Friday, August 02, 2013

Speak To Me Softly

Love is the Language of Life. Speak to me Softly for the Whispers caress my Heart and the Words inspire my Soul.

you are stronger than this. breathe in light. you are better than this. breathe in inspiration. you are smarter than this. breathe in wisdom. you are more compassionate than this. breathe in love. breathe in life. breathe in joy. breathe in happiness. breathe...

life is filled with struggle and we either allow our hardship to define us or we use our pain to inspire us. there will always be battles to be fought and burdens we must carry. let us not wallow in self pity but arise as warriors of spirit with a mission of light and a message of love.

Yours is a Soul that is Heaped with Blessings. Connect with Yourself and you will find the Passion, Spirit and Inspiration needed to Experience Meaningful Transformation.

Holy is the Life which is Inspired by Oneness for it is when we Realize that We are One that we see our Sacredness and Manifest a Life of Love.

Rich in Positive Energy are they who are Confident in their Direction. Believe in Who You Are and What You Do for Belief is that which enables one to Build a Life of Meaning and Significance which Benefits all Humanity.

Embraced with Passion the Soul is swept away to a place of Awakening Love where God and Goddess are One in Spirt.

We are Holy. We are Extraordinary. We are Beings of Love. We are Beautiful. We are Vibrantly Alive. We are Evolutionary Spirits. We are a Blessing. We are Miraculous. We are Absolutely Wonderful. This is Who We Are. Be Who You Are.

live with passion and be grateful to be alive. have a higher purpose and be compassionate with yourself. embrace your loving spirit and dance in the glorious light of your hearts inspiration. cherish who you are and make a conscious choice to benefit humankind with your true self. we are masters, mystics and messengers on a journey of brilliance and beauty. live the miracle of your magnificence.

In the Ocean of Imagination is a Song of the Soul which serves as the Soundtrack to Life and the Moments that make our Journey Special are the Lyrics that Serenade our Spirit.

While walking in the Direction of your Dreams be sure you see your Higher Spiritual Self when it passes by for it is when we see our true self with Clarity that our Dreams come True.

i am happy with myself. i am happy with the purity of my intention. i am happy with my unique insight. i am happy with the angels in my soul. i am happy with my inner treasures. i am happy with my gentle and graceful spirit. i am happy with the love within my heart. i am happy with you. i am happy. i am. i

Evolved is the Spirit that sees the Miracle of Life with Glorious Intoxication and recognizes it as an Extraordinary Blessing.

There is much to Life we never See. The Visionaries are those who See beyond their Reach into Realms and Dimensions where the Mystical and Magickal happen.

we are born to shine. we have an innate radiance. we have a glow which emanates from the soul and reaches to the heavens. we are illuminated by love. we are born to shine.

Today I shall spend the day with myself. I will show myself Kindness. I will Respect and Honour myself. I will help myself Experience the Positive. I will be Happy with myself and I will Love myself.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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