Tuesday, January 17, 2012

We are the Earth and We are Sacred

Spread a little Happiness. Orchestrate a Loving Life which Touches other Souls and Creates a Transformative Atmosphere. Walk a Good Life and make yours a Path of Beauty where Heaven and Earth meet. Every Experience is Visionary for those who Embrace their Natural Beauty and Power. You can Live more Joyfully if you Engage and Illuminate your Journey with a Light that Rises and a Love that Transcends. You are Free to Be yourself so set yourself Free.

We are Connected to our Past Lives. Every Existence has been but a stepping stone leading to True and lasting Happiness. Each Life brings with it a Glimpse of the Divine. Search your Soul, Follow your Heart and Find your Inner Bliss. The People you once were are Calling you to Step into Awareness for Heaven is at your Door. With you in each Incarnation there have been Angels of Light speaking in the Transcendent Language of Love and directing you to an Enchanted Land where Heart and Mind Bloom into Eternal Joy. You are the Past, Present and Future. Welcome Home!

Connect to your Guardians, Guides, Angels and Spirit Helpers. Be a Keeper of the Light, Know the Light and Create a Landscape of Beauty and Bliss within your Soul. Plant a Garden in your Heart where Love can Grow and Joy can Blossom. Stand before the Altar of Truth and give Thanks for the Journey. Communicate Peacefully and Create a Community of Like Minded People of Caring, Compassion and Inspired Consciousness. You are a Guardian, You are a Guide, You are an Angel on Earth and this is your moment to Free your Spirit and help Heal Humankind.

We are of the Earth and We are Sacred. We are Beings of Light walking the Lands of the Ancestors. We are Miracles of Spiritual Evolution connecting with our Souls purpose. You are the Earth and You are Sacred. You are Pure Awareness and True Beauty. You are One with all that Is. I am the Earth and I am Sacred. I am the Voice of the People and a Messenger of Planetary Healing. I am a Song of Peace and a Symphony of Love. We are the Earth and We are Sacred!

Tune your ears to the Voice of Spirit and Hear its Wisdom. Enchant, Embrace and Celebrate your Spirit. Elevate every Experience and you Contribute to the Collective Happiness of all Humankind. Fall in Love with the Light and let its Beauty guide you through Fields of Wonder into a Garden of Contemplation where Thoughts are a Shared Dream of Love. We are a Beautiful Bouquet of Wonder and Curiosity on the Altar of the Soul. Close your Eyes and Lift your Face to the Heavens and wait, for when the Wind Dances you will Feel the Love of God and Goddess.

Smile with your Heart and Emerge into a New World. The Sacredness of Mother Earth is calling you to bring Enrichment and Balance into your Life. When we Heal ourselves we generate Positivity and and embrace Mankind and Womankind in a way that betters their Existence. Create Well-being and you Create a thrillingly Poetic and Joyful Life. Joy is the Fruit of Love and the Universe expands when we Share our Blessings.

Dream with me of Light and Love. Dream with me of a Sacred Environment of Peace and Freedom. Pray with me for Infinite Joy and Limitless Opportunity. Pray with me for Transformation and Inspiration. Dance with me in the Suns warm Loving Embrace. Dance with me under the Moons radiant Beauty. Live with me in Hope and Harmony. Live with me in Shared Humanity. Dream, Pray, Dance and Live the Life you were Born to Live. A Life of Love.

The Sacredness of all Creation is beckoning us to Liberate the Divine within and Live a Life of Beauty and Joy. The Essence of Love is a Field of Infinite Possibilities where Messengers of Kindness foretell of Bright New Days where Angelic Voices guide us to Metaphysical Understanding and a Deep sense of Inner Knowing. Together We are Divine. Together We are a Community of Light and Together we are the Future of Humankind and that Future is LOVE!

I Pray for a Brighter Tomorrow. I Pray that the Dreams of the Heart become the Realities of the Spirit. I Pray that the Poetic Soul will Seek refuge in the Womb of Inspiration and create Transformative Experiences which Elevate Thoughts and Actions. I Pray that all may Love and Live their Lives to the fullest. I Pray for Open Minds and Open Hearts that sail on Angel Wings to places of Spiritual Evolution. I Pray for Light, I Pray for Love and I Pray for You. Amen.

Plant Seeds of Intention and you will Bloom like a Flower. Your Garden will be a place of Calmness, Blessings and Healing Light. Open the Book of your Soul for it is filled with Dreams of Love. Cast Light upon the Darkness that all may see the Magick and Beauty of Nature and Life. Explore Higher Realities, Engage your Spirit Guides and be a Sweet Messenger of Love. Life is Precious and anything is Possible when you make your Life one that promotes Love unto all Beings.

I call upon your Soul to join me in acts of Love and Kindness. I call upon Angelic Spirits and Beloved Friends to gather in Harmony and Share the Gift of a Smile. We are Children of the Sun and Moon born of Light and Love. We are Ambassadors of Hope and Messengers of Peace. Let us wash away our worries in the Fountain of Truth that we may begin this day Refreshed, Rejuvenated and Ready to Change the World.

( by Micheal Teal / The Ancient One )

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