Friday, March 30, 2012

I Wish for a Compassionate World

I Love the Peace of You. I Love the Peace of you that Inspires. You are a Rainbow of Beauty that reaches into the Soul. I Love the Freedom of You. I Love the Freedom of you that Inspires. You are a Fountain of Bliss that caresses the Spirit. You are Peace and Freedom and for that I Love You.

Envision a Brighter Future and make it so. Engage in Enlightened Relationships that Inspire and Enrich. Shine a Light on the Beauty of Humanity. A Better Life is a Life guided by Angels and Personal Empowerment. Access your Inner Spirit and let it lead you to Mythic Landscapes of Higher Wisdom and Positive Love. Attune to your needs for it is your Aliveness that will Contribute to Change. The Future is Brighter when we Smile, Laugh and Love.

Love your Body. Love your Mind. Love your Spirit. Love your Soul. Love Yourself. You Are Beautiful.

True Divine Power comes from Conscious Communication with the Spirit. Walk with me through the Enchanted Forest of Life and we will Explore the Beauty of Transcendence. The Spirit is a Repository of Wisdom and those who Appreciate and Acknowledge it will Ascend.

The Transformation of Humanity begins with a Smile. Embrace the Joy of Love and you Change the World. I said a Prayer of Gratitude this morning and the Positive Energy from it Touched Souls around the World. I gave myself a Hug today and it Inspired me to Share my Love and Kindness. We are the World and Change will come when we Truly Love the World for it is then that We will Love ourselves and each other. I Love You.

Awake to your Divinity and the Oneness of Humanity. Arise and Rejoice as you Discover your Natural Beauty. Smile in the Knowledge that every day is a Wonderful day to be Alive. Release your Inner Light and Dance. This is the Moment to look in the Mirror and say I Love You.

The Lullaby of Life is a Song of Magickal Essence which Awakens the Hearts True Nature and I am a Child of God and Goddess floating in a River of Happiness.

I wish for a Compassionate World. I wish for Integrity, Honesty, Happiness and Harmony. I wish for a Place of Love Beautifully Crafted by the Hand of God. I wish for a Blessed Life of Absolute Freedom. I wish for a Community of Wisdom. I wish for an Awakening for all Humankind and I wish for Caring and Kindness everywhere in the Universe. This is what i Wish.

Love is Resplendent. Love is the Art of Being Human. It is the Fruit which Nourishes our Soul. It is the Nature of Creativity and the Voice of your Soul. Love is Reverence for the Earth and Respect for every Living thing. It is Mystical and Magickal. Love is the Air we Breathe. We are Alive and there is nothing Greater we can do than Love. I Love You.

Deep in your Heart is a Sacred Circle where the Divine meet. You are a Soul oriented Voice of Love and an unfolding Spirit of Unique Wisdom and Elegant Simplicity. Illuminate your Truth that all may Bask in the Profoundly Positive Beauty of Who You Are. Let your Thoughts and Beliefs be an Inspiration to those who traverse Heavenly Gardens and Holy Pathways. You are a Gift from above and Today is a new day of Infinite Possibilities. Share your Essence in a way that Enriches and Enlightens. Life is Blessed by Breadth, Depth and Scope of your Love.

We are all Blessed. We are all Beautiful. We are all Beings of Illumination empowered by Love. The Gentle Wind of Joy caresses the Soul of those who Open their Hearts to their own Magnificence. We are all Miracles. We are all Light and We are all Sacred.

There is an Esoteric Light Sanctuary within each of us where Blessedness and Beauty gather to Blossom. Dance upon this Earth for Life is meant to be a Celebration. Know that you are a Child of the Universe whose Soul is dressed with Beams of Love.

Rejoice in the Sacred Light of the Goddess. Embrace the Divine Feminine for She is the Beauty of Creation in Essence and Inspiration. Women are the Sun and the Moon of our Passion and Purpose. The Earth is our Mother and the Stars are our Brothers and Sisters. We are a Family of Celestial and Ethereal Beings of Beauty. Love the Feminine Spirit and you Illuminate the World in a way that Speaks directly to the Soul. I raised my head and Prayed to God and She responded with Love. Amen.

In Caring Hands i hold you close and Cultivate Delight. Our Love is a Poetic Exploration of Happiness and Holiness. In your arms i Transcend limitations and Ascend to a Place of Enchantment. You Embrace my Essence as I Caress your Soul and We Are One. I Love You.

Life is a Field of Glory and I am a Butterfly spreading my Wings as far and wide as the Sky that I may Embrace every Living thing on Earth with Love.

Dance and Play, Delight and Edify, Life is a Treasure Trove of Spiritual Riches and We are Explorers.

I followed a Moonbeam on a Path to Ecstasy and it Awakened my Spiritual Energies. It Satisfied my hunger for Joy and Happiness. It took me to Angelic Realms filled with Hope. It Nurtured my Compassionate Purpose and Luminous Essence that I may Expand my Ethereal Vision. It became a vehicle for Self Transformation and Humanitarian Guidance. I followed a Moonbeam and it brought me to the Precipice of a Miracle so i could be at One with God.

I had an Angelic Consultation today about the Greater Good. I was Encompassed by Wisdom. I Touched a Feather of the Angels Wing and like a Breath of Fresh Air i became a Light in the World that Inspires Spiritual Growth. I am your Messenger and the Message is Love.

I Wish you a Safe and Joyful Journey. I Wish you Divine Blessings and Visionary solutions. May the Precious Moments of your Life create Positive and Loving Transformation. May you Live your Hopes and find Peace within your Heart. Engage with Life and Ignite your Spirit. Experience the Sacred and Light the Path of Love. I Wish you Limitless Opportunities and Infinite Possibilities. Most of all I Wish you all that is Beautiful and Holy for Heaven dwells in each of us and God is waiting there.

Positive Thoughts are the Foundation of a Good Life. Think Love and Love will be your Companion. Think Joy and Joy will be your Lover. Think Happiness and Happiness will be both Friend and Family. Think, Dream and Create. Life is what we make it so make it something Sacred and Beautiful. Make it something Nurturing and Nourishing. You are Worthy of the Highest Good. You are Deserving of the Greatest Love. Think it, Believe it and Build it. Heaven began as a Positive Thought in the Mind of God.

Bathe with me in Waters of Wisdom and Wonder that we may Cleanse our Souls and Breathe Joy into our Lives.

You are Invited to Share your Love with me as I have Shared mine. You are Invited to Share your Light with me as I have Shared mine. You are Invited to Share your Laughter with me as I have Shared mine. You are Invited to Give me your Mind as I have Given mine. You are Invited to Give me your Body as I have Given mine. You are Invited to Give me your Soul as I have Given mine. You are Invited because You are Loved. You are Invited because You are Respected. You are Invited because You are Revered. The day is Today. The time is Now. You are Invited!

( by Micheal Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, March 23, 2012

Your Soul is a Poem

Be Spiritually Fit. Exercise your Soul and Create Miraculous Results. Walk in Awareness of the Beauty of the Natural World. Swim in the Oceans of Spirit. Spiritual Health and Happiness are what occurs when we have an active Mind, Body and Soul. Dance in the Limitless Light of the Dreams that Guide You. Climb the Mountain of Divine Energy and Experience Greater Freedom. Spread your Wings and Fly to new Heights of Mystical Insight and Magick. A Fit Spirit begets a Life of Love that Invigorates the Soul and Opens the Gates of Heaven.

I Hugged a Tree Today and was Embraced by the Wisdom of the Ancients and the Love of the Ancestors. Life is Energy. Every Tree, Every Flower and every Person is Energy. Hug a Tree and you Embrace Love in this Life, Past Lives and Future Lives.

May you Live in Great Happiness. May you receive Blessings beyond Comprehension. May you Radiate the Divine within. May you Embrace the Wonder of Earth born things. May you Dance to the Heartbeat of the Universe. May you Create a Life you Love. May you Live always with Gratitude and Respect. May you a build a Bridge of Light to a Destiny of Bliss and May you Bless, Uplift and Heal the World. The Answer is Yes You May!

The Tree of Life is Radiant with Leaves of Love and Kindness. Its roots are Planted firmly within the Womb of Sacred Mother Earth. Water your World with Love and the Tree will Blossom into a Future of Great Joy and Happiness.

Remember Who You Are. You are a Spiritual Epiphany. You are a Gift from God and Goddess. You are a Growing Phenomenon. You are a Brighter Shade of Love. You are Beautiful and Enigmatic. You are Deep and Delicious. You are Awakening Kindness and Conscious Awareness. You are Sacred and Divine. You are Extraordinary. You are my Friend. I Love You.

A Light Shines Brilliantly in those whose Love of the World is an Inspiration to Behold. We are Celestial Souls Crafted from Love and we all have the Ability and Passion to be Visionaries. Visionaries are those who See with Spiritual eyes. They are those who Illuminate their Lives with the Miraculous. Feel the Miracle of Life and Open your Mind that you may See Truth and Beauty that surrounds you. Explore your Awakening Light and Let yours be a Vision of a Better World and a Brighter Tomorrow.

Your Soul is a Poem that Flows like a Sacred Stream into the Hearts of all who Know and Love You.

I awoke in the Lap of Mother Nature with the Sweetness of Love warming my Heart. We had a Breakfast of Insight and Inspiration. We walked in Harmony, Unity and Peace through Gardens of Bliss and Beauty. I fell asleep in the arms of Mother Nature with a Smile on my face for I knew i was Home.

See with the Eyes of a Child. See with Innocence and Purity. Play with Life. Sing for no reason and Dance without Music. Let the Joy of the Child within you out to Play. Glow with Happiness and Frolic in Fields of Bliss. Climb the Tree of Transformation and eat Freely the Fruits of Change. Laugh with the Beauty that comes from Youth and Rejoice in the Knowledge that the Soul doesnt age. Love with the Heart of a Child.

Create Joy with every Thought. What we Think impacts the World around us. Think Hope, Think Happiness, Think Peace and Think Love. Every Great Accomplishment in Life began with a Thought. Think!

Reach inside your Soul and Feel your Essence. Feel the Love that is your Birthright. We are Beings of Love and by Sharing that which is Innate to us we Cultivate Kindness and Inspire Compassion. Be Joyously Optimist for the Transformation that is coming will Create a Loving Global Community of Peace, Freedom and Enlightenment.

Release the Love within your Shamanic Soul and every Moment becomes a Life Changing Event.

When Spirits are around they make Great things happen. They allow us to Feel more Peace and Create a state of Grace and Joy. When Spirits are around they Manifest a dynamic Field of Possibilities. They Heal and Cleanse us that we may Transcend and Transform. Life is a thing of Bliss and Beauty. When Spirits are around.

Pure Joy is a Haven for the Soul. The Loving Spirits that Uplift and Empower us are Inspired by the Souls Sacred Light. A New World of Insight and Intuition awaits those who allow their Life to Flow naturally in the direction of Soul and Spirit. We are a Beautiful Gift from above sent to Earth to Share the Gift of Love. Be the Joy within and Grace the World with the Miracle of You.

( by Micheal Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, March 16, 2012

My Soul Has Wings

On this Beautiful Morn let us Gather as One and Create the Future. A Future of Sacred Knowledge and Possibilities. A Future of Peace, Freedom and Liberation. A Future of Friendliness and Goodwill. Let us Shout to the Heavens the Glory of our Creation. We are Bathed in Warmth and Life. We are Connected to each other by our Souls. We are the Greatest Gift the Universe has ever seen. On this most Lovely of Days let us Join together in Kindness and Create a Brighter Future, a Better World and an Eternity of Love amongst all People.

Dance with me in a Ritual of Love that Inspires every Being on Earth to Celebrate the Miracle of Life.

The Heart is a place of Beauty and Bliss. It brings Radiance into the World. The Heart Inspires Poets to write and Artists to Paint. It offers Goodness to the World. The Heart is an Eternal Blessing which opens the Soul and moves the Spirit. I give to you my Heart as a Divine offering of Awareness and Enlightenment. I Love You.

When you wake this morning Walk with the Angels and they will Guide you to a Day of Sunshine and Serenity. We are surrounded by Angels. Every Child, every Flower, every Tree, every Friend, every Stranger and every person we Love is an Angel. Walk with me my Angel and we will place Heaven in the Hearts of all we meet.

We Shine the Brightest when we Celebrate how Beautiful we are. We are the Light of God and the Glory of Goddess. Life is meant for us to Live and Love. We are Miracles and Happiness is a Choice we can make every Moment of every day. Share your Beauty and Live your Light.

I Delight in the Discovery of the Miracle of Love and I am Serenely Aware. Gently and Gracefully I Sprinkle the Spirit World with Kisses and Kindness. I traverse a Multitude of Universes in search of a Beauty so Profound as to Evolve into Light. Mine is a Loving and Diverse Community where Laughter and Joy are that which Enlightens and Enlivens. Dwelling within my Heart is the Wisdom of every Life i have Lived. I am The Ancient One.

On the Outskirts of my Soul is a Reality which will Change your way of Thinking for it is there that the Embrace of Life waits to Hold you close and say I Love You.

mY sOuL HaS wInGs tHaT i mAy fLy tO tHe oPeN sPiRiTual cOmMuNiTy wItHiN mY HeArT wHeRe LoVe iS thE tRuTh, BeAuTy aNd LiGhT wHiCh WiLl LeAd mE To GoD.

We are Gods and Goddesses on a Magickal Adventure of Mystical Experiences which will Transform us into Divinity. Let us Pray!

May we Create a Warm and Loving Environment of Pure Intention. May we Learn how to Live Spiritually in Earths Sacred Embrace. May we Build a new World of Passionate Intuition and Profound Love. Yes We May!

You are a Blessed Creation. A Beautiful sight that touches the Soul. Yours is a Holy Heart which Serenades the Universe with a Symphony of Love. Every Breath is an Opportunity to Experience the Infinite Light and Eternal Joy of Heaven on Earth. You are Life. A Life that will Rise as you fully Awaken. A Life that is Sacred and Profound. You are a Blessed Creation.

Life is Precious. Embrace every Moment with Love and let your Spirit be your Guide. Be Vividly Alive and Live the Joy that is your Birthright. Life is Precious and So Are You.

Let me be at Peace. Let me walk the Earth in Friendship. Let me Share the Beauty of my Soul and Majesty of my Spirit. Let me live my Truth and Honour my Existence. Let me Embrace the Light as i Journey to Paradise. Let me know Love in everything i do. Let me Live.

Fell the Sun that Shines within my Heart and Warms the Soul. Feel the Moon that Glows within my Spirit and Guides me to Landscapes of Love. Feel the Rainbow that is my Essence for there you will find Treasures to Cherish. Feel my Happiness as i reach out my Hand in Friendship. FEEL!

My Soul is an Ocean of Love that Empowers the Spirit and Connects with the Divine. Sail with me on an Amazing Journey of Light to the Sweet Embrace of Heaven.

Radiant Spirit you are Loved. You are the Flower that Blossoms within and Inspires my every Thought. You are the Fruit of Wisdom which Nourishes me. You are Higher Consciousness and Enlightenment. Radiant Spirit I Love You. You are a Sacred Blessing. You are that which allows Love and Joy to flow into my Life. You are a Poetic Expression of the Glory of God and Goddess. You are Who I Am. You are the Divine in All. You are the Miracle of Life. Radiant Spirit you are Loved.

( by Micheal Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, March 09, 2012

My Soul is a Garden

The Way to Enlightenment is filled with Hope and Inspiration. Connect with your Angels and Guides for they will go inside your Heart and show you the Love that is your Birthright. Be passionate about Life and have a Vision greater than yourself. A Vibrant and Joyful Existence will Emerge when we Open the Spirit to New Thought and New means of Communication. Speak with your Heart, See with your Spirit and Love with all your Soul. To be Enlightened we must Live in Light.

Bring Awareness to Humanity and you Bring a Sense of Contentment to yourself. Awareness of the Light that surrounds us, Awareness of the Beauty of each Breath, Awareness of the Joy in every Moment and Awareness of the Love in every Heart. Awaken to Awareness and Celebrate the Miracle of Life.

Lead a Divine Life. Connect with Kindness and Greet each day with Love in your Heart. We are our Thoughts so Wrap your Thoughts in Laughter and yours will be a Life of Joy. Happiness is a Choice and by Living a Harmonious Lifestyle and Enjoying the Beauty of each Breath we Create a World of Caring and Compassion. Live, Laugh and Love for this is your Life and it is Divine.

I awoke in the Womb of Wisdom with the Realization that Love is the Greatest Truth.

What is the Direction of your Dreams? The Direction of my Dreams is Inward to a Place within my Soul where Inspiration grows. It is into my Heart where True Love resides. It is upwards to the Stars where the Breath of God and Goddess nourish the Spirit. It is anywhere there is Truth, Beauty, Hope, Joy, Happiness, Grace, Gratitude and Enlightenment. What is the Direction of your Dreams?

Be the Living Expression of Kindness and Seek to Touch every Soul in a Way that Inspires. Keep Joy in your Heart and it becomes a Spiritual Gateway to Eternal Good. Life is a Mystical Dance where Mountains become Visible to those who See with Loving Eyes. It will be a Glorious Day when all Humanity accepts its Destiny and Lives the Beauty and Miracle of their Existence. We are Born to Love, We are Born to Celebrate, We are Born to be Happy and We are to Born to be Free. Honour and Embrace yourself, Listen to the Voices of Light and make your Journey one that Creates the Highest Good and leads to Heaven.

My Soul is a Garden and I am a Flower. Mine is a Path of Sacred Purpose. I am a Living Entity of Peace and Clarity. The Purity of my Heart moves me to Share my Light and Give my Love Freely. I am Spirit Driven and Soul Inspired. My Soul is a Garden and you are the Water of Life that Nourishes me. I Love You.

Give the Best of yourself every Moment of every Day and yours will be a Fascinating Journey of Enlightened Awareness. Find your Spiritual Purpose and Live your Truth. When we Celebrate our Passions and Express our Freedom we Inspire Miracles. Live in Joy with the Knowledge that You are Sacred, You are Divine, You are Beautiful and You are Loved.

The Wonder of Life is the Innocence on the Face of a Child. The Beauty of Existence is found in the Kindness of Strangers. To Experience the Divine we need only Share the Love that lies within. Go Forth in Peace and Blaze a Trail of Bliss. Go Forth in Awareness and Touch the Earth with Inspiration. Go Forth in Oneness and forge a Path of Transformation. Meaningful Living begins with a Smile, a Hug and an outstretched Hand. Greet this day with Joy and let Love be your Smile.

Earth is a House of Exploration. Explore the Beauty of Nature. Explore every Tree and Flower. Explore Rivers, Lakes and Oceans. Explore the deepest Valley and Reach towards the Stars. Explore your Spirit and Soul. Explore your Heart, Body and Mind. Explore every Breath and do it with Grace, Gratitude and Love. Explore!

I begin this day with a Healing Prayer for the Earth. May we Communicate with Spirit and Soul. May we Foster Connectedness and Journey to Transformation. May we Open our Hearts to all People. May we serve Humanity's Highest Good. May we Manifest and Create Miracles. May we Embrace the Divinity of all things and May we Live our Love and Love our Lives. Amen.

Trust your Heart and be who You really are. Life is a Spiritual Calling and we are all Messengers connected by Love. By Being and Sharing our True selves we Create a Planetary Awakening that will Change the World for the Better one Soul at a time.

A Reverence for Life is a Sweet Embrace for the Soul that Creates Wholeness and Happiness. Show Gratitude for Being Alive and you Expand Consciousness in a way that Benefits one and all. A New Humanity is upon us and the new Faith is the Religion of Love. Pray with me at the Altar of Joy and we will Experience Ecstasy every day. When we become One with the Universe ours will be a state of Unity and Bliss that is Eternal. We are both Priest and Priestess in the Church of Love and the Door to Enlightenment is open to every Soul on Sacred Mother Earth.

( by Micheal Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, March 02, 2012

Paint the Sky with Love

I Love the Universe within. I Love the Mysteries of Life. I Love navigating Life's challenges and Exploring the Sacred. I Love the Song of the Earth and the Poetry of Existence. I Love the Flow of Spirit. I Love the Warm Embrace of Sacred Mother Earth. I Love all Spiritual Realms and all Dimensions of Reality. I Love the Blessings and Beauty of this Journey. I Love the Light and I Love You.

Far beyond this Reality there is a World of Moonbeams and Starlight where Faeries Dance and Angels Sing. I will meet you there and we will Frolic in Fields of Spirit as we Teach our Soul to Fly.

Cradle me in Love's Light. My Heart is a Garden Chapel where our Souls can Be as One. You are my every Breath and I your every Thought. I am Inspired by your Beauty and Enchanted by your Grace. I Love You.

May all Beings be Happy. May you Celebrate your Harvest and See your own Beauty. May you Live the Life you Deserve as you Create a Heaven on Earth. May your every Breath be a Luminous Tapestry of Love. May Truth always be your Friend and May yours be a Life Woven of Divine Light.

Be a Kindness Crusader. Let the Light of your Being Radiate through every Soul you meet. Reach towards the Sun with the Knowledge that every Moment can be a Breathtaking Experience and that YOU can make a Difference in the World. A Global Community of Kindness begins with the next time you Smile.

Life is Creative, Artistic and Poetic. Every Flower, every Tree, every Woman and every Child are works of Art. Be the Masterpiece you were Born to be and you Paint the Sky with Love.

We are Evolutionary Spirits. Nourishing and Thoughtful Messengers of Hope with the Ability to Inspire and Empower. We are Creators of Fate. Balanced and Harmonious Caretakers of the Earth with an Inner Calling to Serve the Greatest Good. We have a Love that Encompasses all and an Aspiration of Hope that Illuminates a Shining Path of Positive Transformation. We are True Immortal Beings of Heavenly Beauty. We are LOVE.

Plant a Garden filled with Love and yours will be a Life where Beauty can always be found.

Let us fill the Sacred Cup of Life with Greater Meaning and Purpose that we may Illuminate the Hearts and Minds of all Humanity and Inspire future Generations to become a Global Family of Light and Love.

Love is a River washing over us and Cleansing our Souls. It is a Baptism of Beauty and Bliss that Inspires and Enriches. Sail with me along the River of Love and Together we can Change the World.

Unite people with your Smile. Share your Unique Gifts and Bless the World with your Beauty. Give Kindness to every Soul you meet and Compassion to every Spirit you encounter. The Universe is Transformed by Caring. Love is the Catalyst for all things Beautiful. Live from Love. Create from Love and Inspire from Love. Unite people with the Miracle of Who You Are.

Today the Page I write in the Book of my Life will be one of Optimism and Inspiration. It will be filled with Words of Wisdom and Tales of Kindness. Each sentence will be a Gift of Hope and Harmony. Every Story will be one seen through the Eyes of my Soul. It will be a Biography of Bliss written in Prose. A Heart Centered Tome of Consciousness and Enlightenment. Today the Page I write in the Book of my Life will be one that Uplifts the Human Spirit. What will you write in your Book today?

I have Built a Bridge to the Sacred within that my Inner Child may use to enter my Soul's Playground. Within each of us is all the Joy and Love we will ever need. Feel, Breathe and Embrace the Beauty that is already yours. You are a Miracle and every Moment is a Blessing. Rejoice!

Journey into Spiritual Realms for it is there you will find the Essence of Love. The Web of Life is held together by the Love we Share. The more Love we Share the Stronger the Web. Walk your Path with a Smile on your Face and Love in your Heart. I Love You.

God and Goddess are in every Flower, every Tree and every Blade of Grass. Let us run through Fields of Joy in Celebration of the Love gifted to us every day by Sacred Mother Earth.

The Soul of Woman speaks to me and i Listen with Love in my Heart. The Spirit of Woman inspires me and I am Moved to serve Humanity in ways both Poetic and Profound. I Acknowledge and Appreciate the Beauty of the Divine Feminine in all things. The Heart of Woman touches me and I am forever Blessed.

Something Sacred and Beautiful happens when we Express our Soul's Essence. We are both Teacher and Seeker. By Speaking our own Truth and Listening to the Truth of all Humankind we Transform the Planet. Be a Lover of all things and your Spirit will Flourish and Thrive. To improve the World we must have an Enlightened relationship with our Inner Self and with Mother Earth. An Attitude of Joy will give you a Fulfilled Heart which will in turn Inspire others to Live their Greatest Self.

( by Micheal Teal / The Ancient One )