Friday, March 02, 2012

Paint the Sky with Love

I Love the Universe within. I Love the Mysteries of Life. I Love navigating Life's challenges and Exploring the Sacred. I Love the Song of the Earth and the Poetry of Existence. I Love the Flow of Spirit. I Love the Warm Embrace of Sacred Mother Earth. I Love all Spiritual Realms and all Dimensions of Reality. I Love the Blessings and Beauty of this Journey. I Love the Light and I Love You.

Far beyond this Reality there is a World of Moonbeams and Starlight where Faeries Dance and Angels Sing. I will meet you there and we will Frolic in Fields of Spirit as we Teach our Soul to Fly.

Cradle me in Love's Light. My Heart is a Garden Chapel where our Souls can Be as One. You are my every Breath and I your every Thought. I am Inspired by your Beauty and Enchanted by your Grace. I Love You.

May all Beings be Happy. May you Celebrate your Harvest and See your own Beauty. May you Live the Life you Deserve as you Create a Heaven on Earth. May your every Breath be a Luminous Tapestry of Love. May Truth always be your Friend and May yours be a Life Woven of Divine Light.

Be a Kindness Crusader. Let the Light of your Being Radiate through every Soul you meet. Reach towards the Sun with the Knowledge that every Moment can be a Breathtaking Experience and that YOU can make a Difference in the World. A Global Community of Kindness begins with the next time you Smile.

Life is Creative, Artistic and Poetic. Every Flower, every Tree, every Woman and every Child are works of Art. Be the Masterpiece you were Born to be and you Paint the Sky with Love.

We are Evolutionary Spirits. Nourishing and Thoughtful Messengers of Hope with the Ability to Inspire and Empower. We are Creators of Fate. Balanced and Harmonious Caretakers of the Earth with an Inner Calling to Serve the Greatest Good. We have a Love that Encompasses all and an Aspiration of Hope that Illuminates a Shining Path of Positive Transformation. We are True Immortal Beings of Heavenly Beauty. We are LOVE.

Plant a Garden filled with Love and yours will be a Life where Beauty can always be found.

Let us fill the Sacred Cup of Life with Greater Meaning and Purpose that we may Illuminate the Hearts and Minds of all Humanity and Inspire future Generations to become a Global Family of Light and Love.

Love is a River washing over us and Cleansing our Souls. It is a Baptism of Beauty and Bliss that Inspires and Enriches. Sail with me along the River of Love and Together we can Change the World.

Unite people with your Smile. Share your Unique Gifts and Bless the World with your Beauty. Give Kindness to every Soul you meet and Compassion to every Spirit you encounter. The Universe is Transformed by Caring. Love is the Catalyst for all things Beautiful. Live from Love. Create from Love and Inspire from Love. Unite people with the Miracle of Who You Are.

Today the Page I write in the Book of my Life will be one of Optimism and Inspiration. It will be filled with Words of Wisdom and Tales of Kindness. Each sentence will be a Gift of Hope and Harmony. Every Story will be one seen through the Eyes of my Soul. It will be a Biography of Bliss written in Prose. A Heart Centered Tome of Consciousness and Enlightenment. Today the Page I write in the Book of my Life will be one that Uplifts the Human Spirit. What will you write in your Book today?

I have Built a Bridge to the Sacred within that my Inner Child may use to enter my Soul's Playground. Within each of us is all the Joy and Love we will ever need. Feel, Breathe and Embrace the Beauty that is already yours. You are a Miracle and every Moment is a Blessing. Rejoice!

Journey into Spiritual Realms for it is there you will find the Essence of Love. The Web of Life is held together by the Love we Share. The more Love we Share the Stronger the Web. Walk your Path with a Smile on your Face and Love in your Heart. I Love You.

God and Goddess are in every Flower, every Tree and every Blade of Grass. Let us run through Fields of Joy in Celebration of the Love gifted to us every day by Sacred Mother Earth.

The Soul of Woman speaks to me and i Listen with Love in my Heart. The Spirit of Woman inspires me and I am Moved to serve Humanity in ways both Poetic and Profound. I Acknowledge and Appreciate the Beauty of the Divine Feminine in all things. The Heart of Woman touches me and I am forever Blessed.

Something Sacred and Beautiful happens when we Express our Soul's Essence. We are both Teacher and Seeker. By Speaking our own Truth and Listening to the Truth of all Humankind we Transform the Planet. Be a Lover of all things and your Spirit will Flourish and Thrive. To improve the World we must have an Enlightened relationship with our Inner Self and with Mother Earth. An Attitude of Joy will give you a Fulfilled Heart which will in turn Inspire others to Live their Greatest Self.

( by Micheal Teal / The Ancient One )

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