Friday, March 09, 2012

My Soul is a Garden

The Way to Enlightenment is filled with Hope and Inspiration. Connect with your Angels and Guides for they will go inside your Heart and show you the Love that is your Birthright. Be passionate about Life and have a Vision greater than yourself. A Vibrant and Joyful Existence will Emerge when we Open the Spirit to New Thought and New means of Communication. Speak with your Heart, See with your Spirit and Love with all your Soul. To be Enlightened we must Live in Light.

Bring Awareness to Humanity and you Bring a Sense of Contentment to yourself. Awareness of the Light that surrounds us, Awareness of the Beauty of each Breath, Awareness of the Joy in every Moment and Awareness of the Love in every Heart. Awaken to Awareness and Celebrate the Miracle of Life.

Lead a Divine Life. Connect with Kindness and Greet each day with Love in your Heart. We are our Thoughts so Wrap your Thoughts in Laughter and yours will be a Life of Joy. Happiness is a Choice and by Living a Harmonious Lifestyle and Enjoying the Beauty of each Breath we Create a World of Caring and Compassion. Live, Laugh and Love for this is your Life and it is Divine.

I awoke in the Womb of Wisdom with the Realization that Love is the Greatest Truth.

What is the Direction of your Dreams? The Direction of my Dreams is Inward to a Place within my Soul where Inspiration grows. It is into my Heart where True Love resides. It is upwards to the Stars where the Breath of God and Goddess nourish the Spirit. It is anywhere there is Truth, Beauty, Hope, Joy, Happiness, Grace, Gratitude and Enlightenment. What is the Direction of your Dreams?

Be the Living Expression of Kindness and Seek to Touch every Soul in a Way that Inspires. Keep Joy in your Heart and it becomes a Spiritual Gateway to Eternal Good. Life is a Mystical Dance where Mountains become Visible to those who See with Loving Eyes. It will be a Glorious Day when all Humanity accepts its Destiny and Lives the Beauty and Miracle of their Existence. We are Born to Love, We are Born to Celebrate, We are Born to be Happy and We are to Born to be Free. Honour and Embrace yourself, Listen to the Voices of Light and make your Journey one that Creates the Highest Good and leads to Heaven.

My Soul is a Garden and I am a Flower. Mine is a Path of Sacred Purpose. I am a Living Entity of Peace and Clarity. The Purity of my Heart moves me to Share my Light and Give my Love Freely. I am Spirit Driven and Soul Inspired. My Soul is a Garden and you are the Water of Life that Nourishes me. I Love You.

Give the Best of yourself every Moment of every Day and yours will be a Fascinating Journey of Enlightened Awareness. Find your Spiritual Purpose and Live your Truth. When we Celebrate our Passions and Express our Freedom we Inspire Miracles. Live in Joy with the Knowledge that You are Sacred, You are Divine, You are Beautiful and You are Loved.

The Wonder of Life is the Innocence on the Face of a Child. The Beauty of Existence is found in the Kindness of Strangers. To Experience the Divine we need only Share the Love that lies within. Go Forth in Peace and Blaze a Trail of Bliss. Go Forth in Awareness and Touch the Earth with Inspiration. Go Forth in Oneness and forge a Path of Transformation. Meaningful Living begins with a Smile, a Hug and an outstretched Hand. Greet this day with Joy and let Love be your Smile.

Earth is a House of Exploration. Explore the Beauty of Nature. Explore every Tree and Flower. Explore Rivers, Lakes and Oceans. Explore the deepest Valley and Reach towards the Stars. Explore your Spirit and Soul. Explore your Heart, Body and Mind. Explore every Breath and do it with Grace, Gratitude and Love. Explore!

I begin this day with a Healing Prayer for the Earth. May we Communicate with Spirit and Soul. May we Foster Connectedness and Journey to Transformation. May we Open our Hearts to all People. May we serve Humanity's Highest Good. May we Manifest and Create Miracles. May we Embrace the Divinity of all things and May we Live our Love and Love our Lives. Amen.

Trust your Heart and be who You really are. Life is a Spiritual Calling and we are all Messengers connected by Love. By Being and Sharing our True selves we Create a Planetary Awakening that will Change the World for the Better one Soul at a time.

A Reverence for Life is a Sweet Embrace for the Soul that Creates Wholeness and Happiness. Show Gratitude for Being Alive and you Expand Consciousness in a way that Benefits one and all. A New Humanity is upon us and the new Faith is the Religion of Love. Pray with me at the Altar of Joy and we will Experience Ecstasy every day. When we become One with the Universe ours will be a state of Unity and Bliss that is Eternal. We are both Priest and Priestess in the Church of Love and the Door to Enlightenment is open to every Soul on Sacred Mother Earth.

( by Micheal Teal / The Ancient One )

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