Monday, January 09, 2012

Angelic Beings of the Highest Inspiration

Life Blesses us with a multitude of Miraculous ways to Inspire. Share your Love, Believe in your Dreams, Connect with your Guides and Connect to your Higher Consciousness as all these things will lead you and others to Greatness. Nurture Purpose and Passion, Embrace Wholeness in everything you do, Let your Spirit touch the Earth and Awaken to a new Paradigm for these are Gifts that Enrich and Uplift. You are a Blessing and Seekers will be drawn to your Light. You are the Miracle and the Inspiration. The Heavens Thank You.

There is a place where Dreams live. A place Inspired by Grace that Celebrates the Sacredness of all Life. It is a place of Profound Spiritual Experiences and Actions which open the Heart. It is there that Transformation begins. It is there that the Seeds of Truth and Hope are Planted. It is there that Life itself Breathes. There is a place where Ideas live. A place of Alchemical Wisdom where Love is the Universal Blueprint. That place is your Soul. Welcome Home!

Help Unite the World. You are a Gift to Humanity and a Treasure of the Universe. Live from a Spiritual Perspective and Evolve yourself to the point where Love and Light are not just what you Dream, they are what You do and who You are. By Living your Truth, Exploring who You are and Awakening to a Higher Realization, You become a Conduit for Love and that makes a Real difference and a Positive Impact on Humanity. Love Yourself, Love Me and Love Life for it is through Love the we will Heal, Help and Unite the World.

There is a Wonder that unfolds when we Teach from Love and Joy. When we Share our Wisdom in a Spirit of Light we Transform those whose Souls we touch. Live Consciously in the World and Give Freely of your Knowledge and Experience. We are a Learning Community and when are Lessons are based in Love we Transcend and Connect to a Higher Purpose. Class is in and todays Lesson is Give, Receive, Feel and Teach - LOVE!

Love is a Gift to us all and it is a Gift to be Shared. Dance in a Circle of Love for today is a Beautiful day to be Alive. Converse with the Earth and assure it that Change is here and a New World of Kindness will be our Reward. Immerse yourself in a Life Transforming Pilgrimage to both Inner and Outer Worlds. Love can and will Guide your Life. Be Aware of your Soul, Be Cognizant of your Spirit and Be Mindful of your Heart for You are a Gift and that Gift is Love.

Happy Transformation Day. I give to you the Gift of Grace and Gratitude. I honour you with the Gift of Joy and Divine Possibilities. Let us Celebrate the Spirit of Universal Love. Let us Dance in the Light of Peace and Blessings. We are Angelic Beings of the Highest Inspiration. We are people of Beauty, Truth and Light. I present you on this day with the Consciousness of Humanity. I present you on this day with Love for all Living things. Happy Transformation Day.

I awoke this morn to the Voice of my Soul urging me to Live a better Life and Help the World. To that end I am Vowing to Live from Inspiration as I let my Love to Flow like a River. I have arisen on this day to the Vision of my Spirit guiding me to fall in Love with myself and Wear my Hopes and Dreams like a Flower. I have heard and seen the Truth and my answer is to make Positive Changes, Cultivate Loving Kindness and Live in a Unique and Beautiful way. Arise, Awake and Live the Miracles within your Soul and Spirit.

You are Truly Loved. You are Extraordinary and Gifted. You are Destined to Live a Life of Beauty and Guide people towards Enlightenment. Life is a Labyrinth of undiscovered Opportunities. The coming Changes will bring Richer Experiences and a more Open Spirituality. Ours is a Multidimensional Sphere of Unity imbued with Magick and filled with Wonder. Make your inner Landscape one of Kindness and Cooperation that Flows Freely and Touches all Life. You are Beautiful. Share your Beauty, Live your Truth and Rejoice in the High Vibration of Love.

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