Friday, February 03, 2012

The Soul of Simplicity

Walk with me through Terrains of Passion and Purpose. Come with me and Together we will climb Mountains of Excitement and Aliveness. We will Journey to Portals of Adventure and Exploration where Cultures Transform into Communities of Love and Light. Dance with me in the Glow of the Moon as we Blossom into Greatness. Dream with me of a Heavenly Earth and an Earthly Heaven where every Living thing is Equal and Exquisite. Walk with me to a Promised Land called Home and we will Build a Family of Free Spirits and Kindred Souls.

Celebrate this Sacred day by Acknowledging the Preciousness of all Life and by Seeking to Create a Society of Souls whose only Desire is to Love and Be Loved.

The Universe is an Ocean of Consciousness and Exquisite Beauty. Dive in and Together we will Swim Joyously to Creative and Positive Change.

Woven into the Soul is a Loving Essence which Empowers us with Courage and Kindness that we may Achieve our Visions and Empower others to Achieve theirs.

Magickal Blessings on this Beautiful day. May you Embrace your Life with Love and Passion. May every Moment be a Glorious Experience. May Kindness be your Divine Inheritance. May you Relate to the World with Wisdom, Clarity and Compassion. May you Create Possibilities that make effective Change. May all your days be a Dance of Love and May every Breath be a Celebration of the Miracle of Life. Magickal Blessings on this Beautiful day.

A smile is a Wonderful Education, A Hug is a Magnificent Learning Experience and a Kiss carries with it the Knowledge and Wisdom of the Ancients. Share the Lesson of Love and you Graduate into Heaven.

I will Live for the Greater Good, I will Love for a Higher Purpose, I will Transform my Consciousness and Evolve on my Spiritual Path for I am a Child of God and I am Beautiful.

Light the Whole World with your Smile and Sing your Soul Awake with the Knowledge that to Love and be Loved is what it means to be Alive.

Build your own World beyond this Reality. Create something to Smile about. Make a Sacred Contract with your Soul and let Truth be your Passion. Communicate with Angels and Bestow the Love that is their Message upon all People of all Paths. Express your Divinity in a way which Connects with all Creation. See the Beauty of your Spirit and let it Inspire you to Live a Life of Service planting Seeds of Enlightenment wherever you go for You are the Catalyst for a Brighter tomorrow.

Awaken to the Miracle you are with the Knowledge that Peace and Love give Birth to Higher Possibilities.

We are One in the Light and that Light is a Lamp of Love guiding us to be Passionate about our Dreams and Purposeful about our Realities.

Be Grateful for every Breath for there are Gifts in every Moment.

Inspiration, Imagination, Uniqueness, Spiritual, Positive, Liberated, Enlivened, Creative, Compassionate, Kind, Awakened, Alive, Empowered, Enriched, Enlightened, Loving, Philosophical, Enchanting, Engaging, Evolutionary, Revolutionary, Sacred, Transformational, Nurturing, Nourishing, Eternal, Ethereal and Divine. These are the things i try to Live. What are you Seeking to bring to the World?

Enjoy Lifes Simple Pleasures for within the Soul of Simplicity is a Place where Miracles Manifest.

Serve Humankind with Grace, Serve the Heavens with Gratitude and Serve yourself with Love. A Life of Service creates an Eternity of Bliss.

With every Breath we Create something Sacred for We are the Breath Of God.

We are a Community of Kindred Spirits. A Global Family Creating Positive and Lasting Change. Ours is a Journey to Wholeness and Discovery. We are Conduits for the Divine and our Existence is filled with Moments of Grace and Humanitarian Ideals. A new Wave of Love is upon us it will bring with it Enlightenment and Happiness. The Source of all that is resides within our Soul. Let us Create from the Heart, Live in Harmony with the Earth and Consciously Evolve. We are a Community both Global and Celestial and Heaven is within our Reach.

( by Micheal Teal / The Ancient One )

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