blessings from Spirit. May the Love that is the Holy Essence of Life be Profoundly Embedded in your Soul as you Explore new Dimensions of Being and May you Intuit and Feel the Natural Flow of the Sacred as you Voyage into Realities of Lightness.

Within every Smile are Healing Springs of Hope and Peaceful Beauty that Inspire and Transform.

All Living Beings have the Potential to make a Positive and Lasting Impact on the World. We are all made of Spiritual Energy and have the Capacity to Create our own Universe. The Transformational Tool that will take us to the Holy and Magickal place of our Dreams is Belief.

Today I will cast a Spell of Goodness and Kindness. I will use my Magick to Create Miracles that Transform. I will use my Intuition to Breathe Spirit into those I Love. Today I will Manifest something Beautiful that Touches the Soul in ways Profound. This is what I shall do Today.

To have a Happy and Loving Home we must let our Soul Sing and our Spirit Dance for Freedom and Liberation are the Forces in the Universe that give us the Inspiration to Create a Better World and a Better Life.

( MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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