Monday, January 02, 2012

Light the Path of Love

There is Love within us all. Step into Greatness by Birthing what you need in Life. Channel your Passion and Create a Temple of Light where all your Prayers can be answered. By Caring and Sharing you access Ancient Wisdom and manifest Enlightening alternatives. Discover your Truth. Communicate Magickally and Transform into Love. Believe in the Beauty of your Soul and the Universe will Believe in You!

Look within and See the Path to Ascension. Share the Beauty of your Spiritual core and make your Vision of Life one of Joy, Glory, Peace and Wellness. We as Beings of Light are a Transforming Force with the Tools to Help people ingrained in our Soul. We are Pure Consciousness and Love. Be a Prayer of Hope and Happiness. Live the Truth of Who You Are and every Moment of every day - LOVE!

The Gates of Heaven are adorned with but one Sign that reads - Leave your Religion at the Door. The time has come to end war, poverty, hunger, ignorance and prejudice. We are all Brothers and Sisters of Light and Love. We are a Global Family of Inspired Destiny. Love is our Birthright and now is the Time to claim it. Connect with your Guides, Harness the Powers of your Spirit, Embrace your Sacred Soul and Enhance the Quality of Life by Creating a New You. The Answers to all Life's great questions are the same - Love, Love, Love, Love.............

Invest in your Soul. Open your Heart that it may receive Divine Gifts and Embrace the Forces of Light. Love is Food for Life and when we make Love the Key component to our Blueprint for Wellness we Create a daily Life that is Sacred. Manifest the Dreams of your Heart and Dance upon the Earth for you are Divine. Life is a Shared Experience of Spiritual Realization and We are Messengers of Truth. Invest in your Soul and you will reap Benefits of Kindness, Compassion and Joy.

A Doorway to Heaven has opened and We all may pass through once we Free ourselves from hate, anger, anxiety, ignorance and prejudice. We need only Live the Love that is our Destiny to Cross the Threshold into Paradise. Allow your Gifts to Flow. Share the Beauty of your Soul. Live your Light and Love your Life. You are Special. You are a Miracle and You are a Messenger of Hope. Embrace the Art of Being You and Live in a World of Peace. A Bridge to Bliss is before us and We may cross over by making Gratitude, Goodness and Grace a way of Life. Welcome to the New Paradigm. I Love You.

A New Dawn is upon us and I am Alive. A New Day is here and I am Awake and Aware. I will Greet this day with Joy. I will Venture out in the Spirit of Kindness. I will Reach out to all Humankind with Caring and Compassion. A New World is here and I am Inspired. A New Universe has opened up and I am Free to soar with the Angels. I will Live a Life of Peace and Harmony. I will Gift the World with my Love. I will Smile and Embrace the Miracle of it all. A New Reality is here and it is Beautiful.

I am an Interpreter of the Human Spirit. I am a Multi Dimensional Being of Light on a Quest for Joy. I am a Mystical Messenger in Contact with Higher Realms. It is my Desire Celebrate the Sacred and Dance in the Clouds. It is my Wish to make Self Honoring Choices which are Guided by Angels. It is my Destiny to Live in Harmony with the Soul. I am the Divine Breath of Life. I am a Portal of Discovery and I am the Light within that Connects all to the Sacred. My name is Micheal. I am The Ancient One.

The Ocean of all Life is Endowed with Glory. A Heaven of Bliss is on the Horizon and to Reach it we need only fulfill our Destiny. A Destiny of Peace, Freedom and Love. A Destiny of Hope and Happiness where all People from all Walks of Life live Hand in Hand. A Destiny where every Encounter is Divine and every word Spoken is Kind. As we enter a New Reality make every day Sacred. The Future is Here and it is Beautiful.

Light the Path of Love by Living a Spiritual Life today. Every Soul is Divine and by Living in Harmony with Mother Earth we facilitate Planetary Transformation. All Dreams and Wishes are Possible for those Courageous enough to anticipate Triumph. Believe you are a Master of Light, Believe you are a Teacher of Truth and Believe that you are Born of Love. The biggest Discovery one can make is that of their own Greatness. Experience the Beauty of your Soul and the Joy of your Spirit. Live the Purity, Pleasure, Beauty and Truth of Who You Are! The Transformation we all are waiting for begins this very Moment.

Each New Horizon brings with it a new Opportunity to Love. The Dawn of each day brings with it the Opportunity to Shine like Stars and Radiate Joy. Be a Spiritual Revolutionary. Celebrate Mother Nature and Embrace the Wealth of Mystical Knowledge within your Soul. Life is the Unfolding of the True Self. You are a Gift. A Gift meant to be Shared. Hear the Voices of the Ancients and allow them to Positively Guide you to Complete Spiritual Freedom. The Sun is Rising and with it comes Opportunity and Possibilities of Love and Light.

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