Friday, August 23, 2013

The Beauty Of Your True Self

the more you love yourself the more others will love you for they will see within your love the beauty of your true self.

Light a Fire of Compassion and Joy deep within You and yours will be a Meaningful Existence where Visions become Clear and You become more Alive.

Within the Heart is a Flower of Love which Blossoms whenever we Touch another Soul in a Positive way.

Glory Be to those of Happy Mind and Loving Heart. Glory Be to those of Sacred Beauty and Pure Intent. Glory Be to those who see the Light in Others. Glory Be to those who Live what they Believe. Glory Be to those who Create Good Karma. Glory Be to those who Live in the Now. Glory Be!

There Exists within you a Bountiful Harvest of Thoughts and Feelings which when Shared will enable others to Feel the Love and Kindness of your True Self. Look within and Release the Uplifting Vibrations of your Sacred Essence.

see the beauty of people. see people through the eyes of the soul for it is then that love and acceptance will embrace the spirit. See them with a singing heart of pure awareness and you will experience the glory of your own greatness. see them as divine light and they will see you in the same way they see the morning sun. see the beauty of people.

the sunshine of my essence is a light of purity and hope which when shared creates something beautiful and magickal. the dawn of my transformation is here and i share its truth with all humanity. open your heart and let the sun shine in.

A Positive Thought powered by Love becomes a Creative Reality that Blesses Life with the Energy of Inspiration and the Joy of Transformation.

Kiss me like the Sun Kisses the Flowers that I may Blossom into the Heavenly Being I was born to Be.

sweet is the song of love that fills the heart with wonder and makes each moment a joyful experience that illuminates the world with blessed beauty.

there are those who follow their dreams and there are those who create their dreams. there are those who think great thoughts and there are those who do great things. there are those who pray for a better tomorrow and there are those who do their best to make tomorrow better. which are you.

a life finely crafted from love immerses the soul in kindness and empowers people to live a spiritual life which lights the way for others.

By making your Thoughts and Actions a Positive Affirmation you Create a Joyous Energy which Evolves your Soul as it Transforms the Soul of Others.

Bless the Eyes of Compassion for they will see you through some difficult Times. It is because of the Kindness of Beautiful Souls that we will Awaken with a Joyous Expression of Spiritual Contentment and a Desire to Serve the Greater Good.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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