Friday, August 30, 2013

A Sacred Responsibility

we have a sacred responsibility to serve humanity in a way that promotes peace and inspires hope. we have a destiny to create something meaningful and significant that touches lives in a positive way. let us as spiritual seekers make it our mission to experience love in every moment.

Awake with the Knowledge that You are a Gift to the World. You are in this present Moment capable of accomplishing Great things. Arise with the Realization that You are a Treasure to Behold. You are at this Time in your Life capable of manifesting Miracles. Awake and Arise. The World is yours to Create.

We are but Flowers in the Garden of Life and those who Touch the Face of God are the ones who not only Stop and Smell the Roses but also plant Seeds of Love.

children of the earth set your soul aflame with the greater glow of happiness and make every moment a wondrous experience for you are blessed and beautiful.

Dream your Joy into Being. Dream of a Nurturing Kindness. Dream the Best Possible Outcome in any Situation. Dream you have a Positive Impact on the World around you. Dream you are Connected to the Divine. Dream you are Free from Limitations. Dream you are Serving all Humanity. Dream you are Loved. Awaken and do everything You can to make your Dreams come True.

let us build a house of love where the hearts true nature can dwell peacefully in an atmosphere of joy, laughter and aliveness. let us build a home where the souls sacred beauty may live happily in an atmosphere of illumination, inspiration and transformation. let us build a world...

We are Sacred Creations. We are People on the Grow. We are Beings of Light. We are Conduits of Positive Energy. We are Ancient and Wise. We are Miracles. We are Manifestations of the Divine. We are Beautiful. This is Who We Are.

the god and goddess that live within us are there to purify the soul and benefit the universe. salvation, peace and joy comes to those whose spirit and devotion are a source of inspiration for others. affectionate cultivation of the sacred self and a higher path of service elevates the lives of they who are courageous enough to open themselves so profoundly that their god and goddess may roam free.

personal freedom and spiritual emancipation are the result of positive choices and profound change.

Live your Life as a Living Prayer where every question is answered with Love and you will Grow and Evolve as a Being of Spirit while you attain Divine Awareness.

Divine is the Realization that there are Different kinds of Miracles. To Walk on Water or Raise the Dead may be a Miracle for some while a simple Smile and a kind Hello may be a Miracle for others.

walk with me along the highway of common good where people engage in loving activities as they immerse themselves in a higher dimensional reality.

it is in the infinite horizons of interplanetary communication that some of us find our sacred purpose for within possibility there are treasures to behold that lead to a blissful state of beingness and happiness.

Immerse yourself in Higher Spiritual Understanding and Live your Greatness. For the Good of Humanity let the Luminous Rays of your Inner Beauty point the way to Greater Knowledge of you for the Better you Know yourself the more Nourishing will be the Bread of Life. Let yours be a Quest to Help Humanity. Bring a Spiritual Message with you on your Journey and let that Message be that Sunshine and Shadows are Kindred Souls that lead to Balance and Beauty. Immerse yourself in the Creative Evolution of your Soul.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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