Friday, September 13, 2013

Drink in the Beauty of the Sun

Drink in the Beauty of the Sun and its Healing Energy will fill your Soul with Insight and Inspiration.

Invite Miracles into your Life. Life is filled with Limitless Possibilities and Infinite Opportunities. Invite Joy into your Life. Ours is a World where Blessings abound. Invite Love into your Life. Transformation begins with Kindness. Greet this Day with a Smile and Know that Happiness is but an Invitation away.

an extraordinary life comes to us when we embrace the beauty of spirit. seek your higher self and you will discover an abundant source of inspiration. with a grateful heart immerse yourself in universal oneness as doing so will bathe your soul in the energies of love and compassion. you are beautiful. share your true beauty and celebrate your greatness.

look to the teachings of the past. look to the wisdom of the ancients. look to the knowledge of the elders. look to the purity of youth. look to the innocence of a child. look to the light in the eyes of an infant. look at your friends. look at your family. look into the soul of a stranger. look in a mirror. if you look hard enough you will be amazed at what you see. look!

Every day is filled with Miracles for those who see with Eyes of Compassion. Those who Live their Innate Kindness are Beings of Spiritual Insight whose Mystical and Metaphysical Essence is such as to Inspire growth of the Soul. Share the Beauty of who you are and every day will be a Profound Experience of Light and Love.

within each of us is a place where love resides. a spiritual plane of light that inspires a positive way of living. we are generously blessed by the energy of the universe. look within and free your true beauty.

honestly and fearlessly burst into a new reality where dreams and visions are the foundation of the house of love you are building and every moment is a beautiful experience.

If we Open our Mind to Positive Healing Thoughts the Soul will lift us to a Place of Boundless Love where Imagination and Creativity are the Fruits of Joy that Nourish our Sacredness.

as a psychic mine is a spiritual journey of radiance and resonance. it is a path of inspired wellness and deeply loving experiences. when i look at others i see the child within dancing in sacred oneness with ancients, ancestors, spirits and guides. i see that the soul has many faces and every one is smiling. as a psychic i am touched and enlightened by the beauty i see in every person i am blessed to meet on the road that leads home to me.

make a life of joy by living your true greatness. allow more love into your life and yours will be an angelic oasis where miracles abound. a new reality is waiting all you have to do is create it.

i have psychic flashes that mark my every moment. i meet a person and my soul takes a photograph and i can see their energy. i touch another being and their past lives course through my veins. i hold another person and luminous dreams of sacred events embrace my heart. i look into the eyes of another and i can see their life from birth to death. i have psychic flashes. smile that i may see your future.

Adventure into the Beyond. There is a World of Magick and Miracles in other Realms and Dimensions waiting for those Brave enough to Live outside the Boundaries. We as Beings of a Celestial Nature will Expand and Evolve by Embracing the Unknown. Life is simple really You can either Walk with the Wounded or Dance with the Faeries. May I have this Dance.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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