Friday, February 17, 2012

Grace, Gratitude and Glory

To be Spiritual is to be Free. Free your Spirit and Discover your True Essence. Free your Soul and let your Inner Child out to Play. Open your Mind to the Infinite Possibilities for Joy and Happiness. Awaken your Heart to Community and Connection. To be Alive is to Love, To Love is to be Spiritual, To be Spiritual is to be Free. I am Alive and I am Free. Blessings to One and All.

Awaken to the Creative Self. Life is a Poem, a Prayer, a Dance and a Song. You are a Spiritual Artist and your Life is your Masterpiece. Paint a Portrait of Love and Kindness.

I am Love, I am Light, I am Truth, I am Beauty, I am Hope, I am Joy, I am Blessed, I am You and You are Me.

Humanity is in Transformation and to make the World a Better place we must actively seek to make our Change one that is Positive and Profound. Change is Innate and Natural. Live the Change and you Light the Candle of Love.

Begin the day with Love and Embrace every moment as an Opportunity to spread Joy, Share Beauty, Give Compassion and Inspire Kindness. End the day with Love.

Begin your Transformation. Love exists all around you and all Positive Change begins with Love. Share your Thoughts, Make Holistic Choices and Raise your Expectations. Live your Beauty and Infinite Potential. Begin your Metamorphosis. Let the Fire of your Intention, the Breadth of your Vision and your Evolving Perspective guide you to See your Miracles and Manifest your Destiny. Begin your Transformation.

Immerse yourself in the Sacred and have a Profound Reverence for the Heaven in your Heart for We are all Gods and Goddesses in Earthly Bodies and Life is where we Learn to be Holy.

Cast a Circle of Light, Cast a Circle of Hope, Cast a Circle of Joy and Cast a Circle of Love. Life is best Lived in a Circle.

We are a Spiritual Community and we have the Ability to Create a Higher Path to Destiny and a more Joyful road to Heaven.

Be a Breath of Inspiration, Be a Vision of Goodness and Be Empowered by Love for the Miracle of You is something to be Shared.

Within each of us is a God and Goddess. Great Love pours forth from them Igniting our Spirit and Guiding us to Share our Light with the World. Live your Holiness, Sacredness and Divinity and you Change the World for the Better.

We are Light. There is a Circle of Light around us and a Light of Purity within us. We are Love. There is a Circle of Love around us and a Love most Pure within us. We are Beautiful.

Help each other. Help People to Connect to a Life of Meaning. Help People to Create New Communities of Kindness and Compassion. Help People to Live in Miraculous Ways. Help People to Heal Mother Earth. Help People to Rejoice in their Gifts. Help People to keep the Heart and Mind Free. Help People to Light the Love in their Soul. Help People to Journey to Supreme Bliss. Help People to Accept and Appreciate each other. Help People to Live and Help People to Love. HELP!

All Living things Share a Heart. Open that Heart to Warmth and Loving Kindness and Every day becomes a Beautiful day to be Alive.

Illuminating yourself and those around you as you Live and Love in Peace. Climb to the Peak of your Spiritual Mountain and Elevate your Soul to the Heavens. The Universe overflows with Happiness for those Courageous enough to Dedicate their every Breath to Love.

Give yourself entirely to the Miracle of Life. Give your Heart and Soul to the Harmony of the Universe. Live a Healing Life that Replenishes the Earth and Creates a Transcendent Flow of Love. Embrace the Beauty of this Moment and Soar with Happiness to Realms of Grace, Gratitude and Glory. Gather with Kindred Spirits and Rise as one Voice in Celebration of All That Is and All That Could Be. You are Worthy, You are Special and You are the Miracle. Live your Truth.

( by Micheal Teal / The Ancient One )

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