Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Heart Of Eternity

Just to be Alive at the same Time you Exist is to be at One with the Universe for You are Heaven and Earth and Together we Light the Heart of Eternity with Love.

The Flower of Love is a Work of Art shaped by Nature and placed on Earth to Light our Journey and Fire our Heart that we may know Pure Bliss and Enlightened Ecstasy.

Your Smile is a Poem that Caresses my Soul. Your Touch is a Song that Inspires my Spirit. You are a Work of Art that Elevates the Mind to an Enchanted Land of Dreams. We are Beautiful. We are Love!

Our Heartbeat is a Positive Mantra gifted to us by God and Goddess that we may Live our Lives in the Lap of Love as We make our way Home to Heaven.

I have Tasted who you are and all of Heaven rejoiced for you are the Nourishment my Soul needs and I am the Angel your Spirit desires.

My Humanity and Divinity are Lovers seeking to give Birth to a new Reality that Gives Love to All People.

I Believe that within the Soul of every Human Being there are Miracles at Work which will Transform our very Essence once we Realize that Self Discovery and Enlightenment are the same thing.

The Lightness of your Being becomes a Powerful and Inspiring Force when You send forth Positive Thoughts and Vibrations.

Connect to Mother Earth in ways that Celebrate the Spirit for You are a Being of Higher Evolution whose Destiny is to Improve the Lives of Others.

You can Change the World. You can Awaken the Spirit. You can Transform Lives for the Better. You can Live a Balanced Life of Happiness and Harmony. You can Touch Peoples Soul in ways Profound. You can Love and Respect yourself. These are the things that You can Do.

You are an inspiring individual and the sunlight of your soul illuminates the glow of your many gifts. Thank you for sharing your story and abilities. By sharing yourself you cultivate spirit and nourish the souls of all blessed to cross your path. I applaud your reality and celebrate what you have achieved. I wish you the freedom to be who you really are as you live your dreams. You are Loved!

May you open your heart to others as you live your destiny and May the seasons of transformation change you in ways that embrace a higher vibration.

May you honour the divine within as you discover the light of unity and May the music of your soul be a symphony which serenades the sunlight of enlightenment.

Born of Goodness. Born of Kindness. Born of Greatness. We are Born to Love in every Breath and Live every Moment as a Miracle.

The River of Dreams becomes an Ocean of Truth when we Open our Heart, Mind and Soul to the Reality of which way the Wind really Blows.

May yours be a Path of Gratitude that Transforms your daily Life by Connecting you with Spiritually Passionate People who will Open your Soul to the Truth that You are an Angel generated by Love.

Breathe Reverence and Respect into your Life by adopting a Positive and Peaceful Perspective that Reflects the Divine within You.

Respect Yourself enough to Believe that You are Worthy of the Highest State of Love.

We are all Stars in a Vast Universe of Love and Light where every Face is the Face of God.

I vow to begin my day with Goodness. I pledge to start my Morning with Kindness. I give my word that I will approach every moment with Love in my Heart. The Transformation has begun and I am Blessed.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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