Friday, February 10, 2012

Love is My Religion

Ascend as a Spiritual Being. Rise as an Eternal Immortal Soul. Awake as a Beloved Cosmic Child. Give to Humanity, Give to the Heavens and Give to yourself. It is by Sharing our Life and Love that we Inspire others to Live more Joyously. Dreams come True for those who Connect with the Sacred. Live this day, Celebrate this Moment and Embrace the Gift of Love for all that it is.

I wish Joy and Light to One and All, I wish Sacredness in every Breath and I wish Miracles in every Moment. May you Awaken to your Higher Self, May you have a Soulful Life of Transformation and May you find the Happiness you Deserve. Love and Be Loved, Live and Be Alive, Dream and Be Transformed for he who Blooms in Lifes Garden has the most Abundant and Beautiful Harvest.

‎... And on the Seventh day the words I Love You were Created and Written across the Sky for all the World to See. Open your Heart, Open your Soul, Open your Mind and Open your Eyes and Look to the Sky.

We are all One on an Awe Inspiring Journey to Serve the Heavens and each other. We are Energy and Spirit, We are Love and Light, We are Truth and Transformation. Live your Gifts, Love your Life and Share your Beauty for Life is Magickal and We are Magnificent.

A Smile is Inspiration for the Spirit, A Hug is Loving touch for the Soul and A Kiss is Heaven for the Heart. Start the day with a Smile, a Hug and a Kiss and you make the World a Better place.

Love is my Religion. Mine is a Faith built on Smiling Eyes and Gifts of Joy. My Dogma embraces the Soul of all Beings. In the Hearts of Women and Men of Spirit there is a Desire to Help all Humanity. Let us Shapeshift across the Universe and Paint our Visions on the Stars. My Belief is of a Sacred Connection to the Earth that Blesses every Moment of every Day. Love is my Religion.

Let your Thoughts Flow Freely as you Kindle the Flame of Ancient Wisdom and Light the Lamp of Merriment and Mirth. The Heavens were Born of a Thought.

The Soul is a Mystical Garden decorated with Ribbons of Love crafted by Angels and Blessed by God.

Breathe your Divinity and Bless every Heart for you at your Core are an Expression of Love.

You are an ever Blossoming Flower made of Light and Love. May yours be a Life rooted to your Heart where Kindness and Compassion are your constant Companions.

The Earth and Sky exist together in Harmony. Let us also live Together in Happiness and Harmony. Let us Build a House of Love where we may give Birth to a New Reality, a New Philosophy, a New Understanding and a New World. Vision becomes Reality and Reality becomes Truth when we Communicate with Kindred Spirits and Rejoice in the Happiness of others. Freedom, Peace, Hope, Joy, Love and Light comes to those who Believe. I Believe in Me and I Believe in You.

Light the way to your Destiny with Kindness and you Impact the World around you in ways Positive and Profound.

Raise your Voice to the Heavens and Give Praise for your Life is an Inspired Song and you are a Gift to the World.

( by Micheal Teal / The Ancient One )

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