Friday, February 24, 2012

Life is Sacred and Beautiful

The Eternal presence of the Divine is a Voice that speaks to our Soul guiding us to Awaken to the Wonderful Blessings around us. The Breath of God washes over our Spirit pointing us towards a Vibrant and Blissful Life. We all have Heaven within us and that Gives us the ability to Change the World. We are Messengers of Change. Arise this morn to Divine Love and Healing. Arise and use your Unique Spiritual Gifts to Enrich, Empower and Enlighten all you come in contact with. Awake! Arise! The Gates of Heaven open with a Smile!

Thank You, Have a Nice Day, You are Welcome, It's Nice to See You and I Love You. A Kind Word creates a Butterfly effect that touches Souls around the World. Good Morning, I Love You!

The Tree of Life is Radiant with Leaves of Love and Kindness. Its roots are Planted firmly within the Womb of Sacred Mother Earth. Water your World with Love and the Tree will Blossom into a Future of Great Joy and Happiness.

The Angels, Guides, Guardians and Ancients are Calling us to bring Awareness to the Heart and Love to the Universe. We are being Guided to make the Dreams of a Better World a Reality. There is a Song in every Heart and a Poem in every Soul. Share your Lyrical Essence by giving Freely of your Love. The Bridge between the Worlds is forged by Charitable Contributions. Listen to the Voice of Spirit and help Humanity by Connecting to the Light and using that Light to Guide others to a Landscape of Love where Flowers have faces that Greet You with a Smile.

Let us Celebrate the Dawning of a new Social Awareness. A Realization that We are Light and Love. A Realization that We are Soul and Spirit. Let us Celebrate.

Life is a Magickal, Mystical and Beautiful Blessing. A Blessing of Transformational Energy, Divine Inspiration, Karmic Experiences, Angelic Vibrations, Self Liberation, Kindness and Compassion, Laughter and Happiness, Elevated Consciousness and Love. Bless You.

Create Possibilities. Create a Pathway of Wisdom and Wonder. Create Create Ideas and Visions that Inspire, Empower and Heal. Create a Life of Love. You are the Creator of your own Reality. Create!

We are of the Earth. We are Alive and We are Free. We are a Blessing of Nature and a Gift to the Universe. You are Beautiful, I am Beautiful and We are Beautiful. We are of the Earth.

Life is a Journey of Soul and Spirit. To leave a lasting Impression one must make Empowering Choices and have a Higher Mission. A Mission of Cosmic Radiance and Continual Exploration. A Mission of Prophetic Dreams and Joyful Visions. A Mission of Creativity and Passion which Transcends the norm and Touches the Heavens. The Future is a Dream and We are Dreamers waiting to Awake. The Time is now and The Moment is here. Awake, Arise and Rejoice for You are the Miracle the World has been Waiting for.

Love is Medicine for the Heart and Inspiration for the Soul. It Heals all wounds and Connects us with all Life. It allows us to Experience the Divine and Moves us to Change the World. Love is Who We Are.

Peace is the Way, Truth is the Way, Kindness is the Way, Joy is the Way, Hope is the Way, Compassion is the Way, Knowledge is the Way, Happiness is the Way, I am the Way and You are the Way. Be the Way and Heaven will make its Way to You.

Let your Dreams Blossom and do what you Love. Inspire and Challenge people by Touching their Lives with Hope. See with the Eyes of your Heart and you will See the Love that is everywhere. A New Life and a New Joy will come to those with the Courage to Change by Experiencing and Learning how to Truly Love each other. Every Breath is a Profound Message telling us to Live, Laugh and Rejoice for Life is Sacred and Beautiful.

Children purify the Soul. They are Heavens gift to Humanity.
May God Bless the Child,
May Goddess Bless the Child
and May the Heavens
Bless the Child in every one of us.

I gift to you on this day Joy, Awareness and Love. I gift to you Seeds of a new Dream. I gift to you all the Beauty and Bliss life has to offer for You are a Gift to me.

Love each other. Love every Smile you see. Love every Path you Cross. Love the Air, Love the Water, Love the Earth and Love the Sky. Love the Free Spirited and the Young at Heart. Love the Light of Dawn and the Moonlight on the Water. Love every Kiss and every Hug. Love the Goodness in People and Love your Life. Most importantly Love yourself. Do these things and the World Transforms, The Heavens Rejoice and Love becomes a drop of Sunshine on every Soul.

( by Micheal Teal / The Ancient One )

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