Friday, September 20, 2013

The Truest Intentions

To Experience a New Life one must have the Truest of Intentions. To Experience a New Self one must act in ways that are Life Affirming and Positive. Share your Unique Gifts and you will Experience a time of Healing and Awakening. Engage in Higher Self Communication and you will Experience the Beauty of your True Soul. Life is to be an Experience of Heavenly Blessings. To Experience a New Tomorrow one must Manifest a Better Today.

fully express your life as a prayer of gratitude and walk towards your own light for their is wholeness within you and by giving thanks you will shine your brightest.

Life is a Matter of Choice and if we Choose to open the Gateway to the Inner Self and let in the Light of Truth we will Cultivate a Brighter Existence and Manifest a Greater Glory where Love is Everything and Everything is Love.

Let us Celebrate the Wonder of Life as we Live from Truth and Sacred Action. Let us Embrace our Divinity in a way that honours Mother Earth. Let us with True and Authentic Energy Manifest a Collective Transformation. Let us Gather in Grace and Glory as Global Citizens with Joy as our Objective. Let us Be the Message that will Change the World.

it is when our inner and outer realities are one in passion and purity that our blessed life becomes its most magickal and beautiful.

say yes to change. say yes to joy. say yes to peace. say yes to opportunity. say yes to happiness. say yes to enlightenment. say yes to love. say yes to life. say yes.

beautiful moments calm the heart. look in the mirror for it is when we see our true self that we see the beauty of the moment.

Flowing Freely within the Soul is a Stream of Positive Energy and that Energy is released whenever we Laugh. With every Guffaw we purge the negative and open ourselves to Joy. With every Chuckle we Heal old wounds. With every Chortle we Lift ourselves towards our Dreams. Children Laugh themselves Silly. Children Laugh themselves Sacred. Open your Mind, Heart and Soul to the Reality that Transformation is but a Laugh away.

Listen to your Spirit and yours will be a Bright Future. Listen to your Heart and yours will be a Life pulsating with Love. Listen to your Soul and yours will be a Journey of Miracles. Listen to the Voice of the Ancients and you will be at Peace with Heavens. Life improves when we Listen.

I awaken to the Cosmic Breath of Life and I am Blessed. I see the Sweet and Inspiring Smile of a Child and I am Blessed. I feel the Ecstasy of a Pure and Blossoming Love and I am Blessed. Life Transforms the Moment we Realize that We are Blessed. I am Blessed.

love yourself in ways that make you come alive. love yourself in ways that raise your spirit. love yourself in ways that inspire your soul. love yourself in every way possible.

We light the Path of others with pure Spirit when we Think and Act with Love in our Heart and Kindness in our Soul.

Live your Treasures. Live your Gifts. Live those things within that make you Unique. Live your Truth. Live your Greatness. Live every Moment as an Expression of your Love. Live your Dreams. Live your Joy. Live.

soulful people radiate the purest love. spiritual people glow with positive energy. sacred people vibrate with a passion guided by love. it is my glorious calling and divine purpose to be soulful, spiritual and sacred.

bathed in thoughts of spirit and inspiration i rejoice for i am sacred and alive.

live your higher self. love your true self. embrace your sacred self and believe in your evolving self. to be fully alive is to experience the miracle of who you are.

smile with positive intent as you blossom fully into joy as life becomes more beautiful with every act of kindness and more loving with every pure thought and purpose.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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