Thursday, January 26, 2012

A New Generation of Loving is Here

The Soul has Aspirations for a New World of Grace, Gratitude and Guiding Wisdom. A World of Joy filled Lives and Spiritual Treasures. A World where we Greet each day with a Smile on our Face and Love in our Heart. The Spirit has Aspirations for a New Global Community of Transcendence and Transformation. A Community of Unity and Harmony where we all Seek the Highest Good and Purpose. A Community where we Greet each day with Inspiration in our Eyes and Glorious Visions in our Thoughts. Aspire to Greatness and the Heavens will Honour you with a Better World and a Brighter tomorrow.

Ignite the Light within for you were Born with a Greatness bathed in Cosmic Essence and Infinite Imagination.

Love is a Divinely Human experience which Creates a Culture of Appreciation and fills your Heart with Light.

You are a Gift to the World. You are Beauty itself. You are an Ancient Spirituality that Cleanses the Soul. Rekindle your Dreams and you make your Dreams come True. Share your Inner Visions and you Better the Human condition. Work Together for Good and every Moment becomes a Rewarding and Enlightening Experience. You are the Vibration of Love and Joy. You are the Light and You take my Breath away.

Appreciate the Sacred and fill your Heart with Uplifting and Affirmative Prayers. The Words - Thank You - open the Gates of Heaven and the Words - I Love You - ensure they will remain open for Eternity.

Life is meant to be Enjoyed. Dance with your Heart, Sing with your Spirit and Celebrate the Beauty of Who You Are with your Soul.

Divinity and Humanity unite for those who Strive to Serve All. Share your Soul and Miracles of Joy will Bless every Breath.

This is a Healing Prayer. A Prayer which Communicates Love and fosters Connectedness. A prayer of Infinite Bliss that Expands Divinity. A Prayer that Reaches across the Heavens and Touches the Face of God. This is an Angelic Offering. An Offering of Awakening Splendor. An Offering of Joy and Purpose which Kindles a Flame of Love. An Offering of Whispered Endearments which Guide you to a Brighter World. This is a Prayer and an Offering for You are Worthy and You are Loved.

The House of Exploration is open for those who Visualize their Dreams and Live their Destiny. Explore, Experience and Evoke the Lightness of your Being. True Freedom and Happiness comes to those who are active Participants in their own Evolution.

The World when seen through eyes both Pure and Innocent is a Paradise of Beauty and Light.

He who has a Peaceful Heart will Live a Life Divine and make a Profound difference in the World.

Basic Goodness creates a Nurturing Community and Inspires Great Planetary Change.

A New Generation of Loving is here. With Joy and Gratitude let us give Thanks to the Beauty of Existence and the Heartbeat of Mother Earth. Ours is an Esoteric Quest where Lessons of Light Inspire us to Flower into Bliss. Experience the Sacred in every Breath, Live a Life of Joy and Gift everyone you meet with Kindness. Be a Generous Teacher, a Voracious Student and Aspire to Manifest the World you Truly desire. The Future isnt something you Envision, its something you Create. Create a Smile, Create a Hug, Create a Kiss and Create a Community of Love.

( by Micheal Teal / The Ancient One )

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