Friday, August 30, 2013

A Sacred Responsibility

we have a sacred responsibility to serve humanity in a way that promotes peace and inspires hope. we have a destiny to create something meaningful and significant that touches lives in a positive way. let us as spiritual seekers make it our mission to experience love in every moment.

Awake with the Knowledge that You are a Gift to the World. You are in this present Moment capable of accomplishing Great things. Arise with the Realization that You are a Treasure to Behold. You are at this Time in your Life capable of manifesting Miracles. Awake and Arise. The World is yours to Create.

We are but Flowers in the Garden of Life and those who Touch the Face of God are the ones who not only Stop and Smell the Roses but also plant Seeds of Love.

children of the earth set your soul aflame with the greater glow of happiness and make every moment a wondrous experience for you are blessed and beautiful.

Dream your Joy into Being. Dream of a Nurturing Kindness. Dream the Best Possible Outcome in any Situation. Dream you have a Positive Impact on the World around you. Dream you are Connected to the Divine. Dream you are Free from Limitations. Dream you are Serving all Humanity. Dream you are Loved. Awaken and do everything You can to make your Dreams come True.

let us build a house of love where the hearts true nature can dwell peacefully in an atmosphere of joy, laughter and aliveness. let us build a home where the souls sacred beauty may live happily in an atmosphere of illumination, inspiration and transformation. let us build a world...

We are Sacred Creations. We are People on the Grow. We are Beings of Light. We are Conduits of Positive Energy. We are Ancient and Wise. We are Miracles. We are Manifestations of the Divine. We are Beautiful. This is Who We Are.

the god and goddess that live within us are there to purify the soul and benefit the universe. salvation, peace and joy comes to those whose spirit and devotion are a source of inspiration for others. affectionate cultivation of the sacred self and a higher path of service elevates the lives of they who are courageous enough to open themselves so profoundly that their god and goddess may roam free.

personal freedom and spiritual emancipation are the result of positive choices and profound change.

Live your Life as a Living Prayer where every question is answered with Love and you will Grow and Evolve as a Being of Spirit while you attain Divine Awareness.

Divine is the Realization that there are Different kinds of Miracles. To Walk on Water or Raise the Dead may be a Miracle for some while a simple Smile and a kind Hello may be a Miracle for others.

walk with me along the highway of common good where people engage in loving activities as they immerse themselves in a higher dimensional reality.

it is in the infinite horizons of interplanetary communication that some of us find our sacred purpose for within possibility there are treasures to behold that lead to a blissful state of beingness and happiness.

Immerse yourself in Higher Spiritual Understanding and Live your Greatness. For the Good of Humanity let the Luminous Rays of your Inner Beauty point the way to Greater Knowledge of you for the Better you Know yourself the more Nourishing will be the Bread of Life. Let yours be a Quest to Help Humanity. Bring a Spiritual Message with you on your Journey and let that Message be that Sunshine and Shadows are Kindred Souls that lead to Balance and Beauty. Immerse yourself in the Creative Evolution of your Soul.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, August 23, 2013

The Beauty Of Your True Self

the more you love yourself the more others will love you for they will see within your love the beauty of your true self.

Light a Fire of Compassion and Joy deep within You and yours will be a Meaningful Existence where Visions become Clear and You become more Alive.

Within the Heart is a Flower of Love which Blossoms whenever we Touch another Soul in a Positive way.

Glory Be to those of Happy Mind and Loving Heart. Glory Be to those of Sacred Beauty and Pure Intent. Glory Be to those who see the Light in Others. Glory Be to those who Live what they Believe. Glory Be to those who Create Good Karma. Glory Be to those who Live in the Now. Glory Be!

There Exists within you a Bountiful Harvest of Thoughts and Feelings which when Shared will enable others to Feel the Love and Kindness of your True Self. Look within and Release the Uplifting Vibrations of your Sacred Essence.

see the beauty of people. see people through the eyes of the soul for it is then that love and acceptance will embrace the spirit. See them with a singing heart of pure awareness and you will experience the glory of your own greatness. see them as divine light and they will see you in the same way they see the morning sun. see the beauty of people.

the sunshine of my essence is a light of purity and hope which when shared creates something beautiful and magickal. the dawn of my transformation is here and i share its truth with all humanity. open your heart and let the sun shine in.

A Positive Thought powered by Love becomes a Creative Reality that Blesses Life with the Energy of Inspiration and the Joy of Transformation.

Kiss me like the Sun Kisses the Flowers that I may Blossom into the Heavenly Being I was born to Be.

sweet is the song of love that fills the heart with wonder and makes each moment a joyful experience that illuminates the world with blessed beauty.

there are those who follow their dreams and there are those who create their dreams. there are those who think great thoughts and there are those who do great things. there are those who pray for a better tomorrow and there are those who do their best to make tomorrow better. which are you.

a life finely crafted from love immerses the soul in kindness and empowers people to live a spiritual life which lights the way for others.

By making your Thoughts and Actions a Positive Affirmation you Create a Joyous Energy which Evolves your Soul as it Transforms the Soul of Others.

Bless the Eyes of Compassion for they will see you through some difficult Times. It is because of the Kindness of Beautiful Souls that we will Awaken with a Joyous Expression of Spiritual Contentment and a Desire to Serve the Greater Good.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Gift Of Choice

Every moment of our Life we are Blessed with the Gift of Choice. Choose Wisely and Life becomes a series of Delightful Experiences that Enrich and Empower.

Rooted in the Reflecting Light of the Heart is a Radiance which Ignites the Soul and Creates Greater Spiritual Awareness. Look to your Heart for it is there You will find Prayerful Treasures and True Life Purpose.

My Spirit is Inspired and my Soul is Elevated with every Smile I see for within that Moment is the Glow of Grace and the Glory of Heaven.

Generate Ideas that Empower. Use the Kindness of your Words to Inspire. Live your Life in a way that Motivates. You have within you not the Power to move Mountains but the Power to Change Lives and by Changing Lives you make the Earth Smile.

to open the gateway to positive living and experience meaningful transformation we must simply believe that it exists and that we are worthy.

You have an Essence of Pure Enlightenment. You have a Inner Landscape that is Uniquely Beautiful. You are a Unique Manifestation of Love and Light. At your Core is the place where Earth and Heaven meet. Live your Destiny by Seeing your True Self and setting it Free.

awake this morn and breathe in inspiration. let every breath be filled with positive life choices. embrace each moment with unbound gaiety and mystic intent. awake this morn and light your soul with love.

Listen to your Angels. The Energy of Angels not only Inspires the Soul it also Transforms limiting Beliefs. Angels motivate us with Empowering Realizations which Guide us to Create a Blueprint for a Positive Future. Angels are Heavenly Helpers that provide us with the Opportunity to Look within that we may see the Sacred Gifts of Inner Peace and Joy. Listen to your Angels.

we experience the higher self when we embrace the joy of loving service for every act of kindness opens a doorway to our divine beauty and sacred essence.

timeless and ancient are the past life incarnations which feed my mind, body and soul with wisdom, knowledge, truth, beauty and light.

Create the Energy you Seek by Exploring Enlightening Alternatives and by Empowering yourself with Compassion and Understanding. Caring and Kindness are the Greatest Reservoirs of Positive Energy Life has to offer.

set your intentions to happiness for to know joy is to know your true self and your true self was born of love and destined to be happy.

tonight i say a prayer for the earth. a prayer of love for a mother we have neglected. a prayer of light for a nurturing friend much to often ignored. a prayer of hope for a kindred soul who deserves better. tonight i say a prayer for the earth.

be kind to yourself. enrich your life journey by giving yourself the love you deserve. know that you are special and by showing yourself that you are worthy of all the joy life has to offer you release healing energies that transform. be truly compassionate to yourself. walk dimensions of spirit in balance and harmony as you manifest your dreams. look within at the wellspring of karmic information and use its inspirational messages to create an uplifting atmosphere of blissful awareness. be loving to yourself.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Thursday, August 08, 2013

Bless And Transform

Nurture, Nourish, Inspire, Create, Awaken, Enrich, Engage, Enlighten, Invoke, Transcend, Empower, Unite, Initiate, Bless and Transform. This is your Task for the Day.

Share with me a Dream of Bright Happy Days. A Dream where people join Together to Celebrate the Sacredness of Mother Earth. A Dream of Light that Liberates the Divine within. Share with me a Dream of Beauty where the Wind Dances as the Spirit Sings. A Dream of Kind Thoughts and Loving Actions. A Dream of Wonder and Magick where all Emerge into an Enchanting new Existence. Share with me a Dream.

there is a stream of love which flows through the entire universe that elevates every experience for those brave enough to be their true self in spite of opposition.

Sweet are they with Heaven in their Heart who Breathe Joy into every Moment for they are Messengers of Love and through their Kindness we Bloom like Flowers in Paradise bathing in the Sunlight of Love.

I wish love and kindness unto all beings. We are born of the same light and therefore are brothers and sisters. We are the spirit of the sky and the heart of the earth. I call upon your soul to create a life of beauty that brings joy to all.

To sit Under the Moon and be Caressed by the Divine Wonder of its Loving Light is to be truly Alive.

mine is a tribal heartbeat. within my soul is a shamanic and mystical symphony of purity and passion. the beauty of the now is a spiritual aphrodisiac that has a profound healing effect on my battered heart. the flow of grace from those that mean the most to me frees my mind as it explores the depths of my being. divine is the rhythm of my existence. if life is a song then my life is a hymn of birth death and rebirth. with every breath i am born anew. with every smile life begins again. i am eternal. i am infinite. i am the ancient one.

Beyond the Infinite is a Place of Ecstatic Inspiration and Liberating Ways where people Nourish Positive Relationships and Celebrate the Oneness of All Life.

Your Hearts Prayer is one that Embraces the Sacredness of Love and if you wish to Honour that Prayer simply contribute to the Well Being of Others for every Act of Kindness is a Prayer that has been Answered.

by deepening your compassion and allowing the flow of positive energy to envelope your thoughts and feelings you enrich the lives of others as you grow into your sacred self.

Let today be a Glorious Nw Beginning. Let it be a time of Uplifting Energy and Continuous Prayer. Let today be a Mystical Experience where the Cleansing Waters of Love Transform each and every Soul on Earth.

Life is a Symphony of Love and We are meant to Celebrate its Beauty. Let us Live in Light and Dance in Joy.

we have within us a natural goodness. we have within us countless gifts of spirit. we have within us a life changing power to heal and transform. we have a heart of purity and a soul of dignity. be fully engaged in every moment of your life and liberate the miracles within as you embrace the vastness of your being. you have within you a natural greatness.

Live each day with Love as your Guide and your Journey becomes a Heartfelt Gift where every Moment is a Stepping Stone to a Higher Dimension.

Shape your Reality with the Sacred and you will have a Life Divine where every Moment is one of Deep Love and Transformational Light.

Let Basic Goodness be your Highest Purpose and yours will be a Path to Wholeness where Flowers of Love and Light Blossom within your Soul.

It is when we Help others find Happiness that we Create a Circle of Compassion which Generates Love and Manifests Miraculous Change.

Nourish your Passions with Profound Spoken Truths as you Embrace the Energy of Love and yours will be a Life of great Joy and Spiritual Well Being.

a contemplative path leads to a gateway of change where you will find peace and serenity. a place where the fabric of your dreams weaves a reality of joyful awareness. contemplate your path and your path will create for you a hope giving journey of beauty and bliss.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, August 02, 2013

Speak To Me Softly

Love is the Language of Life. Speak to me Softly for the Whispers caress my Heart and the Words inspire my Soul.

you are stronger than this. breathe in light. you are better than this. breathe in inspiration. you are smarter than this. breathe in wisdom. you are more compassionate than this. breathe in love. breathe in life. breathe in joy. breathe in happiness. breathe...

life is filled with struggle and we either allow our hardship to define us or we use our pain to inspire us. there will always be battles to be fought and burdens we must carry. let us not wallow in self pity but arise as warriors of spirit with a mission of light and a message of love.

Yours is a Soul that is Heaped with Blessings. Connect with Yourself and you will find the Passion, Spirit and Inspiration needed to Experience Meaningful Transformation.

Holy is the Life which is Inspired by Oneness for it is when we Realize that We are One that we see our Sacredness and Manifest a Life of Love.

Rich in Positive Energy are they who are Confident in their Direction. Believe in Who You Are and What You Do for Belief is that which enables one to Build a Life of Meaning and Significance which Benefits all Humanity.

Embraced with Passion the Soul is swept away to a place of Awakening Love where God and Goddess are One in Spirt.

We are Holy. We are Extraordinary. We are Beings of Love. We are Beautiful. We are Vibrantly Alive. We are Evolutionary Spirits. We are a Blessing. We are Miraculous. We are Absolutely Wonderful. This is Who We Are. Be Who You Are.

live with passion and be grateful to be alive. have a higher purpose and be compassionate with yourself. embrace your loving spirit and dance in the glorious light of your hearts inspiration. cherish who you are and make a conscious choice to benefit humankind with your true self. we are masters, mystics and messengers on a journey of brilliance and beauty. live the miracle of your magnificence.

In the Ocean of Imagination is a Song of the Soul which serves as the Soundtrack to Life and the Moments that make our Journey Special are the Lyrics that Serenade our Spirit.

While walking in the Direction of your Dreams be sure you see your Higher Spiritual Self when it passes by for it is when we see our true self with Clarity that our Dreams come True.

i am happy with myself. i am happy with the purity of my intention. i am happy with my unique insight. i am happy with the angels in my soul. i am happy with my inner treasures. i am happy with my gentle and graceful spirit. i am happy with the love within my heart. i am happy with you. i am happy. i am. i

Evolved is the Spirit that sees the Miracle of Life with Glorious Intoxication and recognizes it as an Extraordinary Blessing.

There is much to Life we never See. The Visionaries are those who See beyond their Reach into Realms and Dimensions where the Mystical and Magickal happen.

we are born to shine. we have an innate radiance. we have a glow which emanates from the soul and reaches to the heavens. we are illuminated by love. we are born to shine.

Today I shall spend the day with myself. I will show myself Kindness. I will Respect and Honour myself. I will help myself Experience the Positive. I will be Happy with myself and I will Love myself.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )