Friday, September 06, 2013

Feel The Sacred Light Flowing Within You

feel the sacred light flowing within you. feel the higher vibration of your own truth. feel the uniquely distinctive essence of your spirit. feel the nurturing beauty of your soul. feel the love you have glowing with divine glory in your heart. feel the exultant joy and enlightening bliss that is your birthright. feel. feel. feel. feel. feel. feel....

to accomplish your sacred purpose and evolve to a higher level of spirit you must shine the light of love on all as you immerse yourself in pure positive energy and live an inspiring life where you experience the miraculous.

You are the Flower of Life and your Beauty is a Heavenly Gift which Nurtures and Empowers. Bless the Breath of Life that Graces this Existence with the Divine Essence of the Sacred Feminine.

Choose to Believe you are Blessed. Choose to Believe that within your Heart is Great Joy. Choose to Believe in Higher Spiritual States. Choose to Believe that Life is a Loving Prayer of Peace and Freedom. Choose to Believe in your Greatness. Choose to Believe in your Goodness. Choose to Believe. Choose...

spiritually pure are those whose song of love is a healing garden where you experience the sacred and bathe in heavenly light while faeries and spirits dance.

Bless You. Bless your Life. Bless your Radiant Goodness. Bless the Purity of your Heart. Bless the Beauty of your Soul. Bless the Kindness of your Purpose. Bless your Compassionate Spirit. Bless You. Bless your Life.

Honor Ancient Culture. Give Thanks and Praise to your Ancestors. Embrace your Elders. Life is an Experience to be Shared for every Moment provides us with Wisdom and Knowledge.

Listen to the Heartbeat of Mother Earth and you Experience the Divine. Sacredness is Alive in the Womb of our Mother and it Emerges in the form of Trees and Flowers. Listen with your Soul to your Mother as she is speaking to you in Whispers guiding you to Rise with the Morning Sun and Embrace the Sweetness of Life. Listen.

Its important to take your Dogma out to Play. Throw it a Bone of Pure Consciousness and Love. Nourish it with the Energy of Hope and let it Drink from the Well of Joy.

guided by inspiration the earthly soul shares the joy and beauty of its spirit as it radiates heavens healing energy for it knows that by harnessing the forces of light you illuminate a path to love.

I built a Temple of Light within my Heart to Help people Learn from Ancient Teachings that they may Step into their Greatness. The doors are always Open and All are Welcome in.

( MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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